Retro JAV Inspection Volume 1

Published : November 1st, 2023 Written by Syndrome


The JAV industry has existed for a long time, and while most tend to focus on modern releases and the newer actresses, there is a lot to discover by digging into the past. Whether you learn of an actress you never heard of or witness a technique or idea that's long been buried, looking at past adult movies can prove insightful into how things were done previously. I'm going to take a look at 10 different JAV that were from 2009 or earlier, criticize their various qualities and rank them.

10. Out Of The Teacher Teaching Tutor Yui

Video         BF-040

Cast         Hatano Yui

Duration      117 minutes

Studio         Befree

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Handjob, Oral, Facial, Debut, Teachers, Squirting, Onanism.

Release Date  2009-06-07

This movie has Hatano Yui acting as a teacher as she instructs budding students on important subjects - one of them naturally being sex. As watchers can expect, the JAV has plenty of studying scenes that eventually transition into naughtier things. The JAV is rather standard and has some pretty expected sex scenes, but I believe it's a bit boring and uneventful. There's a brief solo onanism scene, but it's mostly just normal sex with no real fetishes, creative ideas, or stand-out moments.

9. Promo Girl Climax Squirting AV Debut!!! Kaede Fuyutsuki

Video         AVGL-024

Cast         Fuyutsuki Kaede

Duration      116 minutes

Studio         Premium

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Squirting, Debut, Orgy, Handjob, Oral.

Release Date  2007-12-01

The age of this JAV is rather apparent by way of the video quality and lighting, with such aspects always adding a warm and pleasant feeling to content, regardless of whether it's JAV or something else. This movie serves as the debut of Fuyutsuki Kaede, and as per usual, the woman introduces herself before the movie then has her undress and have sex. A vehicle serves as the first place for lewd activities before the JAV then takes things to a bedroom.

Kaede makes a good first impression with this movie as the woman takes massive cumshots, and the JAV even makes a slow-mo for one, adding a little extra humor and appreciation for the explosiveness. Kaede has sex in multiple scenes (culminating in an orgy), and I feel like there's more scenes than the standard modern day JAV. I'd say this movie was highly effective in expressing Kaede's sexual strengths.

8. First Impression Jessica Kizaki

Video         IPTD-385

Cast         Kizaki Jessica

Duration      122 minutes

Studio         IDEA POCKET

Genre         Small Breasts, Debut, Orgy, Handjob, Oral.

Release Date  2008-09-01

Jessica Kizaki takes part in her first JAV in this movie, and the oldness of the work is quite evident. In between all the sex scenes are segments with the woman talking, and there are old style screen effects from an older era, which many will find charming. When it comes to the actual sex, the movie is slow at first, but Jessica has sex with multiple men in several scenes. Watchers get to ogle her in all sorts of outfits and undergarments, and she even takes cumshots in various ways.

The final scene is an orgy with multiple males, easily the best part of the film, and managing to stay close in quality even to modern movies. The woman even performs anal licking on one male actor, which might be too much for some, but I would say the JAV is commendable.


Video         IPSD-030

Cast         Honoka, Koi Saya, Matsushita Rei

Duration      239 minutes

Studio         IDEA POCKET

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral.

Release Date  2008-08-01

Those who'd prefer a longer movie will surely be entertained by this JAV as it features three actresses and nearly four hours of sex. The quality of the sex is rather high and watchers would likely be unable to differentiate it from today's films.

The girls are presented in fancy dresses with adult beverages in hand as they enjoy the presence of a male (and astounding locations). Most sex scenes contain only one male, which will surely be great for those who enjoy inserting themselves into movies. There are plenty of orgies as well, with there being multiple females doing indecent things.

There's nothing that particularly stands out that makes the movie seem old, which will hopefully be good for those looking for a good JAV, but perhaps less so for those wanting to see things you perhaps can't anymore.


Video         SUPD-003

Cast         Haruna Mai

Duration      234 minutes

Studio         IDEA POCKET

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral, Cosplay, Seifuku, Lotion, Bathing, Bukkake, Spanking.

Release Date  2004-04-08

Watchers of this movie have nearly four hours to "learn" more about the pretty Haruna Mai, and the woman is not afraid to do any and every sex act. She performs oral, does shenanigans in the bathroom with male actors, makes use of toys, and even wears a little bit of cosplay.

Those not satisfied by more vanilla content will be enamored with this movie as plenty of hardcore fetishes are visible. There is even a nice bukkake scene where multiple actors participate, so regardless of when the movie came out, it was still evident that such acts were quite erotic and desired in JAV.

The Chun-Li cosplay scene might be a favorite for many however, considering how loved the character is. With there being some spanking and lewd acts, watchers will be interested to see how early cosplay JAVs were done. While the differences are only subtle (at least according to this one JAV), the quality might have some checking out more of Mai's works.

5. New Face x Barely Censored Yuma Asami

Video         ONED-292

Cast         Asami Yuma

Duration      120 minutes

Studio         S1 NO.1 STYLE

Genre         Big Breasts, Handjob, Oral, Tit Fuck, Bikini, Debut, Pool, Onanism.

Release Date  2005-11-07

This title really oozes the retro aesthetic as there are quite a few non-sex scenes that appeal to the woman's charms (other than her body). Every so often there is a scene interviewing Asami Yuma, or depicting her carefree and fun personality, which is a nice way of more thoroughly presenting the woman. The JAV even makes use of some retro screen effects and editing.

Swimsuits and pool-side sex scenes appear a lot in the JAV as the woman unleashes her sexual strengths. "That" pool naturally makes an appearance, and Yuma definitely shows that she excels at bikini-based antics. There is some nice variety in the sex, as there are extended oral sequences and a solo onanism scene, though, sex scenes won't have more than one male at a time. I feel this movie was an effective way of highlighting Yuma's many praiseworthy qualities, and not solely her sexual proclivities and beauty.


Video         RMQD-035

Cast         Nishimura Moe, Oikawa Nao, Watase Akira

Duration      235 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral, Tit Fuck, Bondage, Shibari.

Release Date  2002-12-01

This title will highly resonate with those who prefer their pornographic scenes be accompanied by a plot/narrative, as it contains a story overflowing with drama and intercourse. Creating such a piece is a fine example of studios putting significant effort into their works, even back in 2002.

There are some brief action scenes with swords, unique costumes, dramatic moments and a lot of other non-sex moments. Though, watchers will probably find that the sex ties it all together. The sex is also pretty decent as women of both large and petite bosom are present. The sex is occasionally fast-paced, but overall I would say it's quite erotic, even for the time. One negative criticism however is that sometimes the camera can be a bit shaky or zoomed up way too close, but I'd say this JAV is a perfect example of an old gem that will leave many feeling moved.

3. Announcer’s Humiliation Live on Air!

Video         SDDM-143

Cast         Reika

Duration      93 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial, Bukkake, Glasses, OL, Fitness.

Release Date  2002-07-05

This work is another classic newscaster JAV where the anchor girl is ejaculated on by multiple actors whilst she pretends nothing is happening. Having been released in 2002, it'll likely be surprising that the fetish has existed for this long. There are even males in the recording room who ejaculate onto the monitors, adding more comedy to the whole situation.

While rather run-of-the-mill, the movie mixes things up by adding some moments afterward that have actress Reika serving as a bespectacled OL who pleasures men around the studio. The short JAV then concludes with sex scenes at a gym. While old, the movie is still praiseworthy for its quality, and the bukkake scene will definitely be deemed the best part of the film.

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Video         EZD-135

Cast         Aida Yuki

Duration      123 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral, Cowgirl, Tit Fuck, Gyaru, Glasses, Bukkake, Massage, Bikini.

Release Date  2008-06-12

I was surprised by the quality of some of the scenes in this movie, as Aida Yuki's performance was above my expectations. The movie starts out pretty slow as the woman is thoroughly caressed and played with via toys. Not long after, the woman gets involved in oral shenanigans and demonstrates her mouth-based talents.

There are multiple oral scenes in the adult film as Yuki sucks as many as two men at once in any given scene. There are sex scenes as well of course, and in my opinion, the last sex scene was far better than any of the oral segments. Some phenomenal angles really helped to sell certain moments, and almost all scenes concluded with Yuki being ejaculated on.

The only real issue I had with the JAV was the fact that the cover featured Yuki in a cowgirl outfit, yet we never see her wear it during the sex scenes. Despite that, the sheer quality and erotic nature of the scenes (which employed some fetishes such as glasses, massaging, and blindfolds) would easily have me mistaking the work for a modern day release.

1. Triple Cast

Video         MIRD-013

Cast         Ayukawa Kaori, Horie Rui, Sakurai Rika

Duration      243 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Orgy, Handjob, Oral, Tit Fuck, Lesbian, Squirting, Bikini, Massage, Onanism.

Release Date  2006-12-13

Intense orgies are a major theme of this retro JAV as there are three total actresses who take part in all sorts of lustful activities. There is an endless amount of orgy scenes of all types, from all three of the actresses on one man, to all three girls having sex with multiple men.

Some brief girl-on-girl action is also visible from time to time and there are even some solo scenes where a single girl masturbates. The variety is quite astounding, but group sex is clearly the main fetish of the work. The quality of the sex scenes is also pretty nice, as while the man is penetrating one of the girls, the others are usually helping the man out. I would say this JAV is clearly the best out of the rest purely through the abundance of top-notch orgies.

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