FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: February 2024

Published : March 13th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan


A time consuming creampie entertainment island. Riding a time machine and searching for pussies on a great adventure! 10 beautiful girls big orgy special! !

Starring: Mina Kitano, Alice Nanase, Riho Fujimori, Ichika Matsumoto, Sumire Kuramoto, Uta Hibino, Waka Misono, Mizuki Yayoi, Akari Mitani, Rima Arai

Tags: Sweat, Group, Creampie

We come out the gates with the biggest title of the month with Hon Naka’s orgy video spectacular. Orgies are on the trend as Madonna, Moodyz, Faleno, and more are pushing out the big group sex titles. They all aren’t out yet but I think I can say confidently that Hon Naka’s is the wildest of them all. This is an unhinged title that may beat out Rei Kamiki’s Konbini video as the wildest I’ve seen all year. But first let’s break it down. This orgy video stars a host of popular and well-known freelancers of today with big names like Ichika Matsumoto, Akari Mitani, Sumire Kuramoto, Mizuki Yayoi, and Rima Arai to name just a few. A big cast in a whopping 4 hour runtime.

The video’s premise is a mishmash with time travel being the overarching theme. We get different scenarios based on different time periods for example a bunch of hoodlum old style schoolgirls from 1980, to the past with traditionally dressed Oiran, to the future with high tech looking ladies. This is where it gets weird as these some of these scenarios are not your usual affair. Like how the schoolgirl scene is played out as femdoms or how the future scene is a straight reference to Terminator 2. There’s a scene where competing idol singers fight for the favor of a powerful music producer and has a cute Ichika getting bullied. There’s just so much variety and fun to be had from the middle parts which range from big to small group sex scenes.

The one that takes the cake however is the Cavewomen scene. We see our hero go to prehistoric times and meets a group of proto-women. The trio of Sumire Kuramoto, Mizuki Yayoi, and Mina Kitano play non speaking, grunting, feral humanoids to an insane degree. Totally in character as the wild, unchecked, and over the top Cavewomen. It’s crazy. I haven’t even gotten to the big orgy scene proper at the end. In which we get the whole cast in a proper orgy. I could write more on this whole video. Compared to Madonna’s orgy it’s not as good as an actual orgy video. However as a piece of wild and creative JAV it’s up there with any of them. Worth watching for the insanity that the crew gets up to. WATCH


The day when the pussy of a youthful woman living at home who gave up being a woman woke up

Starring: Nene Yoshitaka

Tags: NEET, Wholesome, Vanilla

NEETs are so hot right now in JAV. I counted like a dozen of these types in the last two months. Which I am welcoming to more and more. These videos play out usually the same; they star a slobbish and homely woman whose given up on life. Now this video was especially memorable because of it’s wholesome story and heartwarming ending. Well shot, lit, and produced; this is a rock solid Vanilla video. The story has Nene playing a NEET with some pent up sexual energy. She meets a man who gives her not only some sexual gratification but some energy to get her life going again. We see her begin to draw again and apply herself. By the stories’ end she’s transformed herself into a proper member of society.

Nene puts on an acting showcase as the NEET. In the first scene she wants to have sex but doesn’t want to seem interested. It’s the highlight of the video and has a cute scene with her jerking and sucking him off inn POV. Nene with glasses is too adorable. By the end of the whole video she’s fully enamored with the man and all lovely dovey. Her performing has always been strong and she shows it here. The whole story has a nice and light hearted tone to it and that extends to the sex as well. It’s wholesome and heart warming story which is uncommon in JAV. One of the best titles I’ve seen with her while with Faleno. WATCH


AI Girlfriend

Starring: Rin Hachimitsu

Tags: Sex Doll, Curvy, Plastic

First of all no this isn’t AI porn as I have seen some ask about this video. This is a real person and her name is Rin Hachimitsu. AI is the buzzword of the time right now and it’s even seeped into JAV. Honestly this has little to do with AI at all, it’s really just the same Sex Doll/Bot theme we’ve seen before. A horny man gets himself a sex doll in the form of and voluptuous shape of Rin. A role she plays pretty well as she switches from emotionless robot to sex hungry machine. Rin with her curvy body make for an enjoyable plaything. Fake or not she’s a got really nice figure. Overall it’s a good entry into the whole Sex Doll theme, worth checking out as a Rin fan or not. Check


A female college student who was betrayed by the senior she loved and was motivated by an organized sex club

Starring: Chiharu Mitsuha

Tags: Group Sex, Rough, Dark, Deep Throating

The Faleno train continues with Chiharu Mitsuha in this dark drama and the opposite of Nene’s video. Chiharu has become a recent favorite of mine thanks to her pretty looks, fit body, tight ass, and great performing. This video might not be for everyone with it’s darker story and rough sex. Here Chiharu plays a woman who becomes used by a whole club of men as she becomes their sex crazed pet. Great sex that’s has a train of men going though Chiharu and especially her mouth. Lots of deep dick sucking and face fucking as her throat and mouth see plenty of use. Definitely a watch for me. WATCH


A wife who has fallen completely in love with sex. My kind wife was surrounded by DQNs and for some reason wanted a creampie

Starring: Kana Yume aka Jun Mizukawa

Tags: Ass, Gangbang, Cheating Wife, Cuckolding

The gangbang action continues with Faleno’s Dahlia label. Kana Yume has been flying under the radar since joining them and it’s understandable. She is a 10 year plus JAV veteran whose been around for ages so you’d expect her to not make much waves. However this old pro is still delivering in her videos. A great performer that we see on blast for this video. She simply plays a married housewife who loves to have groups of men fuck her silly. A simple plot that fits Kana with her wild and over the top performing. The gangbangs are terrific and Kana gives one heck of a show as a full and raring to go participant. We get all the Kana classics with her eye rolling orgasms, flexible positions, squirt flying, and that back arching to pop out her fantastic fanny. A great gangbang with Kana giving her classic goods. Don’t let this one pass you on by Kana fans who have relapsed. While new fans can dive into the deep end and see how this old vet has kept it up after all these years. MUST WATCH


The Girl I Picked Up Was A Sassy Little Bitch, And I Got Reverse-fucked Like In An Erotic Manga

Starring: Sumire Kuramoto

Tags: POV, Documentary

One of my favorite actresses of 2023 comes into 2024 absolutely blazing. Also one of the hottest freelancers of today things are looking rosy for Sumire Kuramoto. Our video with MAXING is less so. An almost typical Nampa/pick up video with Sumire that turns the table. I wanted to check out this video for two reasons; Sumire’s different hairstyle and that outfit. Both of which were pretty nice. Sumire’s been moving away from the more youthful image and trying out new and fun styles. As for the outfit it’s an interesting sexy flight attendant type I’ve never seen before. Outside of that the video is pretty lack luster mainly due to the shooting style and homemade production values. Not much to see here Sumire fans. Hopefully her and that outfit comes to better videos. SKIP


I made my naughty Onee-san who looks down on me come to terms with an obscene costume!

Starring: Nao Jinguji

Tags: Bunny Suit, Ass, Cosplay

Backing it up next is Nao Jinguji and her impressive backside. Nao is someone I don’t watch enough of as she’s a fine performer and that ass is one of the best today. Here she finds herself as a woman who has to put on lewd outfits as she annoyingly pleasures a younger man. A little bit of hate sex with the cosplay. The outfits are good especially the Reverse Bunny Suit which caught my eye in the first place. The costume is meant to show off the bust but it does wonders for her already great ass. What took this video over the top was her annoyed performing. She having to fuck this guy and slowly but surely come around to it all made the film a joy to watch. From reluctantly blowing him to being game for his lewd scenarios. Her subtle facial expressions are the tops. Give this simple but quality video a look. WATCH


Instant Shaku - Sucking Loving Service Manager Pulls Out Dick And Ejaculates 22 Shots Camp

Starring: Ema Futaba

Tags: Blowjob, Facials, Sports Manager, Group Sex, Slut

Something good and something bad happened when Idea Pocket dropped Ema Futaba. They missed out on a quality actress and fans are about to get her unleashed. Since leaving she’s been working steadily in quality videos with quality studios. Our video today is with Wanz Factory and has Ema playing a sports manager whose so committed to her team that she’ll suck off every last one of them. Letting blast into her mouth and face. She’s like the energizer bunny as the cheery and spirited manager. Sucking off her players with happy glee and being cute as a button to boot. Fittingly the video is softly lit with the color saturation turned all up.

The standout blowjobs are the three man one, the schoolgirl one, the one in the bath, and the one with her in a pick outfit. Well I’m just naming all of them now. An expert dick sucker behind that cute and innocent face. Ema gives such deep and tight sucking blowjobs while keeping a big smile on her face. Really cute BJs. I did wish she swallowed more cum or that there was a bigger focus on facials but the blowjobs themselves were top notch. Idea Pocket’s loss is out gain. Lets hope for more from freelance Ema.


If you promise me 10 seconds, you can do whatever you want to me, right?

Starring: Itsuha 五芭

Tags: Slut, POV

Well it finally happened a Samoari video that I don’t hate. He’s always done some things well which I’ll get to about this video but his style is very divisive. He loves blurry handheld shots, unorthodox camera angles, dim sets, submissive men, male squirt, and male nipple play. He also gets great dom performances by his actresses and dresses them in stylish and trendy outfits. Much more modern leaning than what we get from a lot of JAV which likes more traditional or conservative fashion (outside of the lewd wear). Both the outfits and the aggressive women we get from our star Itsuha.

I loved Itsuha when I first reviewed her as a debut. An absolute cheery cutie with energy to spare. Sadly she was dropped by Moodyz and was picked up by Attackers of all places. A big mismatch in my eyes. Hopefully fans will see the adorableness of Itsuha one day and they can start here. She plays a woman who goes out with a man at night and they or she decide to spend it fucking each other’s brains out. Most of Samoari’s videos has really aggressive women which she is but she is so happy and jovial about it. How can you not melt in front of her advances. Her smile and her cheeriness are all best on display during the close ups and POV moments which we get plenty of.

FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: February 2024

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