Ahegao in JAV?

Published : July 27th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss


Welcome JAV lovers!   This is a short and sweet entry, regarding Ahegao.  I am asking for your help and advice really.

What is Ahegao?  I hightly doubt if you're reading this you have no idea, as in ZERO.  You must have some idea, or heard of it, seen it etc.  It's actually impossible to miss.  It's on hundreds of products, it's in meme's, it's popular culture in my opinion.  If you know what Hentai is, then I can't imagine you don't know ahegao.  Ahegao ahegao ahegao. 

If you don't know what the hell it is, then that's okay too.  Everyone has to learn sometime, I did.  Ahegao is simply an O-face.  A face of ultimate pleasure, a cum face, an orgasm face, you get the picture. A typical Ahegaeo face is made when the girl will cross their eyes, and look upwards.  At the same time, she will hang her tongue out and hopefully have a fuckton of saliva drooling out. 

There's a lot of different information on it and it's origins out there.  I do suggest you do some research of your own if you are interested.  For some reason it's a huge part of American culture particularly, and I'm not hating it.  Especially among amateur sex workers.

I understand, and apologize that I am many years late to all this, as Ahegao is not new.  I've seen it more and more here in American porn and that's just badass.  It's rare to talk to a camgirl that doesn't offer to make this face for a small amount of tokens.  There is a ton ton ton of Ahegao themed western.  For example if you search "ahegao" in manyvids, you get almost 3000 videos as a result.  Similarly in C4S, you get around a 1000. Around 700 results are tagged and come up in MFC share.  And that is just the videos that have the word "Ahegaeo" in the title and or description!

It's become an absolute must and standard in the Porn world.  Why is that?  I ask again, why is this?   I fucking love it! 

Now I will keep this short and simple. I am on a passionate mission to find it JAV.  Where is it?  Seriously, I am asking.  I would love to see my favorite JAV models do this fucking look.  Is there something I am missing?  How do you find this face in JAV?  Do you just have to get lucky?  Is it just not popular?  


This is some of what I have found.  Three types of styles get the job done (kinda). 


1. "Eyes roll back" titles.

Anal is So Good That the Eyes Roll Back TYOD-120. 



RYU Eyes Roll All the Way Back SEX TYOD-188

The faces you get in these are not bad.  As the title shows, you definitely get eyes rolled back action. Even tongue.  But the cross-eyes are missing.


2. An Underground Idol Sacrifices Her Flesh To Her Fans In Exchange For Popularity - The Staggering Offline Meet! Riko Honda TYOD-265 

Sometimes, you get lucky.  There are wild original releases that I find randomly like this. Almost unexplainable? Here, the model seems to do combine goofy ridiculous funny faces, combined with eye rolling back pleasure.  It's all over the place and random for the sake of being random.  Plus cross-eyed action.


3.  Koharu Suzuki EBOD-571

I previously wrote about Koharu, and included this same scene very briefly.  Long story short, the Ahegao part here is only seconds long.  Blink and you'll fucking miss it.  But it's the best.  Which brings me to this style.  Here we go.  I think is that the best bet in finding ahegao, is in JAV that is simply imitating Hentai-style storylines and style.  Too simplistic?  Well maybe I was over thinking it.  Are these types of releases are the only place to find them?  That would make sense to me, I just wanted to believe there was more. 



Please don't be fooled by JAV covers.   I've searched lead after lead after lead.   I think the better the cover looks (Actress making a extreme version of "the face"), the fuckin worse it iS!   I have been fooled endless times. Honestly, I don't know what the hell I am doing when it comes to finding Ahegao in JAV.  I need your help. 

I think aphrodisiac and nymphomaniac (even electric play) titles mostly just don't do it. and here's why. The models in most of these have wild fucking sex and act a certain way, but the face is absolutely missing.  Sure, they make funny faces, but not it's not sexual (if that makes sense). I just really enjoy Ahegao.   What is there to hate about it?  It's kinky and sexy and yeah maybe a little stupid?  Weird and different I like.  I hope this never goes away.  

So finally, I ask what is your opinion?  Do you think it is crazy fucking stupid and completely overrated?  If you are a fan, again, I really am asking you, everyone this question.  Where the fucking hell can we find Ahegao in JAV?   Thank you all.


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Random Gaiden 2 years ago
Thanks for the nice read and the efforts of searching. Ahegao was sometime I never actively search, but I do enjoy. I think of it sometimes as an exaggeration and find it humourous. I like the idea of conveying pleasure (I mean it's better the deadpan face).
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Random Gaiden 2 years ago
*Ahegao was something (sorry for the typo)
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RamenBoss 2 years ago

Hey Random, thank you for reading! I am still searching honestly. If I find some (and get any suggestions), I will write a follow up part 2. I want to help us all out!

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