Bottomless Patient Protocol at Itazura Hospital

Published November 6, 2020

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Female patients at one Tokyo hospital find themselves bottomless and worse in very public situations.

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Bottomless Patient Protocol at Itazura Hospital
Translation and Timing by Patonyan

This is going to be a really bizarre way to start a review for a JAV movie, but I wonder if the director behind this fantastic SADISTIC VILLAGE title saw 'When You Remember Me', a made-for-TV movie from 1990, that--from what I recall as I only saw it once many, many years ago--had a scene reminiscent of BOTTOMLESS PATIENT PROTOCOL AT ITAZURA HOSPITAL's entire plot.  For a variety of reasons I won't talk more about that movie here, but there was one moment in it that's eerily similar to what happens in today's update.  Coincidence?  Or influence?  Hmm...

The name's self-explanatory, really.  Bottomless, embarrassed women in a world gone mad.  Each one of them in the four scenes that make up this 120 minute movie are our connections to the real world.  This is another one of those mass instigator JAV movies where everyone is in on the prank except for one (or two as we see in the third scene) woman.  It's bottomless CMNF from start to finish done in a purely medical setting.

SADISTIC VILLAGE even goes out of the way to note that unlike their standard fare, this is a sex-free movie.  That could be a mood-killer for some.  It would be nice to see these embarrassed naked examinations scene smoothly transition to sex, but sadly things stay (somewhat) medicinal.  Granted, you'd never have bottomless women shave themselves in the middle of a hospital hallway nor would you have two schoolgirls urinate in the lobby literally squatting above their chairs while everyone watches.  We're in pure fantasy land here and it's pretty good.

The final scene featuring the stark naked rehabilitation stretching by far has the most eye candy, but each encounter leading up to it has its moments.  RIRIKA HOSHIKAWA once again near steals the show with her mortified sponge bath situation.  By far one of the most under-rated still active JAV stars who's done movies covering almost every theme imaginable.

Some with sharp eyes may wonder why we're showing the second iteration in this series instead of the first.  The answer is simply because the first was filmed in SD quality which is something we're now trying to avoid in new licensing.  Yes, the plot to this movie is great and the first is just as good, but picture quality being picture quality...

Sadly, SADISTIC VILLAGE has not yet shot any more for this series.  They've done many a hospital movie.  We even showed one a few months ago filmed on the same set.  While they all combine embarrassed women in a world of instigators, most do also feature a lot more sex.  BOTTOMLESS PROTOCOL reminds me somewhat of all those embarrassment performance movies ROCKET produced up until a few years ago.  Visually fantastic and unique, but hot sellers?  Questionable.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Very unique theme that doesn't overstay its welcome.
-Eye candy from start to finish.
-The perfect movie for fans of embarrassed naked women/only one naked.


-Lack of sex may turn some away from watching.

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