Chisato Shouda - Corralling Married Women to Watch Real JAV Filming First Half

Published August 31, 2020

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Real Japanese wives are gathered by HOT ENTERTAINMENT to watch an actual shoot. Some end up staying after for true fan service!

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Chisato Shouda - Corralling Married Women to Watch Real JAV Filming First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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CORRALLING MARRIED WOMEN TO WATCH REAL JAV FILMING is a very special title by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.  Why?  Put simply, this is the self-proclaimed 'amateur planning' studio's attempt to hang in with the big boys; it's their AV OPEN submission and while on one hand they stuck with the 'more people equals better' mantra most studios subscribe to when making movies for this industry-wide contest, I think HOT and director ICHIEN really thought outside of the box.  What we get here is no simple orgy title.  This is unique, novel thinking that we're happy to have the opportunity to show on ZENRA.

The biggest question I had when working on this mammoth three hour release was whether or not the married women there to observe were 'real'.  I could always email and perhaps find out, but that wouldn't be fun.  Thus, based simply on my knowledge of how JAV works and how productions are assembled, I'm going with...maybe?  Without a doubt, some things in CORRALLING were staged.  No, I don't think a real wife would remain after everyone else left due to trying to have sex with the director only to be shuttled to a ready-and-waiting actor.  The second half was even more audacious and sure, the 'real' women joining in may have been an amateur, but you could easily tell that was a setup given CHISATO SHOUDA and JO OSHIMA's reactions about it being anything but.

And let's talk about the second half for a moment:  the real woman/actress had some amazing reactions.  Has she done JAV before?  Or at least worked in the night industry?  I'd say yes, but that level of nervousness AND excitement is as natural as they come.  She may not be busty nor curvy, but she being swept off her feet by none other than eternal JAV actor hunk JO OSHIMA was near perfection.  Even CHISATO SHOUDA mentioned in the subtitled post-interview how she pretty much had to play second fiddle to them (not that she minded as she was queen of the show in the first half).  The juxtaposition seeing CHISATO SHOUDA remain so commanding yet have absolutely nothing on was a nice touch.  You'd have her give JO support via targeted touching and licking only to then return to the crowd of clothed wives and watch with them.

CORRALLING could have taken the AV ORGY--I mean OPEN route by having one big cheating wives group sex event conclude the action.  Visually, who wouldn't like that?  But I applaud HOT ENTERTAINMENT for trying something different.  My only real issue was how outside of the pre- and post-interviews, we didn't hear much from the audience.  I'd of loved if they had an extra camera setup near them they'd sometimes cut to so we could hear their reactions while they see JAV filming in the flesh.  JO OSHIMA mentioned he's eager to do something like this again.  It's not often a JAV actor receiving a blowjob by a legendary coworker gets to simultaneously shake the hands of his biggest fans.  He promises to deliver a smoother performance (not that he had issues performing here!) and I sure hope sometime down the line HOT takes him up on his offer.  A sequel to this is direly needed.

Fun fact:  the actress who appears in the first 'amateur wife' sex scene is the same super curvy client in a previous AOYAMA update.


Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Extremely unique theme.  Sex in front of a big audience!

Con's:  Said audience remained a bit too quiet at times.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 432

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