10 Immensely Erotic Cosplay JAV to Check Out

Published : July 14th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


As any otaku knows quite well, the admiration and sexual desire for fictional anime girls is rampant among both the Japanese and Westerners. The maidens are so beloved that JAV studios have naturally taken advantage of this to try and secure a profit by producing erotic videos starring actresses dressed as these characters. Cosplay is a pretty popular fetish, so I'm going to share another 10 JAV that feature cosplay that I think are worth checking out.

1. May This Wonderful Cosplay World Be Blessed!

Video           24ID-056
Cast            Atomi Shuri, Mizuno Asahi, Ogura Azuki
Duration       144 minutes
Studio            TMA
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Fantasy, Orgy, Parody, Outdoors
Release Date 2016-09-23

My first recommended cosplay JAV is a studio TMA parody, and it features the beloved isekai comedy KonoSuba. Hero Kazuma has sex with all three of the main females, with Megumin being penetrated outside, Aqua proving she's not quite that useless, and Darkness experiencing two males at once. There is also a final orgy between Kazuma and all three girls at once.

The work honors the source material and even has a few non-sex scenes, such as a brief fight with a certain evildoer. The charm of each girl comes through in their sex scene, and the JAV will surely be treasured by fans of the series, especially since there is some variety with the aforementioned fight scene.

2. Amazing Tits 111cm Cosplayer, Age 19 Super Sensitive Masochist

Video           TNOZ-011
Cast Yuzuki Marina
Duration   142 minutes
Studio   Zennihon Kameko Kyoudou Kumiai/ Mousozoku
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Squirting, Orgy, Parody, Tit Fuck
Release Date  2022-01-18

Fate/Grand Order's massive renown naturally accrued it countless erotic parodies over the years, and this one stars the seductive Yuzuki Marina. Focusing on one of the more luscious female iterations of the Lancer, the large-breasted beauty takes on opponents of a different sort as she demonstrates her excellence in providing sexual pleasure.

The JAV is taken from the perspective of a cosplayer dressed as the character, as opposed to the woman pretending to be the character in her world, and the intercourse initially takes place in a seedy bathroom. The males are all gross fat men and some less savory fetishes are in view, so the JAV might be best for those with more specific fetishes.

3. When The Popular Adult Video Actress Hotaru Nogi Wants To Fuck, She’ll Dress Up in Cosplay And Go Out On The Town On An Amateur Reverse Pick Up Rampage, Searching For Fuck Buddies On Social Media

Video HMN-066
Cast    Nogi Hotaru
Duration  115 minutes
Studio   Honnaka
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Maids, Animal Ears
Release Date 2022-01-18

Another cosplayer has yearned for physical intimacy in this JAV, and this time the woman (Nogi Hotaru) dresses up as a maid, 2B of Nier: Automata, and Tamamo no Mae of the Fate franchise. The sexual antics are rather standard as the lucky males get to experience the glory of cosplay sex, something any male would desire in their partner. Watchers will have positive opinions regarding the choice in characters as 2B is quite the lusted-after android beauty, and the Fate franchise is popular enough that there will be an equal amount of individuals thinking the same of Tamamo no Mae.

4. Hot Cosplayer With A Gorgeous Body With Golden Proportions – Clothed Sex In 7 Different Costumes! RION

Video SNIS-656
Cast Anzai Rara
Duration  180 minutes
Studio S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody
Release Date 2016-05-19

This cosplay JAV is yet another solo work and many will see incredible value in it as the gorgeous Anzai Rara wears seven different cosplay costumes. Final Fantasy, One Piece, and Sailor Moon are only some of the franchises that get some love in the adult creation, and each outfit is skillfully designed, perfectly complimenting Rara's already indescribable beauty. Rara will definitely be the most praised aspect of the JAV as her cuteness and large bosom are irresistible.

5. This Famous Cosplayer Has A Creampie Meet-Up Once A Month Right Before Her Period Mihono

Video WANZ-352
Cast Sakasaki Miho
Duration 119 minutes
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Miko
Release Date 2015-06-01

Here is another cosplay-focused adult video that features an outfit imitating the appearance of a well-known fictional character. This time, Touhou's main heroine Reimu gets some attention as the beautiful Sakasaki Miho dresses in a transparent version of the girl's shrine maiden attire. Instead of having to deal with multiple projectiles, Reimu must deal with multiple males, and the various sexual acts carried out are quite lewd (there is perhaps a missed opportunity with the lack of a large-scale bukkake scene, which would make a nice reference to Touhou). Other character costumes are worn as well, which will help entertain those not enthused by the sexy Reimu contribution.

6. A Once A Month Danger Day Offline Meetup With A Famous Cosplayer Misaki


Video WANZ-569
Cast Sakasaki Miho
Duration 119 minutes
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Maids
Release Date 2016-12-01

Those who highly enjoyed Kill la Kill will possibly also be amused by this JAV as it stars antagonist Satsuki in her skimpy battle suit. The series is a great choice for cosplay as it already has a lot of nudity, tiny outfits, and sexual energy. Much like in the show, Satsuki takes on multiple males with ease (albeit in a sexual manner), and while the title again presents the main actress (Sakasaki Miho) as a cosplayer having sex with fans, watchers will inevitably end up loving the woman's body and willingness to perform naughty acts, and making some wonder if Satsuki would ever resort to doing such things.

7. A 101cm Ultra Titty Cosplayer

Video  PTNOZ-005
Cast            Amano Miyuu
Duration  171 minutes
Studio            TMA
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Deep Throat, Outdoors, Titty Fuck, Urination
Release Date 2019-11-22

The IdolMaster franchise (which has its own massive erotic doujinshi community) has its fair share of tasteful JAV and this one puts the spotlight on top chuunibyou idol Ranko Kanzaki. The twin-tailed cutie pleasures numerous men and is willing to perform any and all sexual deeds (even eating out one man's asshole), a detail that will help make the video favorable among more individuals. The woman takes part in an orgy, some bathing fun, and even plays with some males solo. The video will truly resonate with those who are in love with the character, even if she doesn't exactly act like the strange Ranko.

8. Fans Of The J-Cup Titty Cosplayer Only!! A Colossal Tits BUKKAKE Titty Fuck Orgy Offline Meetup Nanami Matsumoto

Video EBOD-684
Cast Matsumoto Nanami
Duration  119 minutes
Studio E-body
Genre    Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Tit Fuck, Bukkake
Release Date 2019-03-13

Here is yet another JAV that will give watchers some great value as the central actress, Matsumoto Nanami, wears a slew of different character outfits. Prison School, To-Love Ru, and One Piece are some of the anime shows that get some tributes in this video, and will probably earn a lot of attention as the women from said franchises boast a high degree of sexiness. Many will have positive opinions about the work as the gorgeous woman has sizable bosom and amazing areolas, and she eagerly takes the loads of multiple men in one scene.

9. Armada of Beautiful Girl Cosplayers

Video  ID-020
Cast    Kururigi Aoi, Sakasaki Miho, Shibuya Kaho
Duration 120 minutes
Studio   TMA
Genre    Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Tit Fuck
Release Date 2018-04-27

Azur Lane is a gacha game featuring anthropomorphized ship girls and has since garnered immense popularity over the years, so it isn't very surprising that a cosplay JAV parody exists. This one contains three actresses for a change, and one of them is the lauded Shibuya Kaho. The actresses wear the outfits of some of the ship girls and don't hesitate at all when it comes to performing the usual erotic favors (and in a group). The sex is high quality, and most watchers will probably be most impressed by skilled actress Kaho's gigantic breasts.

10. Kake Ear Cosplay Years ~Welcome To Pakuri Park~

Video AKB-058
Cast    Abeno Miku, Atomi Shuri, Azuki, Fukada Yuuri, Shinomiya Yuri
Duration   120 minutes
Studio TMA
Genre Big Breasts, Cosplay, Creampie, Orgy, Parody, Catgirl, Animal Ears, Outdoors
Release Date 2017-07-28

Kemono Friends was an anime that had only a brief stint of extreme popularity, and despite being in the spotlight for only a fleeting moment, a couple erotic JAV were produced in tribute to it. This video contains more actresses than the other entries on this list, and has several familiar characters appear. All of them are sexy animal girls, and each are penetrated by Celliens, who serve as antagonists in the anime. A lot of the sex takes part both outdoors and indoors, making for some good variety, and the sheer amount of different animal girls will also help to make the title stand out to JAV enthusiasts.


The act of pretending to be a certain fictional character and putting on clothing that probably wouldn't be normally worn in real life is very much a fetish for many individuals, even those not interested in anime or manga. I hope my recommendations have aided in helping you understand the appeal of such a fetish, and perhaps even inspired you into checking out some cosplay JAV yourself.


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