Ramen Boss's Himari Kinoshita (Himari Hanazawa) Top 10 List

Published : January 19th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Himari Hanazawa/Himari Kinoshita



Hello JAV fans!   Welcome back, well sometimes I write about the adorable, the super cute.  Sometimes I write about the sexy.  Today, it's a hot one ladies and gentlemen.  Himari Hanazawa, my God.  When I first saw her cover (specifically WPS-003 to be exact), I was hooked for life.  I knew I had to invest in all the work I could get my hands on.  Yes, I chose the word "work" very carefully my friends.  I don't know why I have to do this, but I organize my favorite JAV models by either cute or hot.  I would describe Himari as both, the reason is the ridiculously cute face matched with some curves.  She's doesn't have the biggest tits, but I don't prefer them to be huge.  They are perfect if you ask me (there's absolutely nothing wrong with smaller, perkier ones).  I was pleasantly surprised to see some curves on her lower body.  She's tall, with no tiny petite frame here.  Don't forget about a super cute juicy ass.  I present to you, my top 10 favorite works.  



10.  DDFF-009 Slutty Horny Nymphomaniac!

I guess the first thing I would like to ask of you, is to take a moment to admire the cover.  This is the face we are working with.  She reminds me of a lot of different JAV princesses at once.  For some reason, she resembles a little of Mihiro here, but only in this cover.  Not in her films specifically, but don't worry.  That's not a bad thing.  I am very happy to report that this woman looks just as cute in her movies as her cover art.  A soft face, with sad-looking eyebrows.  These features are my absolute favorite.  So back to DDFF-009, the best costume is first, I love it.  You realize just how damn tall she is.  I keep liking her more and more. 

So, the second most interesting thing about the film besides the outfits is the second scene involving a strap-on.  Yes, you read that correctly and no there's no lesbian action here.  Not my thing personally, but I don't judge.  I bet you didn't predict this scenario when you saw the cover, did you?  Himari switches into dominatrix mode in this second scene even using a vibrator on his dick first.  This shows me how kinky she can be and has enormous potential to do more than just vanilla screwing.  The last scene is a very passionate threesome where she comes alive the most in my opinion.  So in this release alone, we get three different shades of Himari.  The first scene is a very shy slow version, the kinky and meaning-looking dominatrix (she looks very serious during this), and the nympho to bring it all home at the end.  I hope this is a great release to start my list with!  Let's continue.


9.  GVH-179 Exhibitionist Group Fucking Bukake, A Woman's Desire

When I think of the word "exhibitionist," I always think of women who just like to be fully nude in public spaces and or outdoors in general.  See with JAV, it's always so much more than that, and I am always extremely thankful.  This movie is just freaking hot.  All of them.  The opening gets me already.  She's looking hot and cute as a teacher (no surprised her), she walks to the back of the class and just strips.  Standing there, she touches herself,  next she is masturbating in a men's bathroom doing the same thing.  she's recording all of this, by the way, I love it.  This next scene, wow.  Himari strips down in a library.  She's holding a camera with what looks like a huge selfie stick.  That's fun for me, I enjoy imagining (fantasizing) this is a real Vlogger/Youtuber/influencer.  Next with library patrons watching, she rides a dildo on the floor there in the aisle.  Of course, she holds the camera the whole time.  We the audience get to see both views (her camera) and another lens on the subject.  Seeing Himari look into her camera while bouncing up and down with her pleasure face is amazing.  A great group banging follows. 

I have to admit I was very disappointed by the rest of it, as the creativity crashed and burns.  This movie has so much potential, and in the beginning, it was near perfect. The rest wasn't anything that different, special.  It was frustratingly indistinguishable from countless other movies.  That bothers me since this is an exhibitionist theme, and I didn't get that from the second half.  The sex is great in the second half (I mean c'mon at one point there's cum all over her hair and looks fantastic for example), don't get me wrong.  I even love the ending, it first the beginning.  I think you will just have to watch and see what I mean.  Please don't skip this one since I mentioned the boring second half.  I think JAV fans need to see release just for the library scene. 


8.  GYAN-018 The Priority is Sex Money Work!

Oof what a perfect follow-up to GVH-179 in my opinion.  Here we have another exhibitionist release, a completely different style to say the least.  "Same color palette, different painter."  The first annoyed me, it was just in a car.  At first, I thought, this has been done over and over again.  It's not that big of a deal to me.  Then, I thought about the windows and how they looked pretty clear without any noticeable tint.  Okay, you got me.  Plus its Himari and she look so oh so good.  The real element that got me interested was the wilderness!  Amazing outdoor location, out in the middle of nowhere.  I have to rave about this setting, it's a secluded wooded path.  Very different from what I normally see in JAV, which is most of the time a park.  Even the buildings in the background look eerily abandoned (sort of).  Maybe I watch too many horror movies. 

Anyways, this scene there has a ton of different varieties.  Not just in sex acts but camera angles.  It's like the gentleman was holding the camera and set it in a tree and continued alternating.  There's even a very long-distance moment captured from far away, it was hilarious.  I was a superfan of every moment here.  She looked insanely good sucking and moaning and humping and the setting brought it over the top. The second scene I want to mention is a telephone booth.  It's pitch black outside, and she plays a little with a vibrator egg.  Next Himari is holding a pink dildo looking very happy and excited.  She humps it hard against the glass in a phone booth.   By the way, this phone booth seems to be in the middle of nowhere as well, it's creepy AF.   I am calmed though, since my attention on this JAV beauty doing lewd things.  After all the outdoor play is finished, the final scene is just a bed.  Why does JAV do this?  So many great releases end up just on a bed.  I kind of understand it, I think.  Isn't it all about a conclusion, a final act of the actress for a feeling of completeness? Like a circle?   I don't know, but it was lame. 


7.  JUL-432 He Turned to Me for Creampies.

Well, this one made the list because I always crave a story based.  These next few are all story-based.  Sneaking around and all that, I'm here for it.  I found the camera work enchanting!  It's like the cameraman was in love with her body.  For some reason, I think her body is a little curvier here.  Now that could be the oil working at the end, who knows.  The ending, by the way, is an adorable mini soap land version on a tiny inflatable mattress.  The story is hot, typical JAV fashion.  You know how it goes, it's like watching a serious TV drama.  Another reason this made the list is the handcuffs and sex toy play. 

I mean, this release could have easily left that out without most noticing.  Thank you for leaving it in!  The last thing I will say about this title is her acting seems very natural.  She knows how to look passionate like she is deeply in love.  Combine that with the story and decent outfit changes, it's a win.  I generally love all the little details, like the little camera angles on her ass in tight jeans when she's doing chores.  Not to mention, the bright red apron.  Is this something that Japanese housewives stereotypically wear?  That's what the JAV universe would have you believe that's for sure.  All in all, this is still a simple release if that's what you're looking for.  It's good to have variety.


6.  PPPD-968 My Girlfriend's Older Sister Tempted Me with Her Huge Titties and Saying Nakadashi is Good.

My God, these titles keep getting better.  Here we go again with another story-based sneaky sneak.  The role-play is kind of goofy and doesn't is the opposite feeling of the JUL-432.   It feels a lot lighter, just fun.  No heavy drama.  However, this doesn't take away from it one ounce.  I loved it from the get-go, as it shows the original couple walking out in public on the street.  I just love how JAV does this, it gives it such a modern feel like it was filmed the day before you watch it.  Not to mention, just simply seeing the streets of another country (as an American), is just fascinating in itself. 

Okay, back to the story.  Himari perfectly plays the older sexy sister and relentlessly teases the poor man.  Himari even on the couple fooling around at the beginning, which makes her character seem extra not just bad but curious.  In the beginning that is, not once you move on.  I think she plays an evil sister deliciously well.  It was nice to see a little creativity here as well, for example, Himari is giving a blowjob on the second floor, with her sister oblivious to it on the couch downstairs in perfect view.  That's a unique angle!  It's a wonderful thing to have so many different setting changes in JAV to fit more and more specific fantasies. 

On a quick side note, this release is a must for those of you who love tight jean high-waisted shorts.  She teases them, spreads her legs, and uses her feminine charisma.  Also, I want to point out another moment with these shorts. There Himari is in the kitchen while her sister is in the living space listening to music on her giant headphones (how cute), and the lucky guy has his face shoved in her ass in jean shorts.  My favorite part in this (and it was damn difficult) was during an early dinner scene.  Himari teases the man by kissing and licking and sucking sausage and it extremely turned me on.  Who can resist mouth play like that? 

So after that sausage teasing, she gives an insane combination of footjob, blowjob, titjob, and handjob!  Immediately afterward, in the next scene, Himari even seductively easts another sausage while talking with her sister, as if she is recalling the cheating scene that just took place.  I don't even have a foot fetish, I think I just love the teasing.  Also with objects like food, bananas, dildos, etc, you don't have to deal with that censorship for one moment.  You finally get to see her lips move on something, the saliva in her mouth in great detail.  Yes, licking a phallic-shaped food to some corny music is, well, corny.  It fulfills some serious blowjob and mouth fetish at the same time.  Finally, the last sex scene is worth mentioning because the sister catches them banging.  Himari smiles don't care and keep on carrying on.  There's just so much to love about this one folk. 


5.  WAAA-016 I Mistook Her for My Girlfriend

That's title is hilarious.  "Oh no, it's you?  I stuck it in her and became so aroused around her afterward."  Nice.  So this is very similar to PPPD-968, and this is the last of the story-based ones on this list.  I hope you can forgive me, this is almost identical in many ways.  It's fooling around with the sister right freaking there and acting completely oblivious.  I sometimes feel bad for the actresses that play these parts.  I wonder if they are part of the production crew since I don't recognize many of them.  I think they have to know they were chosen since they are less hot than the cheating actress correct?  Just some thoughts I have that's all. 

So in this title, it's a different character in that Himari seems to warm up to the idea of cheating as opposed to that being her only mission.  Look at that cover, who wouldn't want to put it her ass?  I have noted a pattern in this release, just like the previous, that she loves to play with semen on her fingers.  I do wish this one had more creativity here and it wasn't unique. However, it's just as hot and sexy and kinky and a great extension if you love this role play.  I know I do. 


4.  SHKD-952 Group Fucking of a Female Office Coworker

This one is unique.  The camera reminds me of amateur home movie-level camera work and can be a refreshing difference for those seeking it out.  I enjoyed seeing Himari looking extremely tired with heavy eyes in this title.  If you know what I mean.  It's a rough one.  She does an excellent job of looking very unhappy.  Her hands are tied, she lays down on the bed, hangs her head down, and gets good throat fucked (with hands tied).  I think that's a great look for Himari.  This is an amazing two hours that is just filled with action.  I can't even begin to get into all of it.  It feels endless. 

You get sex toys, and oh so much variety.  She screams the entire time.  Plenty of unique moments, for example, she even stickers her head out the window (they are on a high-rise building) and is recorded from another window in the room from the outside.  It's a little different, and I like that.  I am not sure if she cracked one smile in this.  I don't want to give it away but I hope you get the idea.  These lucky guys are having the time of their lives. 


3. XVSR-601 Creampie Life with My Lovely Dovey New Wife

Wow, you can't get much different than the previous title than this.  This is exactly why I chose it to be on the list.  It stands out as very light.  It's simple, I love this for two reasons.  It has the best POV of her titles in my opinion.  I wish to elaborate on this too.  The camerawork is superb, top quality throughout the entire runtime.  I can very picky about this, for example, JAV actresses/studios still confuse looking sideways at the camera while giving a blowjob is not POV!   In this title, everything matches up and makes sense on the camera scale of things.  It's truly like we're seeing the world through this lucky man's eyes. 

Himari looks great here, giving caring blowjobs (yes, caring) with love.  She of course is wearing a wedding ring, and looks like a million dollars with her shiny pink lips and (again) pink wifely apron!  Honestly, this opens up a new world that I am kind of still new to, wife experience!  We all know titles that have GFE written all over them, but I rarely remember housewife role-play being this interesting.  This title is a very slow, sensual, and romantic experience.  Who could not fall in love with her?  I wonder if this is more natural to her than rough group kinky fun?  Who knows.  If you know, please link in the comments.  I am always trying to analyze what these JAV actresses prefer and or what fits their personalities in real life.


2.   WPS-003 Water Pole, a Trendy Actress Exposes Everything

Here we are, the cover that started it all for me.  As mentioned before in the intro, this is the one that first caught my eye.  I just thought to myself, how the hell can a girl with that face be in JAV.  Thank you Japanese AV, thank you so much.  So I'll get the obvious thing I want to say out of the way.  She is way hot.  She looks like an Idol to me personally.  Importantly to me, yes she does wear the outfits on the jacket during all the action.  I feel like I have to point that out each time because that is important and we see it all the time that's not the case.  Or how about when they wear the outfit/costume for two seconds?  I've ranted about this before, so I'll stop here.  Moving on, I think these water pole titles are only for the super beautiful honestly.  Two things I want to complain about right off the bat.  Himari is filmed walking in public in a famous area.  However, she is not wearing that cute number we love from the cover jacket.  C'mon man.  Secondly, she is interviewed in the car, which is just common now, and it feels like an eternity.  Just talk. 

After she arrives at the studio thing, I have nothing but positive things to say.  Lucky for us, she looks like a celebrity superstar, and even luckier for us, she's fucks and get's fucked good.  Blowjobs, sex toys play, group sex, rimjobs, oil, the list goes one.  The sex in this is the best, many different positions and variations, it's like a never ending cycle.  Quality and quantity.  My last complaint was the crappy masturbation scene.  She's not doing anything wrong, but what's with the long far away views during this?   Could the camera be any further away?   That's lame and I hate it.  She doesn't have to be filmed all the way across the freaking room.  The ending reveals a lot of behind the scenes production.  Obviously this is what they meant perhaps by the "exposes" part?  If it is, that is disappointing since my idea of it was Himari was role playing as an actress.  Who knows.  This title is amazing, 10/10.

1.  WAAA-111 Cunnilingus Slender Lesbian Creampie Squirting

My ultimate favorite release by Himari.  It's all about the sex here.  The sex is fantastic, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, I'll just run out of words.  It's not a full out lesbian fest from start to finish, but it doesn't matter.  This title is a powerhouse.  Now, by the title and possibly even the cover art, might having you thinking it's just pussy licking.  Hell no, that's just the core element here.  Think of it as a ton of great sex, but a mouth is almost always on Himari during all of it at any given moment.  The first scene is the lamest, I'm glad they got it out the way.  It's pussy liking and some humping, nothing that different.  The best action starts from that point on, where it's great scene, one after another.  I must say, I love the build up.  Shout out to WANZ factory.  Everything they put out is magic, more on that in the future I hope.  There are plenty of good scenes here. 

I want to start by raving about the green outfit (if you can even call it that).  Himari has what looks like an clear inflatable plastic doll.  As a inflatable fetishist, this is a dream come true.  She gets her pussy licked good all, while trying to point on the doll what's going on?  Again, I apologize for being a broken record, but I wish I was fluent in Japanese.  It's strange, and I love every millisecond of it.  After more scenes we get to a lesbian scenario.  It's cute because Himari is holding a camera trying to record a POV, (and we see this edit), but it looks like she's having trouble holding the camera through the pleasure. Her viewers can tell this, since our experience is a mix between her camera view and another in the room. 

Skip to the end scene.  I just can't say enough good things about it.  I have seen a lot of JAV, which is a severe understatement.  However I can't remember a scene quite like this.  It's a threesome like no other.  The only way I can describe it (as I sort of touched upon earlier), is that a mouth is always on Himari's pussy.  It's almost funny.  The guy is doing everything to Himari, and the other woman doesn't seem to care one bit about the male actor in the room.  All she does is like Himar's pussy through the scene, which thankfully goes on forever.  It's super, SUPER fucking hot.  All the way until the last second of the film and fades out, Himari is licked by this woman.  I'm speechless!



As always, thank you all for reading.  Himari has an infectious smile, unlimited talent and sets the bar very high on many levels.  I'll let you guess what those factors.  I wanted to see even more masturbation and lesbian content, but generally, I wasn't let down for a change.  Everything I see this beautiful woman in, I think to myself (or say it out loud), how she looks better than previous damn title.  Seriously people, just when I think she looks good, the next title will blow it away, how is that possible?  Her nose is so cute and those huge eyes OMG.  Another thing I adore about her is the variety in her titles.  On that note, I hope you enjoyed this list and that it showed her diverse titles.  Thank you again, and thank you JAV!


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Sherlock 2 years ago
Completely agree - one of my favorites. She is gorgeous in VR - nearly flawless. I wonder why she doesn't get much discussion.
jav_fan 2 years ago
Which are the best VR movies?
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