Indebted Wife Becomes Nude Art Model

Published September 21, 2013

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Indebted Japanese husbands in loan shark hell find financial solace through a dirty deal involving their wives becoming nude art models with subtitles.

Wife Becomes Nude Art Model While Indebted Husband Watches
Part One with English Subtitles

Japan strangely is a land that still avoids the use of credit cards...for the most part. Things are slowly but surely changing and as the older population makes its way to the retirement communities that are increasingly dotting the bucolic landscape, younger folk who have always yearned for new ways of convenience are finding both the use of the buy-now pay-later mentality a boon. Their dominance on the Japanese economic landscape has made this a reality but there still is a dark side to borrowing and quick spending not associated with a plastic card with that pesky magnetic strip: loan sharks.

As fleshed out during the Wives in Debt writeup, loan shark hell is a reality that can send the weak-hearted to an early grave. Run by those in less-than-chivalrous organizations and fronted by bubbly mascots, an armada of train advertisements, and convenient ATM-like cubicles speckled across all of Japan's major cities and hubs, instant-loans are truly a ubiquitous and downright nefarious attraction. Do not confuse these tiny kiosks for ATMs as they are anything but!

Due to the obscenely high interest rates some of these companies charge--rates that were actually clamped down by the government but remain astronomically high to the point of eyebrow-raising questionability--becoming in debt is easier than it sounds. Even the most stoic among us--the salaryman with the much-coveted lifetime employment contracts can fall from grace and find themselves in a stuffy wood-paneled room with an archaic and rarely used Macintosh in the corner collecting dust as an unkempt loan shark frontman with a serious vitamin E deficiency presents him and his tag-along wife with 'options'.

'Options' really...there aren't any actually as he so delicately explains. Either pay up now or his wife can help satisfy his oddly out-of-place hobby of rough sketching. You see, in the room next door, a group of his 'students' are assembled with sketch-boards and are irking for a new female model. The catch is that this is no demure rough sketching; rather, it's a nude art class and the wives of this downtrodden salarymen would be the best fit as the word of the day is voluptuous with bits of ENF (embarrassed naked female) thrown in.

Five (happily?) married couples go in and five distraught couples exit shortly later. The terms are clear: if the money to pay back the debt--extreme in most cases with one husband racking up over $100,000--cannot be forked over immediately, the wife can choose to take part in a nude art sketching class and the payback rate will be drastically cut--sometimes by as much as fifty percent. In fact, one couple fronted by a very curvaceous and voluptuous Japanese wife goes the extra mile by agreeing to receive money if they engage in intercourse on the front-and-center dais!

Most wives timidly enter the art studio located conveniently next door to the loan shark office and are instructed to strip naked right away. What follows is a prime example of the ENF and OON (only one naked) genres of an embarrassed woman--a married milf in this case--stripping stark naked while a group of impatient number-two pencil-wielding artists-in-training prepare to sketch classic, rubenesque beauty in its most unsullied state.

Finally, standing naked as a jaybird, poses are made and suggested. They start simple such as 'thrust your chest out with your hands behind your head' but quickly descend into the lascivious with suggestions such as 'get on all fours with your legs parted and butt outward while using an idle hand to cup a breast and tweak a nipple. To further aid in the embarrassment, sex toys such as a realistic flesh-colored dildo and even a remote control vibrator come into play.

One extra unfortunate indebted wife who had the sour luck of being the only nude model selected for the special outdoors painting session finds herself engaging in a salacious sixtynine with the loan shark frontman while her crestfallen husband in an ill-fitting suit watches in shock. The sixtynine segues predictably into lewd intercourse from some very revealing angles that the husband has a front seat to view. The loan shark frontman even has the audacity to ask the husband to comment on how deep he is inside of her and even to suggest positions (!). All the while the sketch-class students are hard-at-work fleshing out scenes of pure lust presented before them.

Wife Becomes a Nude Art Model While Her Indebted Husband Watches can be seen as a spiritual successor to the wildly popular and quite nefarious Wives in Debt. The concept of loan sharks and the vile things they do when their sorry clients lack the financial fortitude comes front and center once again. This time, instead of an extended bathhouse sex tour, it's a bizarre art class capitalizing on the strangely out-of-place hobby of the ogrish loan shark frontman. The key themes here are ENF and CMNF along with viciously mixing the most polar of human emotions: grief and lust. Imagine what's going through the mind of a husband as he's instructed by the loan shark officer to eat out his wife while she's positioned in a stark naked lewd kowtow or the husband whom as mentioned earlier, watches in shock as the same officer strips naked and has sex with his embarrassed wife.

Although the main concept of doing something embarrassing--incredibly embarrassing in this production--can be understood to some extent via visual aids, the addition of English subtitles fully fleshes out each of the couple's tales of woe. We get to know more about their woeful states and the loan shark officer's multitudinous jests and commands become much more real. This is surely not a production to miss.

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Wife Becomes Nude Art Model While Indebted Husband Watches
Part Two with English Subtitles

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