Extra Risky and Perverted Nonstop Sex Winter Games First Half

Published April 22, 2022

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What better way to relive winter and sporting than to have eight busty Japanese women engage in events that require never-ending sex and creampies?

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Extra Risky and Perverted Nonstop Sex Winter Games First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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The first thing our dedicated subscribers are going to be wondering is why we're pushing out a winter movie in the spring.  The answer--as some may already can tell--is scheduling.  As a matter of fact, we goofed and licensed multiple 'new years'-themed titles from ROCKET at the same time and due to ensuring each of our licensing partners gets (at least) one update a month, things got pushed back...and back again.  Here we are, the cherry blossoms have already bloomed, and we're showing a movie all about playing extra perverted winter sporting games when one can go outside in a t-shirt.  Hey, at least all the female players are naked from the get-go.  It can't all be bad and awkward, right?  Right?

The fact is EXTRA RISKY AND PERVERTED NONSTOP SEX WINTER GAMES at times is a tale of two movies.  On one hand, if you're a fan of THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME, then this is a very obvious must-see.  Otherwise, it's good, bizarre, features lots of eye candy, eight (!) busty JAV stars both from a younger and older mold, ingenious modifications of real sporting events, but at the same time, ROCKET may have been pushing some fanciful elements too hard.

Before we get into its faults, let me say that with YUI KAWAGOE returning as ROCKET's Riri Kouda replacement, I'm happy they branched out; YUI dominates and her transition from all those innocent schoolgirl roles to 'sexy mama' (her words, not mine) is well-done.  This is an actress who is versatile and has staying power.  With her we see NATSUKO MISHIMA, almost a mainstay when studios need an older busty actress to do a less than vanilla role alongside many other actresses that I'll try to avoid padding this review with (see their info up top if you're interested).  Let me just say that SHUKA (no last name) is adorable and has a killer body.  She also seemed to be the most embarrassed out of everyone there.  A hint of her real life persona leaking onto the screen?

The games are all awesome;  we've zero duds.  Every one of them from nonstop sex ice hockey to the nonstop sex snowball fight shows ROCKET in fine form.  Sadly, this is where things start to come undone.  As those who take time to read these reviews know, I have an almost irrational hatred of fake creampies, but have always given this studio a pass given how out there their movies are.  However, I still hope for some realism and hope no actor leaves the set with blue balls which appears to be the case here.

And there's more!  The sex--and mind you, this is my own fan theory only as the pixels show on this end as well--only appears to be happening for real in the last scene and only with maybe two of the actresses (I'll let you guess which).  The sex during the previous games is laughably fake as doggystyle is the easiest position to emulate.  The actors make the goofiest faces too.  This is what happens when you cast real amateurs:  they think when faking sex, you need to have a perpetual stubbed toe visage.  The actresses, on the other hand, all do what's needed of them without much issue (see Shuka above).  The older women in particular though one of the MILFS in reality is still in her early 20's and just looks older (and very Juliana/Bodykon though no subscriber under 40 will get the reference).

As I wind down this review, let me stipulate that overall I'm happy with EXTRA RISKY AND PERVERTED NONSTOP SEX WINTER GAMES.  I do understand with such a big cast and set requires an extra big budget, but I'd have hoped the realism was a smidgen more there.  Also, in spite of ROCKET going all out, there are a few goofs including a first for them:  the editor forgetting to cut out five seconds of the director giving instructions.  Did we cut it?  Keep it in?  Watch and find out!

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique theme done with finesse.
+Huge cast, women naked from the get-go.
+All busty, most curvy.
+Sexually-charged from the get-go.
+YUI KAWAGOE dominates as the host.


-Aside from the last scene, sex is incredibly staged.
-One fake creampie too many.
-Like butts as much as I do?  In spite of everyone being naked, there's a good 30 minutes till we get some great back footage.