SDAB-194 The Famous Girl From The Bathhouse That Helps You Wash Your Back And Deal With Your Sex Drive

Published : August 26th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss



The Famous Girl From The Bathhouse

Cast Ran Sakida, Suzu Takayama
Duration 151 min
Studio One's Youth
Genre Petite threesome Bath
Release Date August 17, 2021


Welcome back JAV fans.  I am interested in the cute Vietnamese JAV actress Ran Sakida , as I have seen as many previous releases as I could.  However nothing quite stood out enough for me to do review on until now.  Thankfully we have what it looks like to be her first collaboration.



Zero, pretty much just the setting of a bathhouse.  I normally find these bathhouse setting JAV ones extremely boring.  However, I couldn't resist seeing this cutie doing threesome action with a Japanese girl.  At least there are different stages if that makes sense.  They don't just walk into the room and get fucked in a 90 minute non stop one take.  But they do just walk into a room and fuck though!  You must know what I mean, there's an intro, and fucking that happens at different times, in different ways around the bathhouse. 



Excellent.  Hot.  Does not disappoint.  For example, I could honestly watch two girls give double blowjobs all day.  Of course, they really REALLY turn me on.  Seeing two beautiful models licking and fucking one cock.  So if any JAV title features this, I am already very happy and could never really be disappointed with it to a certain degree. So yes, I am already interested in this 100 percent.  Even if the setting sucks.

Obviously this isn't the most hardcore fucking ever here.   But it has a lot of little mini moments that are sexy as fuck.  This release is filled with them and you would have to watch it straight through from start to finish to find them all. 


Quality and Content:

Points for some decent moments of creativity.  It's short in supply though I am afraid.  But totally worth it.  My favorite part is where the lucky guy is standing, Ran is sucking with love.  At the same time Suzu Takayama underneath on her back holding herself up and licking his balls.  Yes, they girls switch and rotate positions and do the same thing too.  Don't remember many times in JAV where I have seen that.  Fucking sexy as hell.

Besides that, there were additional kinky positions involved when the two fucked the same guy.  Lucky guys.

This release has everything you would possibly want in a release with two actresses as far as a bathhouse comes.  It's almost perfect in that aspect.  Ran is just so fucking cute and I even enjoyed the group fucking at the end.  Really brought it all together in my opinion. 


Overall Satisfaction:

This release was wonderful, I love the combination of two different looking women.  It's really fucking kinky.  Hell I was turned on when in the beginning of the video when I first saw Ran appear wearing jean shorts and showing off her juicy ass.

I really was mostly watching Ran, it's hard to take your eyes off her.  There's moments where she gives this worried sad look with her eyebrows, it's cute as fucking fuck. 

Lastly, here's my fucking complaints as usual.  How about a lesbian feature with this cutie?  Please people, where is it.  I will keeping a look out.  I feel like I am always saying there is a lesbian shortage when it comes to non-Japanese JAV actresses. 

I hope to see Ran do a very passionate masturbation scene sometime.  With a lot of toys, or just one jelly dildo.  I want to see her scream and squirt everywhere.  Same with a remote control vibrator.  I hope I see more of her, let's go!

In the end, it really seemed short.  I felt like I was left wanting more.  So in that respect, I think it really was satisfying and did a hell of a job. 


SDAB-194 The Famous Girl From The Bathhouse That Helps You Wash Your Back And Deal With Your Sex Drive

Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Ran is so damn cute

-creative positions



-again, where is the lesbian activity?

-could have used more POV in my opinion

-Ran outshines the other actress, you barely even notice her


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