SDDE-599 JAV SHASEIDO Cum, Spit, And Oil Mixture Pouring Beauty Skincare - Review

Published : June 11th, 2020 Written by jmsorry
Video SDDE-599
Cast Yuri Sasahara, Miyuki Arisaka, Suzu Yamai
Duration 12 Minutes
Studio SOD Create
Genres Kiss, Other Fetishes, Bukkake, Facial
Release Date October 08, 2019

How far are you willing to go for a silky smooth skin? Apparently, Yuri Sasahara, Miyuki Arisaka, and Suzu Yamai, are willing to get into JAV-batsh*t crazy territory in the name of beauty. Such is the absurd concept behind SDDE-599: an AV, speculative fiction, and a cosmetic experiment rolled into one. 


Skincare has entered a new frontier, and it is led by SHASEIDO cosmetics who discovered that the secret to great skin is cum and saliva. Who would have thought, right? To determine whether it really is effective, our three babes gave a few sessions of the SHASEIDO method a try. 

Apart from this ridiculous premise, nothing much happens in the AV by way of plot. We only have a succession of sequences wherein the actresses are bukkaked and spat on by an army of uglies. The fluids are then evenly distributed in the face to ensure the best results. 

Other sequences include a fully-body licking session with Miyuki Arisaka. There is also an interesting scene where an enthusiastic Suzu Yamai licked the cum off Yuri Sasahara for whatever reason. 



There is a bit of sex, some fellatio, but other than those, there is nothing special in SDDE-599 in terms of penetration and positions. The focus, after all, is the fetish and how it is explored. 

There are some nauseating (or hot, we don't judge) moments here, such as when the guys licked off each other's spit from Yuri Sasahara's face. The guys also came on her hair. Meanwhile, Miyuki Arasaka got a full-body massage using cum as lotion. 


Production Quality

The production quality in SDDE-599 is rather impressive, given the simplicity of its concept.

The camera work is not your standard JAV. For example, in the first few scenes, there are close-ups on the actresses' faces, giving viewers the impression that they are watching a cosmetic advertisement, rather than an AV. There are also a lot of fancy zoom-ins which make it fun to watch.

The costume and the sets are rather sparse, but they are effective in portraying the salon/clinic vibe. 

Overall Satisfaction

Fetish videos have niche audiences, so you'll either hate this AV or love it. But objectively speaking, SDDE-599 is one of the best videos in recent years that explored this fetish. There is none of the dingy and low-fi look that most other videos have, the unimaginative scenes, ugly actresses, etc. In this movie, we have an amusing concept, great direction, awesome lighting, a great variety of scenarios, and three hot babes. 

What is also fascinating is that the actresses seem to be as curious as the viewers to know whether cum or saliva actually works. Watching their reaction is as entertaining as the crazy situations they are in. 

One highlight here is Suzu Yamai who did a great job as a SHASHEIDO employee/ product ambassadress of sorts. Her maturity really stood out and basically carried the rather hesitant Yuri Sasahara and the passive Miyuki Arisaka. 

In short, SDDE-599 is just another testament that the reaches of the Japanese imagination know no bounds. 


SDDE-599 JAV SHASEIDO Cum, Spit, And Oil Mixture Pouring Beauty Skincare - Review

Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Bodily fluids galore

-There is a variety of actresses and situations

-All sorts of licking scenarios

-Absurd situations are strangely funny and hot at the same time



-Not a lot of sex and penetration

-Not a lot by way of stories


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