The Thrill of Outdoor Teasing

Published July 6, 2016

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Uncensored Japanese nanpa about taking an imaginary survey leads to impromptu indecent outdoor exposure against a snowy backdrop by DREAMROOM.

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The Thrill of Outdoor Teasing
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For starters, yes we're well aware we're adding a title featuring SNOW during the summer, but given the intense heat that's soon to come as Japan's rainy season concludes, a hint of a wintry public exposure wonderland may be warranted.  And what better way to up the authentic amateur ante even more than to make it nanpa-themed?

The concept of approaching random Japanese people (read:  cute girls) on the street about taking part in surveys is a tried-and-true AV trope.  Does it actually happen in real life?  The author of this is neither cute nor a girl, but does live in Japan and has never once been approached to take surveys.  Even those pesky tissue-suppliers at many a busy street corner keep their handling arm raised when my presence is detected.

That's life for some of us, but for NONOKA, things work differently when you're a pert Japanese woman taking a stroll in the magical world we call Japanese AV.

Now it's pretty obvious from the get-go that the survey portion of THE THRILL OF OUTDOOR TEASING is staged.  Yes, survey conductors may exist somewhere in busier parts of the country, but they're probably not going to be approaching people on frigid days with actual falling snow.  When people are walking out and about on days like this, the goal is to quickly find warmth.  Our forefathers hunted for cozy lees against mother nature and today women like NONOKA hunt for cafes.

She's stopped on the way to conduct some random survey.  The type of survey is never really explained--something to do with women is the best we could discern while working on this update's English subtitles.

The survey itself is not important and if you're this far into the review for today's ZENRA update and detect a smidgen of sardonic sarcasm with a negative slant, then we do apologize.  THE THRILL OF OUTDOOR TEASING is actually a pretty solid release by DREAMROOM.  Being a title rooted mainly in public exposure, we were on the fence as to categorize it as a Maniac in Public release which is one of our newer Series classifications.  In the end given the slightly tamer themes presented compared to the insanely hard Japanese public nudity movies of yore, we decided this release would be better suited as another sound addition to the Amateur Nanpa section.

After all, NONOKA is not a well-known Japanese AV star.  In fact it's hard to even use 'AV Star' and 'NONOKA' in the same sentence given her bona fied amateur status.  We could not find anything about her career outside of this title.  Given the harder themes such as the aforementioned public exposure and later nakadashi conclusion all filmed without mosaic, we're inclined to conclude that she's done more work.  Your average Japanese amateur making miniscule ripples in AV generally will start with tamer titles such as HAISETSU releases before slowly but surely appearing in harder work.  Going in with guns blazing and legs spread such as what NONOKA did to some extent for THE THRILL OF OUTDOOR TEASING is not very common.

The name itself hints at lewd play in public and it's delivered here and there.  Don't go into this update expected extreme public debauchery.  It's winter and the snow's falling so although there is exposure in places where going naked is proscribed, it's still kinda sorta tame:  think remote controlled vibrators with intermittent bouts of flashing.

Later on before the indoor and much more private conclusion we do see NONOKA engage in much lewder acts in the outdoor portion of an apartment lobby.  Nobody was around, but props must be given as actually having sex in an area like that took a hefty amount of guts.  This portion of THE THRILL OF OUTDOOR TEASING even featured fellatio with a gokkun finish which may be the first time that we can recall an uncensored title featuring it.

We like NONOKA a lot and would love to see her again though given her one-name status, the chances aren't too good.  If you ever see someone who looks a lot like her doing AV, please let us know!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 671

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