Pan Takes - June 2024 Vol 2 - Karen Yuzuriha, Hana Himesaki, Momoka Kagura and more

Published : July 8th, 2024 Written by Panking


Big Tits-loving M-man’s House Is Attacked By A Big-titted Pervert! If He Can Endure The Amazing Titjob For 5 Minutes, He’ll Get A Raw Creampie FUCK!

Starring Nene Tanaka

I am a huge fan of this series so I was eager to see how Nene Tanaka would handle it. The end result was mostly pretty satisfying. The premise of the film presents so-called "fans" with a challenge. If they can endure a five-minute tittyfuck from Nene then they get to have creampie sex with her. Is it all likely staged? Most definitely yes. But I still really enjoy these challenge themes with fans and it makes for an entertaining watch. Part of that can be attributed to Nene's surprisingly nice performance. She can admittedly be quite hit or miss with her acting but she does a solid job here. She can be pretty engaging with the "fans" which is always vital and boasts great facial expressions and energy. Sometimes she's guilty of just phoning it in but not here. Well done! It's not all perfect though as the production values left me feeling rather mixed.

On one hand, I loved her wardrobe and the pacing overall is balanced throughout the entire film. But the lighting is quite flat and samey across every scene which makes the scenes feel a tad repetitive. A little more variety could've gone a long way. I'll end this on a more positive note by saying the action is at least solid featuring three sex scenes and one paizuri scene as a result of the guy not lasting long enough. And while the sex scenes all feature a fake creampie, she at least milks a real load out of them with her tits. And the sex itself is decent but honestly nothing too amazing. It gets the job done at least. While the production values felt a little underwhelming, the engaging premise and Nene's great performance help make it worth your time. I say give it a shot if you're a big fan of Nene Tanaka.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


A Busty NEET Sister is Born Through the Opportunity of the Parent’s Remarriage

Starring Noa Haruna

This was easily my most anticipated release of the month. The NEET theme has exploded lately and I was excited to see how Noa Haruna would handle it. While the execution left a little something to be desired, it was mostly a success. The plot centers around a guy whose stepsister is a NEET and after playing with herself a bit, she begins to lust over him. She then proceeds to throw her tits in her face and he can't resist(who could?). The rest of the film is as you'd expect with the pair going at it throughout. The plot works and I do think Noa is a good fit for this type of role but the NEET aspect feels half-baked as it quickly becomes a nonfactor. I really would've liked to have seen more done with it. This leads me to her acting which is frustrating for one reason, the mask. She once again were a mask through the entire film pretty much and it doesn't make any sense. It doesn't factor into the plot at all and it masks her facial expressions completely.

Despite this limitation, she does boast decent enthusiasm at least, and plays her role well enough. The mask issue is really my biggest gripe as everything else is generally great such as the production values. Her wardrobe is simple but effective and I love the sheen of "sweat" she's got during the first few scenes. It really enhances the eyecandy as the camerawork also does its part in making her look fantastic with some lovely close-up shots. The lighting too is phenomenal, especially in the first scene. The setting variety was a bit lacking though with just one room. The action is equally nice as well with two sex scenes and two blowjob/handjob/paizuri scenes. Besides some of the fake cumshots, I have no complaints. Even the blowjob scene isn't too bad thanks to a great show of her tits jiggling around while she's sucking him off. The NEET element was sadly undercooked but that's not enough to hold this one back. It's still one of her better films to date for sure.

Overall Rating - 8.8/10


Perverted Designer Slut at a Luxury Lingerie Maker Who Likes to Try Things on Herself

Starring Karen Yuzuriha

That's a pretty nice cover huh? Does the film live up to it though? Well...sorta. The premise indeed casts Karen as a slutty lingerie designer who loves to showcase her new designs herself and seduce some of her fellow employees. I do love me a good lingerie theme and I think Karen's spunky personality makes for a good fit. Now I want to get my one main gripe out of the way first which is the last sex scene. It's a complete letdown in every way and is nearly worthless. The lighting is absolutely terrible as it's way too bright and doesn't do her body any favors whatsoever. Not to mention the lingerie piece is easily my least favorite of the whole film and it's just an all-around forgettable watch. Thankfully, it's all mostly uphill from here. Her performance throughout is pretty solid and is what you've come to expect from Karen.

Her overall enthusiasm isn't always perfect as I do wish she had a bit more of a "spark" to really sell the plot and her role but her facial expressions are generally nice and she engages well enough. She won't blow you away but she's perfectly serviceable. One highlight I have to mention is her wardrobe. All her lingerie outfits look stunning(except for that last one) and compliment her extremely well. The camerawork is great too and even incorporates some POV. The action is decent too but not perfect. It consists of three sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and a titty-fondling scene. That scene in particular is a complete waste and doesn't go anywhere at all. But the paizuri scene is enjoyable and the sex scenes are satisfying minus the last one really. Although the first sex scene could've used a bit more position variety. PPPE-224 features a fantastic setup with some great lingerie and is overall a good watch. But some flaws really hold back its potential as it could've been a real homerun.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


Reverse Bunny Titjob

Starring Hana Himesaki

How could I say no to that cover? Granted the photoshop is just a tad overdone but the premise of a Hana reverse bunnysuit film has my full attention. This particular film is pretty dry when it comes to the plot as it really just centers around Hana's tits and paizuri along with the aforementioned bunnysuit. This label from Dogma is always pretty straightforward so it's no real surprise. With the focus on the action let's see how it fares. It consists of a titty play scene, two paizuri scenes, and a sex scene. It's extremely unfortunate that it takes about 110 minutes before ANY real penetration occurs. Even worse when the first 30 minutes are devoted to that forgettable titty-play scene. The two tittyfuck scenes are solid at least mainly thanks to her performance but still are dragged out and inflate the pacing considerably.

I will say that the threesome sex scene is great and ends the film on a high note at least. Now as I alluded to earlier, her performance is easily one of the best parts of the entire film. She's positively brimming with lively exuberance which is most apparent during the paizuri scenes where she lights up the screen every time. Her bubbly personality really shines in those scenes. She falters a little bit during the sex scene but nothing too damning. I'll wrap this up by mentioning the production values which are fine with the obvious best element being her wardrobe. Hana sports a lovely array of reverse bunnysuit type outfits that look stunning on her. The camerawork and lighting are quite nice although the settings are admittedly pretty bland but it's not a huge deal overall. Admittedly this one is a bit frustrating as the production is solid, the eyecandy factor is great and her acting is on point. But the action is just so dry at times. It's still a worthwhile watch but really needed another sex scene.

Overall Rating - 8.1/10


“If You’re Okay With Boobs, Feel Free To Do As You Like.” I’m Using The Boobs And Pussy Of The College Gal Who Hangs Out Here As Wank Material In Lieu Of Rent

Starring Noa Haruna

I think Oppai might have gone a tad overboard with the photoshop on this cover don't you think? It definitely gets your attention at least, there's no denying that. The plot is rather unique here as it centers around a guy who allows Noa to room with him in exchange for getting to fondle her tits whenever he wants. Sounds like a fair deal. Eventually, he gives in to temptation after applying oil to her and giving her a message resulting in him fucking her. It's a pretty standard affair afterward. I give the premise points for being original at least and resulting in a few humorous moments such as when he's playing with her tits while she's on the phone. Now I know this sounds like a broken record but her appearance is easily one of the best aspects of the film. She's sporting some nice highlights in her hair that accent her look really well. Her boobs are obviously the main draw and are amazing but there is a minor blemish on each of her boobs unfortunately. It's not a huge deal though.

The rest of the production values are pretty solid across the board. The lighting is soft and accents her chubby figure nicely and the camerawork captures some great angles of her tits, especially in the bathroom scene. The setting variety could've been a little better as there's really only one central location for the entire film. Performance-wise, there's not much to say. She does a fine enough job of playing her role but her paizuri tech still needs a lot of work and her facial expressions and energy were average at best. When it comes to the action, you get two sex scenes and a paizuri scene. The paizuri is a mixed bag as it provides some stunning eyecandy and soap play but the actual tittyfuck is underwhelming and ends with a fake cumshot. The two sex scenes are good but both end in fake creampies and with a 160 min runtime, the pacing is a little bloated. It still results in a solid watch thanks to some juicy eyecandy and an interesting premise.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


The Ultimate Masturbation Assistance From Kagura Momoka, A K-cup Girl With A Divine Bust And A Slim Waist, With The Ultimate Clarity And Beauty Of Her Flesh, Not Missing A Single Goosebump

Starring Momoka Kagura

Ever since my First Impressions post of her, she's become a monthly watch for me so naturally I had to check out her newest release. This one is very vanilla and straightforward as it focuses entirely on her chest with a masturbation assistance theme. This entails a healthy dose of POV and shots of her looking directly into the camera all with an aggressive fisheye lens. It's all around simple setup with all the attention of her tits and the action. Speaking of which, it consists of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. The action overall is generally pretty solid with all real cumshots and plenty of positions that highlight her massive chest. However, there's a complete lack of reverse cowgirl which feels like a big missed opportunity given her juicy booty and the fish eye lens.

The paizuri scene also commits a cardinal sin of mine which is it ends with her jerking him off with her hands instead of her tits. Just why?! Another negative I have is sadly her performance. I realize she's not exactly given much to work with but she's just dull across the board with mediocre enthusiasm and middling facial expressions. Lastly, we have the production values which are mostly pretty good. Sometimes the fish eye is a little much and the 2nd sex scene uses a goopy lotion which is a turnoff for me. Otherwise, the lighting is fantastic, the pacing is well-balanced and her wardrobe contains a few nice outfits such as an OL uniform in the last scene. SONE-243 is a decent watch but one that doesn't leave much of a lasting impression.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Kana Kusakabe, a Slutty Woman in Heat With an Angelic Face Who Vulgarly Devours M Men

Starring Kana Kusakabe

It's been a hot minute since I last watched Kana Kusakabe. Her move to Madonna just didn't interest me at all. But I am a big fan of the ACHIJO label and with this entry being directed by Nao Masaki, how could I possibly say no? The premise centers around Kana in a range of different scenarios as she completely has her way with each guy. Some examples include her playing a masseuse, tutor, and hostess. It's a very slutty theme that is right in Nao Masaki's wheelhouse and it shows as Kana delivers one of her best performances to date. She absolutely nails the lascivious vibe needed for such a premise and crushes it with excellent enthusiasm without being too over the top. There are so many nice moments to talk about such as when she's spanking herself while riding cowgirl or pulling the guy into her by his tie while fucking him. Kana ultimately proves to be a perfect fit for Nao's directing style.

The action is just as great consisting of three sex scenes and two handjob/paizuri scenes. There's virtually nothing to complain about besides some dull masturbation segment near the end and a few fake cumshots which is to be expected by now. Every other load appears genuine and each scene is immensely satisfying with its overall high intensity and strong position variety. And the production values as always with Madonna are top-notch. The lighting is exquisite and the wardrobe suits the film's tone wonderfully and compliments Kana's figure incredibly well. I always love a good slingkini after all. The camerawork is on point too and even utilizes some POV. There is fish eye lens usage in a few scenes but it's not too obnoxious at the very least. Everything comes together to create what is easily Kana's best video ever. Besides a couple of small gripes, this is nearly flawless.

Overall Rating - 9.5/10


Plump W Big Tits Meaty Dynamite Body Slut Pressure Meat Bullet Dick Eating FUCK!!

Starring Nina Nishimura & Shiori Tsukada

This one nearly slipped past my radar but I'm glad I caught it as it was a delightful surprise. There's no real plot to it at all as it just focuses on threesome action between Nina and Shiori. It's as straightforward as you can possibly get. Let me just get the weakest aspect out of the way first which is the production values. You can certainly tell the budget was rather limited here with drab settings and repetitive flat lighting across nearly every scene. It's overall too saturated for my liking but thankfully it doesn't impact the enjoyment of the film too much. Thankfully the other elements help to make up for it such as the pair's exceptional acting and chemistry. These two get along very well and aren't afraid to interact. Now don't expect anything that crazy but you will see them fondle each other's tits among other small touches like how at one point Nina shoves her boobs in Shiori's face.

Both are pretty enthusiastic too individually although Nina takes a slight edge with a bit more pep in her step. The action is solid too with two sex scenes and two paiziuri scenes. The one tittyfuck scene though is rather lame as it takes place in a bathtub making it kinda cramped and cumshot hard to see with all the soap. And the one sex scene only features cowgirl really which is a tad disappointing. But the other tittyfuck scene is great as it ends with the guy cumming on Shiori's chest as the pair clean up the mess and swallow it. And the second sex scene is fantastic thanks to a better range of positions and all the interaction between them. The lackluster technical aspects do hold back some potential but the core of the video is still amazing and stands as one of the better collaborations of the year.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10


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