Japanese Sauna Ladies

Published April 14, 2009

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A new Japanese sauna consisting mainly of scantily clad women perform sexual non sexual relaxation services with the occasional accidents with subtitles.

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Sauna Ladies
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Bathhouses or 'onsen' have been a common fixture in Japan for..forever really. If you look back into hundreds or even thousands of years of Japanese history, communal bathing has been mentioned. Even today where a massive percentage of people dwell not in traditional, large, open-aired Japanese houses in beautiful landscapes breathing in the sweet, clean country air but rather live in the massive beehive-like concrete jungles that dot the current landscape like eye-sores, communal bathing is still a common occurrence.

However, recently, the traditional onsen has given away some of its ground to up and coming health spas. Since an onsen--although communal at its core--is still a singular, individual event of one going to the bathhouse, stripping down by himself, bathing alone without support, and then moving solo to and from the various pools of heated spring water, etc. etc. Spas on the other hand are similar to western day spas where everything is done for you by a bright and cheerful staff member.

This special new staff training edition of Sauna Ladies takes the concept of a spa, mixes it with the Japanese onsen, and the result is pure gold. When a you as a customer enter the establishment, you are greeted by a beautiful Japanese girl in a matching two piece revealing cotton uniform that becomes almost translucent when wet. She will help you strip to the buff perhaps taking in an extra glance and smiling before wrapping you up in a towel leading you to the main communal bathing area. Before, washing up was purely a solo event but now she will let you lie back and relax as she uses her soft and soon to be soapy hands washing every inch of your exposed flesh with extra care given to your suddenly rising cock. It's not an uncommon site at this special sauna to see a cute, smiling Japanese attendant gently stroking her client with one hand while casually massaging his testicles with the other all out in the open next to other couples in similar situations and sticky accidents are known to happen—in fact, they are encouraged.

The Sauna Ladies spa also offers other services on its menu more akin to a regular spa such as full body massages though at this location, the customer remains in his birthday suit while the masseuse still clad in a revealing white two piece massages everywhere and happy endings are the norm. Even kinkier things are on the menu such as an asshole-centric cleaning and if you are willing to drop more money, you can have two or more girls work on you at the same time.

In this special new employee edition of Sauna Ladies, we see many instances of a true on-hands learning experience such as bikini-uniform-clad trainees taking notes while watching their instructor explain with visuals how to correctly wash a customer's penis and testicles using a gentle yet extended pumping motion. As they get in close to see how fast and how firm to hold the hard cock, the stimulation from the customer's point of view goes into emergency overdrive causing him to embarrassingly ejaculate all over the teacher's hands and after he finishes, she calmly pets his now-shrinking manhood explaining to the students that accidents such as this happen on a regular basis.

Another trend for the Sauna Ladies series of spas are new female-centric services such as the 'royal flush' package which, as the title implies, is a high-end treatment designed to add a healthy flush to one's body. This service is performed by a highly trained female staff member who first instructs her totally naked client to lie face down on a flat bed so she can begin the massage by targeting her more sensitive anal region which releases a signal in her body to increase blood flow to where it matters most—between her legs. Next, instructed to now lie face up, the Japanese masseuse continues her work on her nude and now very wet client by simultaneously massaging and tweaking her hard nipples and gently fingering her very sensitive clitoris.

One of the more 'steamy' services offered is the sensual oil massage. Generally, it is performed by one masseuse sauna lady but since there are a plethora of new staff, one of the more timid girls helps out her teacher work on their naked, supine, overweight client. The massage starts innocently enough with the teacher pouring a liberal amount of oil onto the client's chest and showing the trainee the best way to massage and tweak his nipples followed by having her work the less-sensitive and thus not as difficult leg region. As the teacher is going through the motions of slowly spreading the lotion across the client's expansive midsection, the client motions to the trainee to work on his 'sore' penis which by now has poked out of the small towel that was placed over it. Unsure of what to do, she looks at the teacher for aid and her teacher tells her to carry out the client's request. Soon enough, with a slightly confused look on her face, she is massaging and pumping away at the client's now very hard cock and one pump too many leaves him cumming over her innocent hands.

The final scene—and a long one at that!--involves three cute and very outgoing stark naked Japanese girls doing their best to tease and toy with a new male employee who is given the task of giving all three of them special full body flush treatments with an anal concentration. Timid and with shaky hands, he finds difficulties even beginning the pleasurable experience involving washing each girl in the shower and even the anal flush massage gets off to a rocky start involving the teasing girls snatching the clothes right off his body leaving him as naked as they are and with all plans for the anal flush threesome dead in the water, a wicked orgy occurs instead.

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