Shelby Wakatsuki 若槻シェルビー UNCENCORED Tribute

Published : August 7th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV fans and lovers! I want to give a special homage to Shelby Wakatsuki. 


Birthday * March 05, 1992 | Sign * Pisces | size *T158 / B88 (F cup) / W58 / H88 / S | Debut *Jan 2013

She is half Portuguese!  Remind you of anyone?  Please let me get this out of my system.  Fucking hell, look at that face.  SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!

Thank you.  Shelby is the hottest JAV (one of them) that I have ever seen and probably will ever see?  I just had to write a tribute and honor this exotic woman.  This is one of those cases where the simple word "beautiful" just doesn't do enough.  Every time I want to describe her, I need an army of words.  Most-Good-Looking, perfect, most attractive, lovely, stunning, striking, alluring and irresistible is just a start.

This entry will focus on a release titled "Catwalk poison 93 Cowgirl T-back." 

We covered the face.  Now combine with that outfit.  I have a thing for cowgirls.  It's rarely seen in JAV too for obvious reasons I think.  I believe this outfit was made for Shelby.  Okay, I wish the teeny tiny super tight leather shorts were PVC-Vinyl, but sometimes leather looks better.  Again, I have to pause and say, she is so fuckin HOT!   Underneath she wearing a lycra shiny gold bikini (insanely feminine and sexy) that I saw a lot of in the early to late 2000's and I wish would come back more.   She wears a silver one in the last scene as well, damn.  Extra points, as Shelby keeps her thigh-high boots on the whole time! 


Next her tight body.  Shelby proves you don't need huge gigantic tits to be perfect!  Shelby has a tight tan body, with smooth-looking skin, and a gorgeous pink tight-looking pussy.  Yes, a PERFECT face and pussy.

So lastly her fucking.  Let's start with the first scene.  To say Shelby Wakatsuki is unbelievably sexy, is the most underrated statement in JAV.  She looks like a model, like a pop singer.  She's very playful in her outfit too.  After some typical Promo-type model posing outside, the camera shows her devilishly looking at her dildo on the table.  Thankfully it's pink and not flesh-colored!  Just my opinion.

If you thought she was easy on the eyes before, imagine how she looks sucking on a dildo and looking into your eyes.  After sitting on it and riding it (with her bikini panties pulled to the side, fucking how I love that, again extra points), the unique part of this first masturbation scene comes next. Shelby aggressively rides it is reverse cowgirl pretty much POV until she cums.  I mean she fucks it good and then sits in the chair and looks satisfied and exhausted.  And a little proud of herself.  AND giving us a look like "how did you like that?"  The camera zooms out to show the same dildo placement in relation to her as the beginning shot!  Nice, I love little details like that in JAV, I appreciate the camerawork.  No, I'm not being fucking sarcastic!  It's hot and sexy I don't care.

Next, she's riding some lucky guy, grinding her leather shorts on his face. L-U-C-K-Y.  Again, to say these guys are lucky is an insane crazy fucking understatement.  They fuck around with foreplay and then move on to a decent amount of positions.  My favorite is her 69, her pussy lips clearly shown in view and then her pouty lips around his cock.  I think her profile (especially when giving a bj), is one of my favorite I have seen in JAV, second only to Yui Fujishima.

Shelby is great to watch because she flips and whips her long hair around like a hot girl would.  And she is very passionate.  And I love her moaning, it's unique.  It's not quite the crying type that you hear in JAV, it definitely does seem more erotic if that makes sense.  It reminds me of Western AV, maybe I am just so used to JAV now since it's my favorite, I don't know.

This ends with a creampie, which completes a work of art.  However, I personally would have preferred a facial on that fucking facial.  There are none in this whole feature.

I have to admit, my interest is a little less after the first scene.  The next one is a stripper scene (pole dancing included), with teasing and then fucking.  I guess it is better than nothing, but I find strippers in porn boring af.  Having that said, she is oiled up and looks fucking hot as ever.  The spark isn't there as much as it was for the first scene though.  It's great if you want to fantasize about fucking a stipper though.  My favorite part of this was the rough and hard doggystyle in this scene.  I mean fantastic doggystle angles.  It ends with another creampie!

The last scene was unique, it was an ass lovers fetish type, focused all on her perfect behind.  She mostly grinds on his cock in different positions.  The cumshow was a fountain all over her ass and back!  A little different than what I am used to seeing, so points for that.

I only wish the last two scenes were more creative.  Also, It was kinky hearing her speak Japanese, but she could have spoken a lot more!  She didn't talk a lot in this, which was disappointing.  I also would have loved to hear her switch back and forth between Portuguese and Japanese. Maybe even some sexy English (although boring)?



As always, always.  I only write about JAV that I am passionate about.  I hope I did this release and Shelby justice. I also hope this entry will make new fans of Shelby!  Shelby Wakatsuki Debuted in 2013, and hasn't put very many releases in her short career.  I am very sad about this as I am sure many fans are. I want to see some lesbian titles, some fetish titles, the list goes on. 

I am very thankful for what she did create. I wonder what happened to her?  I haven't found any social media either.  Wherever she is, I wish her all the best! I encourage you to find her other work!  Even though it is censored ofc.  While you're at it (or new to JAV and/or half Japanese AV stars), please check out my Rio tribute!  I would be surprised if you wouldn't love Rio (Tina Yuzuki) if you're a fan of Shelby Wakatsuki here!

Honestly, it was hard to get through this review!  She's so sexy and you know breathtakingly gorgeous and captivating and just yeah.  But here it is and I hope you enjoyed looking at Shelby as much as this motherfucker.  I am proud to create this entry and homage to another Legend for you, thank you very much!


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