FC’s Monthly JAV Watch - May 2024: Minamo the Zombie, Chiharu in Paris, Nanami Ogura’s Return and more

Published : June 11th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan


MINAMO ZOMBIE AV DEBUT 3rd Anniversary Work

Starring: MINAMO

Tags: Drama, Zombie, Special Effects

We start off our May Watch with Minamo’s special third anniversary work, a zombie drama with special effects and makeup. In this she plays a woman who undergoes an experiment that turns her into a lifeless, motionless, and emotionless zombie. Complete with a fun intro that seems to be a reference to Tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. This is one of those videos that is about spectacle and oddity over enticement. Porn that is worth checking out for its gimmick rather than for masturbation material. Choosing to keep her as a still zombie for the videos for the over 2 hour runtime was certainly a choice.

(credit user Suraj Saitama for clips)

A really odd choice for an anniversary project but really fitting for Minamo when you think about her career as a whole. She’s become a reliable star for SOD’s exclusive roster well worth a special anniversary video. She has become known for her Gravure quality looks, milky white complexion, and wide hips while also being a pretty middling performer whose videos have her playing more passive roles. Which is a shame when you see her outside of JAV and how lively, animated, and personable she is. The video kind of encapsulated Minamo as a whole; a quirky woman with a sense of humor with porn that doesn’t seem to match her personality outside of it. We get to see some of that quirkiness shine through in her choice of video for her anniversary. Not much to see as a porno but it is worth checking for some of the special effects. Check out those sweet explosions.  



Document: Zetsurin Millionaire Protected By Bodyguard (with Nudes)

Starring: Kanna Hirai, Riasu Mizutani, Mina Rakuen, Yume Asaha       

Tags: Comedy, Suits, Bodyguard, Documentary

Unlike the last video this is worth checking out for both the gimmick and the porn. We get a funny video about a flashy millionaire who comes to visit his favorite JAV sets only to get too horny and needs to be pleasured by his female bodyguards from time to time or just wants to play out his JAV dreams on set. The actor Dango Shiratama is committed to his character and seems to be having fun in a way we don’t get to see most male actors get to have. Meanwhile our female quartet are cool as a cucumber and serious as can be when protecting him or serving him. Of the four I think Riasu Mizutani shined the best especially during their scene together at the infamous JAV pool. She also sneaked in some English phrases during her scenes like when he comes all over her face. It’s funny, it’s weird, and its good porn. So basically all that JAV does so uniquely well.




Chiharu Mitsuha Goes To Paris

Starring: Chiharu Mitsuha

Tags: Travel, Documentary, Submissive, Spanking, Ass

We take the show on the road with our next video with Faleno’s Chiharu Mitsuha heading to Paris to take in the sights and some dick. Chiharu’s a great name that is flying under the radar a bit at Faleno. A pretty face with a nice taut body and a game performer. Here she plays a student studying fashion who comes to the city of fashion while decked in some pretty stylish gear. I’ve been noticing more travel videos now as studios become more open to travelling abroad post pandemic. As with most travel videos while they might be abroad most of the action takes place in hotel rooms unfortunately. Fortunately the action in the hotel rooms are not to be missed.

If this was just a typical travel video I wouldn’t bat an eye to this video even with Chiharu however the sex side of things was not what I was expecting. I was not expecting a submissive sex video with Chiharu playing a fantastic sub. The hotel sex has her willingly and happily letting herself be dominated by an older man. Letting him fuck her roughly while give her firm ass plenty of spanking. People love femdom and slutty roles but a good sub role can be just as good. Here Chiharu is wholeheartedly opening herself up to be dominated and it’s a treat to see. Ass lovers will especially like all the doggystyle and ass friendly positions. While I wasn’t a big fan of the handheld documentary style and the Paris travel was just set dressing. The sex was what made me stay for the video and good pick for fans looking to see what Chiharu is all about.



A Woman Who Was Made To Abstain For 30 Days Is Creampied Continuously By Men With A Strong Sexual Desire, And A Sex Treatment Orgy

Starring: Akari Mitani aka Akane

Tags: Gangbang, Submissive

Speaking of good submissive porn we have Akari Mitani coming up in this terrific gangbang. Akari is best known for her more slutty or dom roles where she is in charge so being more submissive is a bit more out of character for her. However she nails the role and makes the sex even hotter with her performance with it. This is a simple title about a woman who abstains from sex for awhile and goes out to sex her world rocked by groups of men running a train all over her. Akari’s been having a great stretch of videos for a while now and she adds this fantastic performance to her belt.

Her acting is fantastically shy, reserved, and submissive as hell. Playing the repressed woman aching to have sex so well before the men slowing overwhelm her more and more as she lets out her inner semen demon. There’s a scene early on when the men surround her for a blowbang. You can see her slowly suck them all off only for the camera to catch her eye. Looking right into it she starts to become even more embolden. Sucking them all off even sluttier and putting on a show for the camera. It’s little touches like this that make Akari such a great performer. If you are looking for a quality gangbang or want to see another side of Akari then you can’t go wrong with this video.




A Licking And Kissing Slut With An Overwhelmingly Beautiful Face That Will Fully Stimulate Your Five Senses

Starring: Mitsuha Ashitaba

Tags: Kissing, Spit, Slender

Time to check out some rookies and upcoming actresses. First is a trio of S1 hotties who are looking very promising in a trio of bangers. Batting first is the towering Mitsuha Ashitaba a long slender beauty who started last year. She’s been chugging along with quality releases since debuting. This tall lass isn’t just her height but is quite pretty with her big gleaming eyes, an ample ass on those long legs, and rock solid performing. Our video is a simple kissing title that focuses a lot on her mouth techniques with plenty of spit to spare. A video that not only lets her show off her skills but brings us in close to that pretty face. I recommend checking out the first scene which shows off all three of her best traits. Despite being matched up with the sloppy Taku who in this scene was quite subdued from his normal antics. A rock solid title to check out this promising newbie.




22 Intense Orgasms! 5500 Convulsions! Orgasm Tide 2700cc! Natural Popular SEX Eros Awakening First Large, Convulsive Special

Starring: Niko Kawagoe

Tags: Wet, Messy, Squirt, Heavy Orgasms

Next up is Niko Kawagoe a debut from this year and she’s been one of the more impressive debuts I’ve seen all year. This brown skinned cutie is said to come from a “remote island”. A teeny sized woman who measures up only to 4’11” with a body that is not lacking for size. A plump little body with pointy D cups and a round booty. She might be small but there’s fun to be had with her fun bits. Best of all is her performing; one of the best I’ve seen from a debut this year. Passionate, active, and not at all shy around sex. Our video is a simple title about hard sex with big orgasm for the ladies. Wild, heavy pounding rutting that leaves the talent slopping wet and writhing in pleasure. A video that really suits Niko well. This is my second time coming in for a look into Niko and I can say she’s one of my favorite debuts so far. Hopefully this spunky little dynamo finds her fans at the competitive S1. 




Legendary Beautiful Girl Nanami Kodama Revival Debut ~3 SEX I Really Wanted~

Starring: Nanami Ogura aka Nanami Kodama

Tags: Re-Debut

Our next newbie isn’t a newbie at all and is Nanami Ogura re-debuting as Nanami Kodama. Originally starting out in 2021 with S1 before bowing out after about a year or so. I wasn’t much interested in her the first time and didn’t know much about her aside from her little Twitter beef with Rena Miyashita. I checked her out on a lark and I am happy I did. Sorry Rena I am now on Team Nanami (for now). This is a pretty typical debut style video and Nanami a typical looking actress. A pretty if plain face with a slim figure and little perky tits. Face wise she reminds me a bit of Riku Minato. It was her performing that’s put her on my radar.

Not being a rookie she performs like a seasoned pro and a good one at that. I loved her passionate acting and that O Face. That mixture of pleasure and tiredness that washes over her face in the middle of sex as she puts her all into it. Opening it up wide to let guys face fuck her as she sucks them deeply. There’s a great moment in the last scene where she’s giving a terrifically slutty double blowjob. Going from one cock to the other as if she’s been in a desert for days and they have the refreshment she needs. It’s a great first impression and I’ll be looking out for more from the re-debut. Hopefully the second time is for good.  




Debut As SOD star! 3 Actual SEX All 5P Or More X 17 Massive Creampies Haru Shibasaki (Former SOD Female Employee)

Starring: Haru Shibasaki

Tags: Debut, Gangbang

Enough S1 it’s time for SOD to come back this time with a rookie that’s being called up to the big leagues. You love to see an underdog get their due thanks to their hard work and in Haru Shibasaki’s case that hard work is being done in the bedroom. Haru started out at SOD’s lower labels in 2023 and has been promoted into their main exclusive label as an SOD Star. Something they’ve done before with actresses like Mariko Sata. My first impression of her is that they made a good pick. A cutie who has an average sized slender figure with little tits and nice full legs. With her short hair and face she reminds me of a younger Tsukasa Aoi. But just like with the rest of the newbies it was her performing that caught my eye. This chick can take dick.

Haru’s SOD debut is not like your typical debut this is a ripe roaring gangbang with their rookie being put to the test by a host of lucky studs. A test she passes with flying colors. What starts as a normal looking debut turns into a trio of wild fucking gangbangs in a 3 hour plus runtime. All with Hau taking them on like a champ. It was great seeing her rise up to the task and how hot it was to see body getting all red and flush by the end of scenes. Of all the gangbangs the middle one is my pick to check out. Theres a fun little moment where they put her on a round table and take turns spinning her around to the next dude to pound into her slender bod. Another great first impression and an earned promotion. I’ll be looking into her first works.




A Video Of A Slutty Female AD At A Certain TV Production Company Getting Fucked Hard - My Boss, The Director Who Yelled At Me On Location, And That Comedian All Came Inside My Vagina.

Starring: Moka Ayase

Tags: TV Assistant, Petite, Slut

Finally for the newbies we have someone who can hopefully follow Haru’s steps in the near future and that is Moka Ayase. A 2024 debut whose just started out with a handful of works with SOD studios. A total cutie and a petite lady who barely comes up to 4’10” with a cute little ass. Her video has her playing a lowly TV production assistant working under a mean boss and an impulsive star comedian. She figures out the best way to everyone’s good graces is what she’s got in her pants. Pretty nice watching her work her way through the TV crew one at a time. Performing wise she’s mostly solid if awkward at some points. Her adorably cute face has her penciled in as a debut to follow for me.



M-man specialized creampie semen milking sadistic sex robot

Starring: Hibiki Natsume

Tags: Robot, Cowgirl, POV, M Men, Pegging

We close out with a video you might consider skipping. First is Hibiki Natsume who is an often forgotten member on the SOD exclusive roster. A short haired beauty with sexy razor sharp eyes and a nice ass. With Hibiki we look at this off kilter video about a sex robot; a theme we see from time to time in JAV. Something about Hibiki’s performance felt off for me. Not that she did a bad job of it, she was fully committed to the robotic character which might have been the wrong choice. For example the men would program her to different modes like femdom or slut mode. So she would start doing those things but still as an emotionless robot. Spanking them or sucking them off nastily while still in a robotic manner. It felt more off putting than enticing even in that weird way JAV makes odd porn enticing. Others might like this oddity but the performance choice was a swing and a miss for me.



FC’s Monthly JAV Watch - May 2024: Minamo the Zombie, Chiharu in Paris, Nanami Ogura’s Return and more

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