Ward of Darkened Illusions HD Uncensored

Published December 9, 2014

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Occult weirdness of the highest order infects a hospital where the demonic meets the lewd in the form of lesbian nurses and more uncensored HD with subtitles.

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Ward of Darkened Illusions HD Uncensored

An Occult Japanese Hospital of the Highest Order with Subtitles

The Ward of Darkened Illusions HD Uncensored
Part One with English Subtitles

Japanese AV can be pretty strange at times, but it may come as a surprise to many that most follow a similar flow. Most stick to common ground and do not dally far from standard tropes. In this regard, they don't vary too much from their western counterparts with the exception of an all-Japanese cast and the mosaics which leave millions of fans divided. Once upon a time, the only way to see any Japanese AV sans censorship were finding some of the leaked titles from years past though this does not happen often.

Some production companies of Japanese adult video are finding ways to satisfy the demand of a mosaic-free feature although this means sacrificing taking part in the all-powerful domestic distribution chain and braving the new world of internet-only commerce. Titles via this burgeoning path of global enjoyment usually err on the side of standard hardcore, but bit by bit, stranger ones are coming into being.

Today's title squarely fits in the world of the bizarre. It's dark, demonic, and its participants dance intimately with damnation.

Join Mizuho Nishiyama as she tiptoes her way not into any normal doctor's clinic, but the Ward of Darkened Illusions. Her name may not ring a bell. She's not a prolific Japanese AV star as she has only appeared in a few dozen S&M titles which actually makes her the ideal candidate for this grimdark AV production (do take note that S&M itself is not present in this release). Her costars Miharu Kai, Airi Hayasaka, and Misaki Hasegawa also are all not massive names in the AV industry, but all work well as nurses and nuns alike.

Yes, nuns too.

The Ward of Darkened Illusions is almost sacrilegious in its portrayal of nurses turned nuns. This actually is a central element to the production. The story itself is a strange one that is not exactly spoon fed to the viewer. This can lead to some confusion at times.

Mizuho Nishiyama stars as the schoolgirl visiting a medical clinic late at night. Her malady is a splitting headache that just won't go away. She also has been experiencing bizarre dreams combining eroticism with religious rites. She's confused, distressed, and more than anything, wants aid.

The clinic she decides to visit looks pretty similar to any local one in Japan: old and rundown. This one also may be the demesne of the supernatural due to the constant moaning one hears when walking down the hallways. The moans are not of anguish. Rather, they're of carnal love.

Nishiyama-san's stay is one filled to the bursting point with sexual happenings both straight and lesbian. From her first encounter with a ballistic stark naked patient roaming the hallways with erection parallel to the ground to her first dance with the nurses-turned-lesbian-nuns, sex always presents itself in same shape or form. Most sex scenes aren't just about people or peoples enjoying oneself, but providing pleasure to invoke deistic enlightenment. Many scenes start or conclude with either one of the nuns or the doctor-turned-priest reciting religious chants.

Fortunately, these chants along with all other dialog have been subtitled to English. Unfortunately, some of what they say is somewhat out there. The translations are accurate, but this may be one of those times where even that may only help so much. The Ward of Darkened Illusions is one of those productions where atmosphere, more than anything else--including dialog--plays the key role. The story could have been fleshed out more, but the production team involved definitely receives a gold star for bringing into being such a sinister hospital. What they did is leaps and bounds above what you would expect from a regular Japanese AV movie.

Fans of the Million Girls Magical Mystery Tour released well over a decade ago will love this release. It features similar elements of the supernatural (although witches have been swapped with nuns) and also has a similar amount of campiness. The cast list may be less well-known than the Million Girls were, but it's still a great production. What's more, it's filmed in HD and contains no mosaic. The Magical Mystery Tour on the other hand was barely a DVD quality release and features very old-school blocky censorship.

The Ward of Darkened Illusions is also unique in that it was a joint venture between several big Japanese AV production companies. On top of being an international mosaic-free release (but targeted of course to Japanese), it also did find a domestic distribution (box cover art link) via the infamous and ground-breaking V&R Planning whose founder Kaoru Adachi also directed, but mosaic censorship was brought back.

Just how Japanese editions of music albums often feature a bonus track due to the domestic market's lack of grumbling about high prices, the censored version does feature an additional scene. Following V&R's recent tradition of sticking to things relating to coming out of the rear end, this bonus scene does not fall short on grotesque suspense so dedicated fans of this production may want to check out the 'Japanese edition' for the extra few minutes. Enjoy the uncensored version here at Zenra in high-definition sans mosaics and with full and exclusive English subtitles.

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The Ward of Darkened Illusions HD Uncensored
Part Two with English Subtitles

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