Series Spotlight: Prestige's "120% Natural Ingredients" Series (Part 3)

Published : August 5th, 2022 Written by jmsorry

Hello and welcome back to our spotlight on Prestige's 120% Natural Ingredients series. Here we'll be looking at some of the best releases in this great series. 

In this batch, we are covering releases roughly from 2018 to 2019, before the pandemic. It was also a time when Prestige has already systematized their production of the series, giving each title roughly the same look, outfits, camera angles, and sequences. On top of that, the image quality has drastically improved to hi-def. This gives viewers a more immersive experience, thanks to more details on the actress' sweat which were not very visible in standard definition. 

Shiho Fujie - ABP-743

Prestige is best known for its top-shelf collection of girls, most of which have model-esque frames, all willing to get their bodies and souls dirtied. But once in a while they get petite beauties like Shiho Fujie and Mio Hinata whose innocent faces hide their penchant for male bodily fluids. 

Shiho Fujie might be cute and petite, but that body has some sizeable boobs. The girl also has white, flawless skin that seems to have long been shielded from the evils of the world. In ABP-743 though, she gets totally ravaged as she sweats the most amount of sweat she has ever sweated her whole life. 

The first scene with Taku is a trial by fire. While she doesn't seem to be thoroughly enthusiastic, she let Taku get his way around her petite body. I also liked the classy long-sleeved turtle she briefly wore in the scene. 

Pushing buttons on Shiho's marshmallow crotch

The other scenes were a little generic, however. One of them is a scene in a hotel room turned into a spa of sorts, as well as a programmatic rimming sequence. 

Nonetheless, the final gangbang with her in office blazers is delightfully intense. Yeah Takashima's powerful fucking would have split little Shiho-chan into two. 

ABP-743 is a great addition to a series dominated by more mature-looking girls. While Shiho's acting is a bit on the passive side, seeing her innocence getting sullied by sweaty friends is always a delight. 


Elena Ogata - ABP-810

One of my favorites from Prestige, Elena Ogata has the total package - a beautiful, wife-able face, shapely and firm ass, curves, a healthy bit of meat, and thick, luscious lips. While she did not have a long career, her brief stint with Prestige left an indelible mark. Her Natural Ingredients video is arguably her most memorable work. 

The video starts with her in the classic grey long sleeve shirt, her mouth already well-lubricated by Taku's oral juice. She is also already quite sweaty. The set is as sparse as it gets: a pitch-black background, and a black mattress. This compels us to focus on the wet action on-screen. 

Elena is not as active as other actresses, and she seemed a bit shaken, if not shocked, by each depravity that Taku does to her body. Yet, she did not flinch nor complain. She licked his hole with gusto and exchanged spit generously to compensate. No diva complex, just plain professionalism.

In the second scene, Elena takes on a more active role. This one is more of a slower pace, set in a traditional Japanese room, with her wearing a spunky Budweiser bikini. Watch her briefly, and shyly, looking at the camera! This was followed by another generic scene which is equally sweaty and passionate. 

The servicing scene features Elena licking every inch of the actor's sweaty body. This includes cleaning off his anus with her well-lubricated equipment. Elena-chan has one of the best in the business. 

Finally, we have the gangbang scene which features her in tight long sleeves once again. This one is as intense as it gets, as Elena gets properly fucked on the mattress and the couch. She also has to do some cleaning services 'downstairs' for the actors. 

ABP-810 is awesome not just because of the actress but because of the sheer number of scenes and the sweat level of all the actors involved. They did not let up in keeping it all hot and steamy in there. Elena's passionate acting also keeps it all together. 

Watch the trailer:


Marie Aine - ABP-836

Another goddess in my books, Marie Aine is a rare gem who happens to fuck on camera. But she seems to have the madonna vibe to match, the kind that knows she is beautiful and knows how to get her away using her looks.

ABP-836 has an almost identical production to Elena Ogata's ABP-810. The same outfit, almost the same sequences, the same sets. As expected, the first scene goes to Taku, who delivers another great performance. Marie wears a simple ponytail here, which I find inexplicably hot. I don't know why, but seeing her wearing a ponytail and not even putting an effort to do her hair is just animalistic and rather sexy. 

However, Marie-chan seems to be a lot less 'in the scene', if you will, compared to other actresses. She tries to act, but it comes off as a bit unconvincing. Nonetheless, while it seems that she couldn't care less for all the sloppy kissing and whatnot, she still seems to genuinely enjoy having a cock inside her.

All of the scenes here are incredibly satisfying, particularly this one with her in an office lady outfit. The actors here fuck with intensity and they do the "cock carousel" bit where they fuck Marie for a few pumps and then shove her to the next actor to get fucked in succession. This sex movie/ concept will eventually become standard in another popular Prestige series, "First Trace State Sex, Endless Climax"

But I have one minor (maybe major) quirk with this video though: it doesn't have any rimjobs. Practically all of the videos in this series have them, but for some reason, Marie seems to have marked rimming off the table. Check out the first scene wherein Taku and Marie are doing the classic rimming 69. Marie just let Taku's balls hang over her nose while Taku didn't seem intent on squatting over her face and shoving it into his steaming butt crack. 

On the other end of the pipe, even Taku did not touch Marie's anus. Strange, but it seems Marie has set explicit rules regarding her and her partner's assholes. 

Despite this, it is a delight to see beauty such as Marie Aine get ravaged from head to toe. A must-watch. 


Minamo Nagase - ABP-878

Minamo Nagase's debut has got to be one of the best things that happened in 2019. Another highlight in Prestige's roster, Minamo has great boobs, wide hips, and a cute face. Her best assets are her curves. She is also on the meatier side of things. Seeing her in a Natural Ingredients video was everybody's wish right at the start. 

Her Natural Ingredients video has a fairly typical first scene which, surprisingly, doesn't feature Taku (he gets the third scene though). The first scene features her taking on the reins, sucking on the spit of the muscular guy, licking every nook and cranny of his sweaty body including his ass and between his toes, while he stands around or lies down. He got serviced by Minamo. The first scene is quite a tease and she only gets a quick ceremonial fuck.

In the second scene, the roles are reversed and Minamo gets fondled and played with. The actor makes good use of her shapely breasts. I was fairly disappointed, however, when the actor instructed her to dig her lips into his sweaty armpits, but she declined the offer. Anyway, she gets fucked and she squirted quite generously. 

The third scene with Taku is expectedly awesome. Taku shows his trademark energy by licking Minamo all over her body, all while she still has her school clothes on. However, she doesn't seem to look forward to licking his ass, only hesitantly sticking out her tongue in the direction of his asshole. The chemistry in general between the two is a bit off, and I believe it has more to do with Minamo-chan not being used to these kinds of acts. 

The final scene (not counting the filler blowjob at the end) is the meat of the title. The gangbang is properly lit, and the action is non-stop. It is the only scene where Minamo seems to have fully let go and simply let herself be sucked into the intensity of the sex. Needless to say, it took her a while so we can say that the title is a bit of a "trial by fire" initiation for her. 

Honestly, Minamo seems a bit too green to be doing such an intense title, and she still didn't seem to have acquired the tastes necessary to fully actualize a Natural Ingredients title. Too bad she's not in Prestige anymore to do a re-shoot. But still, she deserves a place in this place. Nothing beats seeing such a top-notch body being squeezed out of its precious love juices. 


Non-Nonohara - ABP-898

Non-chan is one of Prestige's more unique talents. She has a long, lean, and super modelesque frame, and she carries herself quite elegantly. She is certainly one of those beauties you'd see in the club that you'd be too intimidated to approach. 

Taku gets the first taste, and he didn't disappoint. The two actors were already dripping in sweat as the camera zooms into them as they eat each other's mouths. Taku did not waste time and proceeded to soak Non-chan's face with spit in the first minutes of the action. 

Non-chan seems to be amused with Taku's antics. Their chemistry is palpable and you can see it in the way they smoothly transition from one position to the next. Non also seems to genuinely enjoy getting ravaged. 

The next scene features the same muscular guy in ABP-878 who guys stand around. He gets serviced by Non-chan's passionate kiss-licks. Personally, I'm not a fan of dark rooms but it is still entertaining, thanks to Non-chan's skilled love moves. 

The third scene is another steamy one of one session. It's rightfully intense, intimate, and passionate, and we can see the slutty version of Non thoroughly enjoying every second of it. 

I always judge actresses who do this series on how eager they are in cleaning the backdoor. The fourth scene is a long and satisfying session between Non and a fat guy's asshole. Non cheerily delivers and the fatty's asshole gets a deep asshole cleaning of a lifetime. 

The final gangbang with Non-chan in uniform is the icing on the cake, and here she gets passed around like a wet kitten. By the end of the scene, she gets visibly cock-drunk and satisfied.

Watch the trailer and see:

Some honorable mentions:

It pains me not to include some other titles within the same timeframe that I believe deserve a mention:

ABP-753 - Reina Kashima

Reina Kashima is another long and lean actress with a face that reminds me a bit of Tsubasa Amami. She also has perky breasts and a thin frame. She gets properly roughed up in this title. It's hot to see the contrast between her made-up hair and her disheleved looks while she sucks on the actors' cocks. A solid performance that features one of Prestige's underrated stars. 

ABP-869- Riona Mana

Another highlight is ABP-869 featuring Riona Mana. Riona-chan stands out as a classic Japanese beauty, with black hair, a classical Japanese face, and a fat ass. She kind of reminds me of Yuri Fukada, face-wise. While she doesn't have the biggest boobs on the block, her cute looks and adorable sex face are definitely worth checking out. 

So there goes our third list of the best releases in Prestige's Natural Ingredients series. We hope Prestige releases more of this excellent series in the future. Watch out for the next article on the more contemporary releases. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You might also want to check out the previous articles on the Natural Ingredients series (Part 1 and Part 2).


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