The Wrinkled Anuses of Embarrassed Japanese Women

Published December 16, 2016

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POOL CLUB presents embarrassed Japanese AV stars who are instructed to strip naked followed by having their anuses intimately inspected by a medical camera.

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The Wrinkled Anuses of Embarrassed Japanese Women
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As Japanese AV matures, more micro-niches of adult fun are given ample time to shine.  What once upon a time was the demesne of heavy sex and not much else now features titles that satisfies the unique desires of even the most peculiar of fans.  Leave it RADIX and POOL CLUB to eschew common trends and past successes in order to focus on titles that most other production companies simply neglect out of 'meh' reasons.

That brings us to today's update, THE WRINKLED ANUSES OF EMBARRASSED JAPANESE WOMEN.  It follows a very similar--but not exact--format of previous 'body check' titles such as this one all about pubic hair and the gargantuan 6 hour update from last summer about anuses.  WRINKLED ANUSES may sound like a direct sequel to that lengthy summer affair, but the execution is much different.

The biggest change as you may have noticed already from the still shots posted to the left of this review is the inclusion of a certain type of medical camera.  We're actually not sure what this is called, but we've seen it used before in AV such as in MONBU RAN's uncensored finale.  We're also pretty sure it has its uses mainly in the field of medicine and if we're mistaken, we wouldn't mind being corrected.

This time around the title is less about regular ENF (embarrassed naked female) shame and more about those splendid extreme close-ups of anuses.  It may even be too much for some viewers.  One reviewer on a popular Japanese-language site said he was hoping for something a bit more sexual and what he got instead was a title literally about the anus with only a slight focus on butts.

So yes, if embarrassed naked Japanese women on all fours with butts in the air counting the wrinkles around their anuses zoomed in on a flat screen TV is not exactly your cup of Earl Grey, then perhaps you may be in the same camp as this reviewer.  Anal sex and other types of butt play will be featured in future ZENRA updates, but today we're mainly just focusing on the anus, mmmkay?

WRINKLED ANUSES features 12 actresses.  None were pure amateurs though a few were 'RADIX girls' with only a small spattering of titles to their name.  This was balanced by a few up-and-coming actresses such as MAI TAMAKI, MISUZU KAWANA, and NANASE OTOHA--the latter we'll be featuring in a farting title by RADIX that combines flatulence and sex--literally.

We'd also like to note we had to cut one actress--MIMI SAKURA--from this update as this supposed 25 year-old's scene featured some 'extra' 'content' around her anus that we are unable to show in the west.  So yea...sorry about that one and we really do hate cutting things!

THE WRINKLED ANUSES OF EMBARRASSED JAPANESE WOMEN was a fun title to work on.  We loved how the actresses remained stark naked while maintaining such erotically naughty positions.  We also loved seeing their most intimate areas blown up to comical proportions on the neighboring TV.  Our only caveat with this release was that all the scenes were filmed in the exact same studio.  Given how each scene pretty much had the same flow, some scenery changes would have been nice.  We figure the reason for the same studio was a technical one given the specialized equipment used, but still, the same barren room was admittedly starting to grow a bit old by MIZUSU's scene.

Fans of 'shuuchi'--or embarrassment movies:  rest easy as we've *at least* another 12 hours worth of titles like the ones we've shown so far from just RADIX and POOL CLUB (and we have access to even more from our other studio partners!).  We love seeing Japanese women (both AV stars AND amateurs) strip naked in the most embarrassing of ways.  It doesn't always have to be about sex.  It doesn't even always need to be about seeing them get off.  It's about admiring the stark naked female form as she attempts to remain modest.  But you know as well as I do that there's nothing modest about a smiling woman spread wide in more ways than one.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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