Reina Shiraishi - In a Kimono and Eager to Please

Published November 22, 2023

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One update at a time, we will do our best to satisfy the dire lack of kimono creampies JAV!

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Reina Shiraishi - In a Kimono and Eager to Please

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

There is a drastically low amount of kimono JAV. You'd think it would be even more common than ones with those lovable sailor outfits, but no! Far and few! Then and now, a rarity. With all things Showa coming back into vogue, perhaps we may see more JAV movies that make use of one of Japan's most notable symbols of cultural beauty?

Today at least we feature one actress with career of a decent length almost entirely in the 'underground' industry of JAV (aside from one interesting movie by V&R) who has no qualms about donning such a beautiful outfit sadly only to remove most of it by the very end. Her name is REINA SHIRAISHI, but like others who have had long careers on that side of the industry, she has went by quite a few with no affection for either thus we're just going this time with the name that was billed for her for this specific shoot rather than her most known moniker.

IN A KIMONO AND EAGER TO SERVE is DREAMROOM on one hand keeping it incredibly simple, but on another, doing a pretty good job at it. My only desire was some outdoor footage because going by some of the stills, she definitely went to a nearby park to have pictures taken! A few shots of her and that lovable actor who until now to my knowledge only appeared behind the mosaic would have added some more to a movie direly lacking a good story. Yes, she is in a kimono and yes, she is eager to serve. But what does she want out of life? What keeps her up at night? The deeper questions remain unanswered, but we do get a sweet creampie to even things out.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 219

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Easy on the eyes actress in an eye-catching outfit.

+Really does know how to serve!

+Real creampie finish.


-Definitely low budget shot in one tiny room.

-Lacking a plot: pretty Japanese woman in kimono treats you right and you finish in her, the end.

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