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Published : December 26th, 2022 Written by Panking

Rin Hachimitsu is an actress that caught my eye for a few obvious reasons. It's been forever since I last watched Idea Pocket but I always liked their directing and variety of plots. None of their actresses really appeal to me lately until Rin debuted. At the time of this post she's up to five releases so I figured now that she's had some time in the oven, let's see what's cooking. Just like always I'll review each film and end the post with my overall thoughts on her and whether or not I'll continue to watch more of her. With that out of the way, let's begin!


First Impression

Like many other fans, this was the first film I watched of hers. My expectations weren't too high as I just expected a run-of-the-mill debut video and that's pretty much what we got here. There's no central premise to speak of as it's just a vanilla debut film with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect such as featuring an interview and introduction at the beginning before diving into the action. Which speaking of, the action here is a little bit of a mixed bag. It consists of two one-on-one sex scenes, a threesome sex scene, and a blowjob/paizuri scene. Now that latter scene is very underwhelming due to how bland it is on top of her understandably forgettable performance.

Now another weak spot is the 2nd sex scene which suffers from some slow pacing and static camera use in the first half. But thankfully the other two sex scenes are quite good relatively speaking with a nice position variety and intensity. Most of the cumshots appear real too which is always great. On the production side of things, it's all handled pretty well. The lighting is varied with each scene boasting a different setup. The camerawork is perhaps the best aspect as it does a fantastic job of capturing some brilliant full-body shots. I won't say much about her acting as it's her debut so it's a nonfactor really. All in all a surprisingly nice debut film and one of the better ones that I've personally seen in recent memory.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10


Busty Body 5 Production

Rin's second film certainly feels like a proper step up from her debut. Now there's still very little going on in terms of any kind of plot. It's just focused on vanilla sex with a few scenes incorporating a minor scenario such as having her play a masseuse and a tutor. But beyond that, it's pretty straightforward. So with that out of the way let's talk about the action of course. It's plentiful featuring four full sex scenes with one being a threesome and a brief handjob scene. That scene is entirely skippable but thankfully the rest are all terrific. Each one feels distinct enough thanks to the variety in their setup such as one featuring a heavy emphasis on body oil and another being shot in POV. All this helps prevent things from getting too stale.

The pacing is well-balanced too and doesn't get bogged down at any point. Now regarding her performance, there's really not much of an improvement. This is only her 2nd film so you can't judge her too much but she's still pretty stiff overall. Perhaps we'll have to wait for a more plot-driven release to see some growth. Last but not least we have the technical aspects which are very well executed. The lighting is generally nice, especially in the last scene. The setting variety is decent too on top of boasting exceptional camerawork. There's very little to complain about in this area. Overall I had a great time with this one. Besides her weak performance, this film delivers some stellar action and top-notch production values.

Overall Rating - 9/10


H-Cup Tits Shaking, Cumming, Super Climax Sex

IdeaPocket continues the vanilla train with her third release that once again doesn't feature any real semblance of a plot instead focusing entirely on the action. The only minor caveat here is the focus on stimulation and orgasms from her but it's barely worth mentioning as it's all still pretty bland. Hopefully, more plot-driven films will be on the horizon. With that out of the way, let's talk about the production values first. By far the best aspect has to be her wardrobe as it consists of several very sexy pieces of lingerie. The lighting is generally nice too. The settings though aren't too noteworthy but they get the job done. And sometimes the camerawork feels a bit sloppy. It's nothing egregious just a minor annoyance at times.

Not to sound like a broken record but once again her performance is rather stiff and lacks enthusiasm. I can't fully blame her as she's not really given much to work with here but still. I have not seen much of an improvement from her sadly. Anyway, let's get into the action finally which consists of a bland masturbation scene, a blowjob scene, and three sex scenes with the final being a threesome. The emphasis on stimulation does wear thin after afterwhile but thankfully the sex itself is quite good, especially with its rather high intensity. While I can't say I cared much for the theme here, it does still boast exceptional action alongside very nice eyecandy courtesy of Rin and some super sexy outfits.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Endless Ejaculation Soapland

Ah yes, soapland. What could go wrong here? Everyone knows I loathe soapland films so don't expect a high score for this one from me. Plot-wise there's very little going on beyond the fact that it's soapland themed. All the typical bells and whistles are here as this film doesn't do anything different whatsoever. This film is a perfect example of why I hate this genre. It's so painfully repetitive. It feels like you're watching the same scenes over and over. This is largely due in part to the production values. Three out of four scenes reuse the exact same room with nearly the same lighting setup as well. It's awful. Not to mention the pacing is a bit dragged out thanks to all the soapland fluff such as the constant massaging and lotioning up.

Now getting into the action itself it's actually not too bad. It features about four to five scenes in all and each one is a sex scene. The range of positions is particularly nice but at times it can be difficult to tell when one scene ends and another begins as each one looks exactly the same as the rest. Another more personal issue I had is Taku the actor. He isn't as unbearable as he sometimes can be in this film but he's still my least favorite actor and it certainly impacted my enjoyment. Especially when he's in two of the scenes. And once again her performance is pretty lousy. It's mainly her expressions as they feel kinda awkward. Overall, I did enjoy some of the action but the utterly terrible production values really weigh it all down as a whole.

Overall Rating - 6.5/10


Rich Kisses And Sex

Here we have her most recent film and unfortunately, this one is more of a dud than a bang. If you couldn't tell by the title and back cover the central premise revolves around kissing. There's no real plot involved in any shape or form. Needless to say, I hated this setup. I absolutely loathe films focused on kissing. It's not very engaging at all resulting in plenty of dull moments of the two of them sloppily kissing which can be kinda offputting at times honestly. It also gets in the way of the action and blocks some really nice shots of her figure when you have the actor leaning in to kiss her. Doesn't help when her performance is just as mediocre as always.

The action itself contains some nice scenes but the kissing theme really impedes the satisfaction sadly. Overall there are three sex scenes alongside one of the single worst scenes I've seen all year. It's just a scene of her kissing a pane of glass while rubbing her tits, ass, and pussy on it. Did I mention it lasts over forty fucking minutes? It's absolutely asinine. Now I will admit the production values are fairly solid with great lighting and camerawork even featuring some POV use. But all the occasionally good moments are marred by the terrible theme and lousy performance. And Taku even stars in one of the scenes whom I cannot stand as he's easily my least favorite actor. Some may enjoy this one but definitely not me.

Overall Rating - 6/10

Overall Thoughts

After watching all five of her releases up til' this point how do I feel about her? I'm quite mixed as a whole. On one hand, I think she's got a banging body for sure. She's got a fantastic figure with a nice ass and really well-crafted bolt-ons that suit her look extremely well. But on the negative side, I can't say I'm a huge fan of her face. It's clear that she's had a good bit of work done and it results in her face appearing quite stiff at times. Not only that but her acting is very mediocre. Now granted she's still fairly new to JAV so I can cut her some slack in that regard but she's still pretty underwhelming with that in mind. Will I continue watching her? Probably but my expectations are quite low, especially lately with her past two releases being complete duds. Hopefully, she'll start receiving more work that involves a bit more plot. Fingers crossed that she'll improve in 2023...

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loveboobs90 1 year ago
Her body alone makes her the best debut this year imo
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