Nudist Maid with Rie Tachikawa

Published April 18, 2015

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Japanese nudist maid position filled by the busty and able Rie Tachikawa who bares all completely uncensored in HD with English subtitles.

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Nudist Maid with Rie Tachikawa Uncensored HD
with English Subtitles

The nudist maid concept certainly has seen many iterations as of late.  It's not a uniquely Japanese idea for sure.  Open up your local Craigslist--even an archived copy from years past--and you'll see advertisements for cleaning services done in the nude.  There's something naughty yet so awarding about having an attractive stark naked person clean your abode.  It's almost like knocking down two birds with one stone.  In fact, some cleaning services even allow the homeowner to pleasure himself while watching so long as his hands don't touch things they shouldn't.

The nudist maid Japanese AV productions take this many steps further.  Touching is still not exactly appropriate, but it's done anyway and oftentimes the resulting effects are mutually amorous with resident and nudist maid wanting to 'clean' each other rather than dust bunnies under a neglected dining room table.

The recently retired from AV Rie Tachikawa is the nudist cleaning woman in this well-put-together uncensored and high-definition two hour production all about domestic nudism in Japan.  She's certainly a looker; a droopy face which for her only aids in amplifying her innocence segueing down to flawless breasts, a slim waist and a derriere neither too large nor too small.  Pubic hair is present up top, but is respectively shaved away around her womanhood which itself is quite flawless with not a blemish in sight.  She also looks the type who shuns the sun and opts for the tried and true hikasa--or flat black umbrella older Japanese woman often use when venturing outdoors in the warmer months that totally blocks the harsh sun.

Being an uncensored production, the focus is very much on all things erotic.  Those looking for something with more of a story may be somewhat crestfallen.  Unfortunately, the costs of producing an uncensored Japanese adult video title starring a big name actress mean taking risks with more adventurous story-lines is rarely done (well, there are always exceptions).  Although Japan gets a bad rap for its rather novel approach to adult media, most Japanese still prefer regular sex and that's something this production does excel mighty well with.

Sex is common in just about all the scenes, but it's by far one of the most visually and aurally pleasing productions in recent memory; the lighting is just right.  The sound is very welcome with most dialog easy to hear, and nothing comes across as too irritating.  Screams of orgasmic bliss happen often when Rie Tachikawa nears extremis, but they won't break your earphones.  The camerawork also is great.  The angles are spot-on with many shots held steady and strong to truly showcase the wonder that is this pale-skinned Japanese AV star who has a body a few steps short of full-on voluptuousness.  Everyone involved in this title knew what they were doing and did it well...and it shows.

Also although not public nudity per say, the first scene does open up with a cheery Rie Tachikawa stripping stark naked outdoors in a verdant garden.  Being shot and presented in HD and filmed without too much camera shaking--a major issue with Japanese AV--the greens of this backyard slice of nature do wonders when clashed against Rie's white skin.  Parts of her stripping are also shown in slow-motion for a very appreciative effect.

Although mosaic censorship has really pushed the boundaries in recent years, there still is something special about seeing a famous Japanese AV star bare all without the slightest shred of post-processing obstruction.  It's happening more and more as of late since the pay to appear sans mosaic is incredibly enticing.  What's common now for Japanese adult video stars who are thinking of bowing out of the industry (which usually happens in 2-4 years after their debuts) is to take part in a few uncensored releases and then truly call it quits.  Of course, some do take limited time off and return once again oftentimes with the same stage name and sometimes with a new name and even a totally new persona.

Can the same be said for the heavenly Rie Tachikawa who parted ways with the industry that made her a fan favorite?   Give it another year and perhaps she will return as a 'new face' in jukujo--or mature woman--titles.  With the economy continuously sagging, even those who left 'for good' frequently return with tails between their legs and heads down.  Nevertheless, Rie Tachikawa's potential swan song is a great title for those looking for something with a tad less focus on dialog (that is exclusively subtitled when it appears!) and more attention to visualizing the erotic.

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