Married Sayaka Takes on the World

Published November 16, 2016

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Classically pale Sayaka nears thirty and with a marriage on thin ice decides to take a dip into the very welcoming world of Japanese AV by GUTS.

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Married Sayaka Takes on the World
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We've covered this plenty of times in the past, but can't help bringing up again the magic that are 'document AV's.  When one hears the word 'porn', it's often times associated with brightly lit sets, women with ideal body types, and men who also look like how we think we should look.  You can go further and include easy-listening muzak (ugh...), but we think you get it by now.

Granted, we at ZENRA focus pretty much on Japanese AV, but from what we see coming out of the west, content is mainly either the aforementioned 'porn' or super duper amateur "honey let's film on us your smartphone" level production.  Building on this, realism is mostly associated with gonzo titles which again err more on the side of crash course Pornography 101 than what we're eager to see when talking about 'realism' in adult video.

Japan does realism right.  The west may have it here and there, but from what we've seen, it's still sorely lacking.  We want real women.  We want not only to SEE real women, but we want to understand them as well.  Sex may be physical first and foremost, but there is a deeper aspect to it that turns OK coitus into actual romance.

There's a reason why married couples stay together so long:  of course mutual interests and an affinity for one another are given, but those two along with a great respect for each other overrides any physical flaws one may have (and we all got 'em).  With true love comes true romance and romance at times equals bombastic sex.  This is what we want to see in 'realistic' AV's.  We want to see women act out their urges in the most natural of ways.

Today, SAYAKA delivers...some of the time.

In MARRIED SAYAKA TAKES ON THE WORLD, an Unfaithful Wife title by GUTS, we see multiple sides of (cough) 26 year-old SAYAKA.  She's an interesting one for sure and strongly contrasts other married women we've seen in adult video.  Firstly, by her own admittance, she's done AV before.  Her title with GUTS apparently is her final one before retirement, but during the second interview in a darkly lit Italian restaurant, she mentioned she might return again for more.

SAYAKA really is married and like other women we've encountered, is not in the best of relationships.  In fact, we're inclined to say she's the most depressed out so far.  Others we've seen may be on ho-hum terms with their husbands, but words like 'divorce' and 'separation' are still totally alien.  With SAYAKA, they're more bedfellows than her actual spouse ever was.

Oh, and we're darn near certain 'SAYAKA' is a secondary stage-name and she has gone by something else in the past.  Unfortunately, all we have is her one-name moniker and real name both of which are useless when trying to lookup more information about the actress.  Thus our apologies about coming up on empty about someone who seems to have starred in a decent amount of titles and was represented by one of the largest agencies in the biz.

This title contained both realistic portrayals of love-making (OK, only the last of the 3 AV scenes featured this, but it was the longest!) and also featured SAYAKA unleashing her long bottled-up lust on a few lucky actors.  What we found strange was how this title followed what appeared to be a non-linear approach.  The interview did not come first.  Rather, we went gung-ho in with a very nice hotel sex scene and then finally got to meet SAYAKA in the GUTS office.

This was followed by a scene all about fellatio which then segued into a date between her and the director.  For the lack of dialog in the first two sex scenes, these interview portions more than made up for it.  SAYAKA went from a distantly attractive yet needy Japanese woman pushing 30 to a real person we can feel for.  Her marriage with her high school sweetheart was on thin ice and we wonder now, over ten years after this title was produced, if she's still with him...or at the very least, if she's finally found happiness.

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