Japanese Newhalf Soapland with Mina Subtitles

Published December 2, 2008

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

With only days left before her SRS surgery in Thailand a Japanese newhalf takes part in a soapland themed adult video production with English subtitles.

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New Half Soapland with Mina
with English Subtitles

Meet Mina, a beautiful new-half and part of the recent boom of transsexuals in a land where up until recently, the concept of a man becoming a woman was almost unheard of. While Mina is not 100% changed over yet (she still has not received SRS), she is from almost all outward appearances, a smokingly hot Japanese woman who can pass for a hostess any day of the week – in fact, that actually was her main line of work. Mina spent most nights in a hostess bar where the entire 'female' staff has a little something extra between the legs.

We see Mina practice her charms in a special new-half soapland opened recently in Tokyo as the lure of higher pay and less hours in a non-smokey environment is too much for her to pass up! From the point of view of a lucky client to this somewhat secretive establishment, we are greeted in a posh-furnished room by the skinny Mina clad in a black, silk dress similar to what she'd be wearing at her former hostess club. She presents him with the menu of available services while kneeling on the ground seiza-style (legs folded under her) and after he makes his selection, she collects it while seductively caressing his hands and smiling (he chose the most expensive package) and then she leans in for their first kiss.

Soon enough, the new couple are both stripped naked though surprisingly, Mina is the shy one who held on to her panties until the last possible moment for as soon as she had her small cock exposed, she couldn't help but to do her best to cover herself up. To little avail, her womanly curves were on display for her lucky client who predictably skipped her breasts and went right into to examine, play, and suck her tiny manhood.

We then see the couple naked in a Japanese soapland bath with a soaped up Mina rubbing her hardening cock up and down her lover's arm while he sits back and relaxes. From the soapy cleaning to a very unique sixtynine involving two sets of hard cocks, one on a stout Japanese businessman and the other on a beautiful woman of the night, everything is on the table. Eventually, we see the two lovers entwined in a naked shemale to male embrace with both lips and hard cocks in states of profound closure. It isn't long before the amazing once-in-a-lifetime stimulation sets this client off and we see him explosively jizzing all over Mina's midsection and petite penis.

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