Ramenboss's Extraordinary PVC Vinyl Outfits in JAV

Published : October 20th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV fans!  Welcome back JAV lovers, this series is dedicated to PVC Vinyl outfits that I found, (as you can see in the title) extraordinary!  I know what you're thinking.  There are infinite plastic and shiny outfits in JAV.  Cosplay alone is incomprehensible honestly.  How many hundreds, thousands of different costumes and outfits and uniforms made of this material were worn throughout the entire history of JAV?  Just imagine.  That is why I wanted to keep this simple.  I started by picking from my personal favorite collection.  These outfits stick out to me in a profound way that is truly unique in my opinion. Also, I wonder what happens to these outfits afterward?  Do the stars get to keep them?  Are they auctioned off?  Or specifically discarded? 


ABW-244 - Nonstop 12P Orgy And Ultimate One-on-One SEX Remu Suzumori Has Unprecedented Runaway The Strongest SEX Ever - Remu Suzumori

Suzumori is super hot and you can't go wrong with her work.  Do you recognize this outfit?  I wrote about another Prestige release featuring Airi Suzumura wearing the same outfit in ABW-118.  However, there is a difference here.  It's the white version!  Where do they find these outfits?  One thing that I always liked about these titles is that they take time to dress her in this final outfit piece by piece.  Not only that, but both actresses manage to keep the outfit on for a long time.  At least by JAV (all porn) standards.  At the same I am praising this, I am disappointed that it has to be discarded at all.  As you watch the scene, it slowly disappears. 

I recommend checking out the earlier moments where her legs are spread and getting it rough but her panties are still on (just moved aside which is my favorite).  Then she is picked up and banged in the air and her boots are flailing everywhere.  Just to note, it's a complex outfit as well.  It's a micro bikini top and bottom, boots, gloves, nurse hat, and dress.  The dress itself is complex as it contains lace, zippers, and many buckle straps.  All of it is freaking Vinyl PVC!  It's fantastic is what it is.  It's a piece of beautiful art.  What a lucky find this super sexy number is, I find myself gazing at it the whole scene. 


SHKD-457 - Student Gangbang - Mika Osawa

Like many of the titles on this list, you would never know by looking at the cover.  It makes me wonder how I found all of these costumes.  Well, it's not a mystery, since I have learned to skim JAV jacket covers front and back.  Am I the only one who does this constantly?  There is just too much JAV to keep up with!  It's a wonderful problem to have, I am definitely not complaining.  The outfit here is a schoolgirl.  How many times do we see this costume in JAV?  Is it even countable?  Well, this is one that is completely plastic.  The downside is that she isn't seen in very long.  She just wears it at the beginning of the scene which really makes me angry.  Why couldn't she sport it for at least half of the action?  Well, Mika looks sexy as hell in it for about six minutes.  I just wish there was more going on during the time it was on her body.  What a waste of potential.  What do you think?  Lastly, why aren't there a million more outfits like in JAV circulation?


MIAA-629 - Right Here After School Every Day This Succubus Possesses His Classmates And Summons Them For Some Naughty Fun - Ichika Matsumoto

I have to admit I keep including this one.  Who can resist this Succubus?  I only really watch the end scene where is wearing the teasing outfit from the cover.  This is a good watch I recommend to get into the upcoming Halloween spirit.  The scene itself isn't rough and falls quite flat in many ways.  However, it's Ichika Matsumoto in PVC Vinyl panties with a fake tail and takes horns.  I'd watch her eat a hotdog in that outfit, I don't care.  Lately, I have watched this constantly.  I stare at her panties the whole time.  I think we all deserve to see more Ichika in fetish outfits.


MXGS-317 - Akiho Yoshizawa x Bondage Queen - Acky

This title is almost identical to MXGS-672.  MXGS-672 is a masterpiece I covered before.  In it, Ahiko wears a great variety of PVC Vinyl dresses and outfits.  However, they are nothing special or different.  These outfits are obviously the same or similar to countless other JAV titles.  Which isn't a bad thing.  But what makes MXGS-317 special is one get-up in particular.  It's the glitter-looking sparkly PVC Vinyl dress complete with a Vinyl PVC hood!  I feel the need to make a special note that this hood has fake cat ears on it.  Ahiko entertains us in this outfit with superhero action, sexy toys, and group sex just to name a few things. 


XV-544 - Renovation Unveiling!! Welcome to Max Cafe - Tina Yuzuki Rio

There is a disclaimer here. This is obviously an older release and there is virtually no sexual activity with Tina while she wears this next outfit.  I have never seen this outfit anywhere else in JAV.  Tina Yuzuki is wearing a super soft white and pink dress.  It looks like a maid outfit and sailor dress combination.  I cannot stress enough that it looks like the soft Vinyl PVC that I have ever seen.  It looks like liquid.  Some lucky guy off-screen gets too tough her crotch. 

We also get to see Rio touching herself for a split second which is wonderful.  These would make some fantastic gifs.  I only wish this was blu-ray 4k quality.  I would have loved to see a true masturbation scene while she wore this outfit.  I Would have settled for a normal sex scene as well.  What a giant tease.  Think of her performances in this outfit similar to old DVD interactive menus where you select chapters and options and all that jazz.  Rio is a Goddess and I rewatch this very frequently.


DLIS-003 - Flat-chested babe with shaved pussy receiving orgasmic sex! - Aoi Ichigo

I love writing about strawberry, she is another forever favorite.  This outfit definitely does not compare to some of the others on here.  It's a lot less material, a skirt layered in frosty vinyl with vinyl suspenders?  Never before have I have seen anything close to this.  Was it made just for this performance?  Or is this a popular item sold in Japan?  I really enjoy this outfit because it's strangely unique.  It's pretty damn kinky, you can imagine her wearing it out in public and not thinking it's associated with AV.  I would love to see her wear this in public that would be so freaking hot.  

Aoi Ichigo wearing a vinyl outfit in public with a remote control vibrator.  The ensemble seems to match this title perfectly since it's fashionable and this is a very mainstream girl vibe.  While she rocks this outfit unfortunately she doesn't do much outside of a handjob.  There's minimal feet play, but it's POV.  It's Aoi Ichigo with two braided ponytails so I'm happy regardless of the outfit.  My favorite moment of the release just happens to be during this segment.  After the cumshot, she acts really disturbed by it.  She looks annoyed and smells it and looks upset.  She even smacks his junk immediately after he cums which is fucking hilarious.  Why is she so good at acting annoyed? 


PXV-008 - Max Airline All-Stars - Naho Ozawa, Rei Itoh, Akiho Yoshizawa, You Mizushiro, Manaka Sato, Mihiro, Aya Takahara and Asami Ogawa

I want to only focus on Mihiro's segment here.  We get to witness her in two different stewardess costumes.  I prefer the blue one.  Obviously, these outfits were made specifically for the MAX feature.  The outfit is super cute, kinky, and fun.  Mihiro knocks it out of the park.  It's amazing what she fits into this short time slot.  She appears to be advertising the sex toy.  She teases the lucky passengers before she starts going at it.  The thing you can always count on with most of her work is that she always looks like she is having the time of her life.  I could stare at Mihiro's face all day long.  The same goes for Yui Fujishima (my favorite) and Rio. Absolutely stunning JAV goddesses.  Every time I watch Mihiro, I feel lucky and grateful.  Please don't miss this classic!


CRPD-198 - Lesbian Empress Vs Big Tits Moma Ranger - Riko Tachibana

This is a PVC Vinyl jackpot.  Riko is featured in a live-action superhero release that represents the great potential of JAV.  This is what it's all about!  Here we have a fun detailed story and thousand scenes.  Riko is hot as hell in her dominatrix role.  Riko as we all know has one of the best bodies in the world.  She rocks PVC Vinyl fake bat wings, gloves, corsets, and boots.  The whole title contains big tittied extras that are stupid with plastic outfits.  Yes, they basically keep the costumes on the entire three-hour runtime!  Bonus for some, the extras wear their plastic hoods the whole time.  So it's a mystery what they look like.  I can see the appeal in the mystery


RBD-680 - Beautiful Legs Race Queen - Saryu Usui

This is the best Vinyl PVC outfit I have ever seen, on anyone.  I haven't come across this outfit in any other release outside of this one.  Tight little belted shorts with lace up on the side.  Complete with a jacket top with a billion zippers and strapped boots.  The material is shiny as hell.  It looks super glossy and slippery.  The best part of this title is that in the scenes Saryu wears this, it is kept on in its entirety for the whole duration of the scene.  I really would have loved a masturbation scene or remote control vibrator situation while she is posing.  I can't complain though.  RBD-680 features some truly badass POV action that sets the bar for POV honestly.  It's a hell of a fantasy being played out here.  This is rewatched all the time.



PVC and Vinyl are technically different.  I won't go into the exact details here.  Since I can't confirm which material exactly these women are rocking, I hope you forgive me for using the term PVC Vinyl for all outfits here.  What really bothers me is when people use latex and rubber interchangeably with PVC and Vinyl.  More on that later.  PVC Vinyl inflatables are my absolute favorite fetish.  So of course second to that is clothes made of that material on beautiful kinky women with incredible bodies.  There is something about the look and feel of PVC Vinyl. 

What is not to love really?  In my opinion, only, I think PVC Vinyl is more trashy than latex, which makes it even kinkier and extra hot sometimes.  I think my plastic fetish is why I love seeing AV models with sex toys.  Plus then I don't have to watch a guy on screen.  Not that there is anything wrong with that or people who prefer to see the male performer rather than a toy being used.  Sometimes all I crave is latex and PVC Vinyl won't do.  Thankfully there's always a choice in JAV!  As mentioned above, more to come on that later.  Please let us know what your favorite PVC Vinyl outfit in JAV is and as always thank you all!

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Inflatagirl 1 year ago
Ramen Boss is a pvc/ vinyl connoisseur! My god does he know how to find the most arousing and enticing vinyl outfits mixed with really fun and erotic porn scenes. He really knows the best kinds of porn. Always impressed with his tastes. The outfit and scenario that stood out the most to me would be Suzumori wearing the glossy white vinyl nurse outfit. Damn that have to be one of, if not the hottest nurse outfit I have ever seen. The bit about her being picked up and fucked with her legs flailing in the air while being helplessly fucked in that tight shiny white vinyl makes me flood down under. There is something about that outfit that really get me going. I love it.
RamenBoss 1 year ago

how lucky are we to have this viewer? Thank you very much, I try to limit my fetish posts on here and hit all genres. Having that said, it really is special to get feedback from another fetishist. Please come back again anytime and leave us your feedback. I promise I will never you down. Let's see what outfits we see in the future, I can't wait.

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