In Defense of Nipple Play in JAV

Published : September 22nd, 2023 Written by Anton Algren

The satanist dropped the sheet of paper. ‘It’s been eavesdropping,’ he said.

‘Yeah, it channels the subconscious, I’m afraid,’ I said, ‘which does erode privacy. It also goes crackly like a sparkler and shoots barbed hooks through my nipple-teats.’

‘That’s a thing of evil!’ he yelled out, suddenly. ‘An evil beyond Lucifer! An evil beyond Hell!’

With that, he fled from my kitchen and hurled himself through the front door, satanic robe flapping wildly as he ran off down the stairwell.

-Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome


It’s been brought to my attention that there are some people here who don’t much care for nipple play. And I don’t mean licking, fondling, motorboating, or various other oppai-related activities. If the mammaric usernames of several ZENRA staff members are any indication, breasts and the many fun things one can do with them are quite popular on this site. I’m as much a fan of that as the next fella, though I will admit, some of the more nipple-related JAV videos that come out I do find less sensual and more silly. Like, I don’t think it’s possible to induce a screaming orgasm through nipple stimulation alone, or if it is, it should be a lot rarer than it’s presented in a lot of JAV. Also, there’s a certain JAV actor who shall remain unnamed, who I know is really popular and well-regarded, but who for some reason always licks nipples like he’s slurping ramen, which is sort of off-putting to me and I feel like the only asshole who’s unnerved by that but it’s just so weird to me and whenever he shows up I’m like oh geez, please don’t do the- oh. Oh you’re doing it? Yeah, okay, okay, geez, let me skip ahead a bit because this is just 

Wait, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. Sorry, I don’t mean that sort of nipple play.  I mean male nipple play. The thing is, I myself am just sort of neutral on the subject. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not the biggest fan of it either. When it’s happened in the past it’s always been more for the girl’s satisfaction than my own, though I get that sort of vicarious satisfaction that comes from seeing your sexual partner enjoying themselves, if that makes any sense? When it’s happened to me in the past, my main thoughts have been worrying about hair getting caught in the girl’s teeth (I’m basically a Chia Pet). But I haven’t heard any complaints of that kind thus far, so I guess I’m all good.


However! Recently I learned that there were men who were not simply noncommittal towards nipple play, but whose thoughts were of outright dislike! Distaste, even. Disdain, if you will. Disgust, for those inclined. Why, it beggared the belief of my bewildered brain to hear such things, and, quite frankly, despite not being the biggest uber-fan of nipple play m’self, I felt a need to defend this act’s honor. I mean, c’mon people, surely it’s not that weird, is it?

I ask this, and yet I know that, for whatever reason, a lot of men (such as the author, dreamweaver, visionary Garth Marenghi) get really weird about letting ladies play with their nipples. Almost as weird as some men get about going down on women. And while I haven’t seen any instance of a man making up a fake woman to tell him it’s okay to not want to have his teats teased (yes, that actually happened with regards to cunnilingus), there is a part of me that wonders if there is any overlap between men who don’t like going down on women and men who don’t like nipple play. Does it also overlap with men who think moaning is unmasculine somehow? Maybe? I can’t say, especially since saying so would require me to make a lot of assumptions about our readership that I’m not comfortable with making.


What I can say though is that there is a relinquishment of power that occurs during nipple play, just as there is during cunnilingus and manly moaning. Looking at the faces of JAV actresses as they tickle and lick nipples and tits, you can clearly see that a lot of them are getting a thrill out of teasing the man, like the thrill one gets when one tickles someone and makes them squirm or giggle. When you get right down to it, tickling and nipple-teasing aren’t so far apart, and I can see why some dudes might not like to be in a position where they get all flustered and teased. They have a reputation to uphold, after all.

But come on, lads. What isn’t sexy about the expression, the gleeful grin, that these women acquire when they’re teasing their performing partner? They’re clearly enjoying themselves, and what’s sexier than seeing a woman clearly getting off? Isn’t the whole point of sex to be a mutually pleasurable experience? Give a little, get a little, quid pro quo bay-beee. I know that ZENRA may simply write off this article of mine on the grounds that, as I am myself of nipple height, I would obviously go to bat for nipple play (maybe I’m even part of the nipple lobby, or a shadowy cabal of nipple play fans). But I just can’t understand why some men would be bothered so much by having a beautiful woman play with two of their erogenous zones. What, are we gonna complain about ear-nibbling next?

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Radford 2 months ago
I think it's totally a cultural thing. American men have been taught that moaning, nipple licking, etc. are "unmanly". In Japan, it's totally normal. Personally, it feels good when someone does it, so I don't mind seeing nipples being licked (there are limits, I don't need a whole movie about it). But then there are other things I see in JAV, like spitting in someone's mouth, that I don't get at all.
shinmai 2 months ago
Agree with you nipples being licked/played with in JAV is fine just the movies that are just dedicated to it which are a bit eh.
ZENRA 2 months ago

With the release of Samoari's latest movie, nipple play of masochistic men may have finally jumped the shark. When you see the cover, you will know why.

drk 2 months ago
The birthday movie? The cover is weird and the trailer look like feverish nightmares.
ZENRA 2 months ago

Exactly that. Part of me hopes it bombs so male nipple stimulation can go the way of kimomen. A movie like that surely was not cheap to shoot. The next trend hopefully are glory holes placed in random locations that are used, but never explicitly acknowledged.

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