Oppaira's JAV Bush Tier List

Published : May 26th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, today I have a fun one I whipped up. Let's get warm and cozy with some fur as we dive into my bush tier list. Enjoy!

D Tier

Where's Waldo

Where’s Waldo is the name of the game when there’s so little hair you need to find it. These ones are trimmed very close to the base and often difficult to see when standing up against mosaics, hence the name. It creates an interesting dynamic since you can visibly see it at times and not at other times, making it look like other styles.

Many actresses have various styles of this including Yumi Narusaki on the left and Sayaka Nito on the right. As you can see it is very difficult to even tell there is something there when the mosaic comes into play.

Where's Waldo is my least favourite style of all. It feels like a style that hasn't made up its mind, not sure if there's a desire for hair or not. I find in many cases it doesn't look quite as clean as a result. Just make up your mind and rip it off if you can't grow something decent.

C Tier


The island is a style that’s characterized by a little tuft of hair out on its own. It is distinctly not close to the hole, creating a patch of separation that is noticeable even through mosaics. It's also typically rounded as well that makes it look even more like an island.

Hitomi is a notable actress with an island and has had one as far back as I can remember. While there are numerous other things that made her unique, the island is also something I can only remember Hitomi having (though I’m sure with how much JAV there is she isn’t the only one).

The island is not particularly something I enjoy. It feels a bit too disjoint and small for me, making it seem like it doesn’t belong. You really need to go out of your way to shape it like this at which point you’re trying too hard to be cool, like a man bun or something. I do prefer that there is something visual compared to the Where's Waldo style but generally speaking it is low on the list.


The stubble is aptly named as it looks just like a stubble of a beard. One might call it the “I have to shave every day?” because that’s probably what goes through the minds of actresses who get here. Or perhaps it’s someone who is lazy and shaves it off once a month and forgets about it, hoping the day of their next shooting is long enough after for it to grow back in.

Hikari Azusa is someone who often trims her hair and as a result ends up here. Her stubble always grows back in so you see it at different stages, but at the thinnest you see more like the right, where you really can identify individual hairs because it’s so small.

Stubble is a very awkward style and not that great. I find hair looks better when it's perfectly clean or has a bit of weight to it, not when it looks like you have five o'clock shadow. Where it particularly falls short is when you actually are engaging with it and find out it's uncomfortable. The prickly hairs are just unpleasant and at this point you're hoping enough has grown in by next time or that she's hairless.

B Tier


Whether you call it shiny, bald, hairless, shaven, this style is reserved for those that don’t have any hair. Could they not grow any? Did they wax it all off? Regardless, this style speaks to a youthfulness, or perhaps someone too lazy to maintain it. Better this than some unruly forest.

Many actresses go hairless, especially in recent years. Kanna Fuji an Nami Okimiya are just two recent names who have done exactly that though the list is countless at this point. As you can see, it looks quite clean, and certain camera angles or lighting can really highlight it nicely.

Personally I think bald is pretty solid - outside of JAV. While it's not my favourite style I don't mind it when a girl does a great job. There's no tickle from any hair and you can see clearly down there, making certain activities quite pleasant for a guy to perform. The thing is in JAV that because of the censorship you lose a lot of the value of the clean look. It still looks clean but you just don't get the benefit of being able to see clearly down there. In real life this is an A or even S tier when done well, but in JAV it's just not the same.


Jungles are, well, a real jungle down there. Characterized by an obscene amount of hair, they are as thick as they come. Jungles can come in all sorts of varieties, some that are a little bit more maintained and some that you need a compass to find your way down there. Going through jungles will have you feeling like Indiana Jones.

Kanon Urara (left) is definitely the name that comes to mind here for me although there are many others including Yuki Nono (right) who has this style as well. Jungles can vary quite a lot as they indicated here, being a tangled mess that's everywhere or just way too much hair to see anything.

I find jungles to be in a strange spot where I either hate them or actually quite like them. Most of the time I find them to be a bit too much but every once in a while I’ll look at one and get turned on by it and it alone. This is particularly true in JAV because of the mosaic, reducing the need for it and giving you less of a distraction on the screen. When it's quite unruly like Urara's it can be a bit much, but you can do a lot with camera angles to mitigate it. Especially if you present me one like Yuki's on the right that is a bit better maintained, it's actually not all that bad.

A Tier


The Martini is reminiscent of the martini glass, a small triangular shape. It widens at the top and narrows at the base which gives it that classic triangular shape. Unlike other triangular shapes it is intentionally shaved down a the top as if to avoid a neckbeard of carpets. It is also typically well kept and fairly thin, emulating the neat and tidy look of an actual martini glass.

Julia on the left and Minami Aizawa on the right are prime candidates of this. A nice, trimmed shape that is easy on the eyes. It definitely looks like there's a good amount of maintenance going in to keeping them looking classy.

I find I enjoy a nice trimmed bush like theirs although it's still not my favourite style. I find that if there's going to be something there I do want a little more of it. Maybe my love for huge boobs means I love all things bigger, or maybe I'm secretly Texan and want all things bigger. Either way, it's still quite nice and one of my favourites for sure.

The Glove

The glove is a cousin of the Martini. It's basically the same thing except it's rounded instead, having more of an oval shape. In a sense, it looks like a glove covering the opening, hence the name. Everyone styles it just a little different, including some a little more blocky, but I find the main characteristic to be that it generally stays a consistent width as opposed to the Martini tapering out at the bottom.

Fumika Nakayama and Rei Kamiki have nice gloves down there. As you can see, many gloves are trimmed fairly neatly and not too thick or thin.

The glove is a good style but it also doesn't feel like the ideal style. When looking at it I always wonder if there's a better way it could be shaped. Despite the maintenance that clearly goes into it I can't help but feel like it's a little bit more natural. Since there's a lot more variation here it feels like in many cases there's no actual landscaping being done. While that's not necessarily a bad thing I can't help but feel like just a bit more would be nicer. I'll never say no to it but if I have a preference, we can do better.

S Tier

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle style is characterized by it’s shape and thickness. It resembles an upside down triangle in shape where the bush gets narrower to a point when it reaches the vagina. As aforementioned, it is also characterized by the thickness, typically being a fairly decently thick. So it ultimately has that classic shape while giving you a bit of the mystery you get from a jungle, emulating the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Hikari Azusa has always been my favourite for this style. The shape is nice and big and it's trimmed down the perfect amount. While she does trim it quite regularly down to a stubble I find most of the time it looks more like this. Especially for Hikari, she trims it before it reaches jungle level.

The Bermuda Triangle is easily one of the best styles. I love that it's got that thickness to it but doesn't actually feel overwhelming. It's honestly a style that makes me want to watch an actress like Hikari much more than I do because of it.

Landing Strip

The landing strip is exactly what it sounds like: straight and narrow. It’s characterized as a predominantly rectangular shape that runs parallel to the body. It is typically well kept because it has to be in order to maintain that shape. While it can sometimes have a bit of an oval shape from rounded corners it is definitely much longer than it is wide.

Suzu Honjo has always been the one for me with this style. It's a nice clean strip with a good thickness to not be paper thin like some. While it can get a little bit thicker she very often has it trimmed elegantly as indicated on the right.

Personally I find I like this more than the Martini. There's something about how it looks less natural than the Martini that makes it look even more elegant, as if more time and effort was spent putting it together.


The mohawk is a style known for standing up straight. It is a style where the hairs are long and have a mind of their own, creating unique styles and patterns. It is often quite well maintained but is longer at the top. The hairs can sit flat, if they cooperate, which lends to a more interesting style due to the sheer variety.

Both Kana Momonogi and Nao Jinguji are great reps for this style. Their hairs often have a mind of their own and you can see them clearly standing up, particularly at the top. It'll look different at different times but that's what makes it exciting. It just doesn't quite look great every time and I find I can have strong opinions of it at times.

This style can take a bit to get used to but I find it looks fantastic once you do. The biggest strength it has is the variability it provides. When it stands up it's like this cool rebellious style but then other times it can lay flatter and look more like the Bermuda Triangle style. As long as it's maintained well enough not to get unruly it's quite pleasant.

Tier List

I hope you've all enjoyed my bush tier list. As you can tell I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you had fun reading. Remember folks, keep your hedges trimmed and your carpets clean!

As always, let us know in the comments which ones are your favourites. Until next time!


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Yamate Yumeno 2 weeks ago
Its nice to see other people than myself admires Hikari Azusa's mesmerizing bush. I thought I'm the only one who loves her thick bush.
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Doomsday1981 2 weeks ago
Love the tier list. I love the Jungle and Bermuda Tiangle. Could we see a follow-up where you give several actress that fit each tiers styles?
1 0
Doomsday1981 2 weeks ago
Sorry. What I meant to say was several movies that best fit each tier. Keep up the great work.
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