Japanese Schoolgirls CFNM Bathing Service

Published May 24, 2011

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese men lacking social skills enjoy companionship via a unique CFNM bathing service provided by clothed schoolgirls with subtitles.

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Japanese Schoolgirls At Home Bathing Service
with English Subtitles

Japan, the land known for its many varieties of specialized services and care, has another one up its sleeve and now officially caught on tape: assisted bathing for introverted, yet otherwise able-bodied men.

Cute Japanese girls in their twenties clad in neat uniforms covered by a sheer, pink smock work in singles and in pairs (for nominal surcharge of course) giving their client a very thorough cleaning from their head all the way down to their feet not missing a single nook or cranny.

Of course, by now its painfully obvious that being totally exposed CFNM-style in front of a cute girl who is being very handsy can lead to some rather natural and unavoidable functions that are limited to the male body and thankfully, it's well understood in this special cleaning circle that 'extra care' can and should be given time permitting to help clients relax and it's given with gusto all the way to a complete, shuddering, and somewhat sticky at times, completion so the client and his little friend down south can both be fully relaxed.

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