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What a name for a very unique production company! Also known as HAISETSU, the Woman Excretion Family Group is a relatively new maker of Japanese AV that—as the name implies—mainly releases titles about one of the themes that are not possible to show on ZENRA due to strict billing regulations. HAISETSU releases several new titles a month and are becoming more confident with even bolder and more unique releases. One such title is a contest-themed one about 'squirting' distances and will be featured here amongst the first batch of licensed works

Real Amateurs Masturbate in Kimonos SubtitledHDExclusive (January 13 2017)

True blue Japanese amateurs in kimonos demonstrate how they actually masturbate at home in beautiful Full HD by HAISETSU.

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  • squirting japanese woman reaches orgasm
  • masochistic japanese amateur talks masturbation
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  • face down real japanese masturbation
The Start-Stop-Repeat Urination Game SubtitledHDExclusive (October 14 2016)

Hellishly intense Japanese pee desperation featuring the HAISETSU amateurs attempting to stop their urination mid-flow again and again and…

  • japanese teen urinates into small cup
  • swollen midsection of japanese teen holding in pee
  • zoomed in japanese woman in swimsuit peeing
  • japanese start stop repeat challenge post interview
  • squatting japanese woman pees into cup
  • close up peeing into small container
The Countdown to Liquid Salvation SubtitledHDExclusive (August 29 2016)

Japanese Pee Desperation with a prank bonus in the form of two timers dictating when squirming amateurs can finally relieve themselves by HAISETSU.

  • japan pee desperation squatting near finale
  • crotch grabbing pee desperation in japan
  • japanese woman talks about her pee
  • japanese woman peeing upskirt close up
  • peeing in bath japanese interview
  • lilac lingerie flashes during introduction
The Miasmic Farts of Japanese Schoolgirls SubtitledHDExclusive (July 02 2016)

Embarrassed Japanese schoolgirls who are actually AV amateurs try their hardest to produce noxious farts with and without panties on by HAISETSU.

  • bottomless pale japanese schoolgirl butt to camera
  • thick and pale schoolgirl legs up in the air
  • japanese schoolgirl talks about stomach issues
  • japanese schoolgirl fondles breasts while talking about farting
  • japanese student flashes big breasts
  • frilly sheer panties on farting japanese teen
The Standing Trial SubtitledHDExclusive (April 16 2016)

HAISETSU returns with more authentic amateurs taking part in a very abnormal pee desperation challenge all about literally going the distance while standin...

  • Shy no panties Japanese amateur woman
  • Iroha Shizuki in pink kimono
  • Bottomless Japanese woman in kimono wants to pee
  • Japanese standing to pee challenge
  • Squatting bottomless Japanese teen
  • Authentic Japanese Pee Desperation