Japanese Hot Spring Exhibitionists Subtitled

Published April 3, 2007

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Shy female Japanese amateurs step into a male bathhouse totally nude except for a towel for a game of escalating kinky bets with subtitles.

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Would You Enter a Hot Spring With Only a Towel? 2
with English Subtitles

Bathhouses or 'onsen' have been a common fixture in Japan for..forever really. If you look back into hundreds or even thousands of years of Japanese history, communal bathing has been mentioned. Even today where a massive percentage of people dwell not in traditional, large, open-aired Japanese houses in beautiful landscapes breathing in the sweet, clean country air but rather live in the massive beehive-like concrete jungles that dot the current landscape like eye-sores, communal bathing is still a common occurrence.

Although onsens are described as communal, most recently, finding a true non-segregated hot spring is a rarity outside of the boondocks and in more touristy areas, there are even onsens that require that patrons to remain bathed (!).

The Japanese, known for their gags and prank shows have upped it once again by combining the traditional with the modern by asking female volunteers hoping to win a large sum of cash, 'Would you go into the mens' section of a hot spring wearing nothing?'

As we can see, a group of shy yet determined Japanese females are up for this challenge and with a large dose of guts and glory, each one sheds all their clothing and goes into the 'wrong' section of the onsen in their birthday suits to the delight and surprises of the bathing male patrons. Some girls simply walk in via a strange crab-like saunter doing their best to cover up their private parts while being ogled and quickly sink into a foaming hot spring to hide their nudity. Others are a bit more outgoing and one even helps wash a male bather and with only with the slightest bit of shyness and modesty, covers her breasts while squatting low in an attempt to hide her asshole and vagina from wandering eyes.

Later on, we even have the luxury of seeing one of the girls walk stark naked into one of the newer bathing suit-required onsens and has every inch of her naked and exposed body washed by a clothed female bather as others watch on while she her arousal builds.

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