Subtitled Japanese Trivia Game

Published September 12, 2006

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A subtitled trivia game combining kinky striptease and sexual penalty games starring real Japanese amateurs.

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For the Japanese, the four years one spends in college is considered to be the freest, most liberal and independent time of one's life. The stress from high school and it's required clubs along with the hours upon hours of study time for university entrance exams are complete and now the stress is finally gone from the lives of these young adults.

Just like college in western countries, there are a plethora of non-required classes available for students to take to 'enhance' their minds and also give them a few extra credits to put them on the fast track to a quick graduation before 'interview hell' begins for the next long and very brutal stage on their lives.

One of the more unique classes being offered is called 'Human Sexuality' and being the first time it's offered, even outgoing Japanese students are a bit nervous about enrolling in the class before their friends do thus the class only sees 5 students for its freshmen term. Fortunately the five students consist of 3 cute college girls and 2 guys thus making a nice combination for what will happen next.

The class as it was written in the syllabus that no one actually reads is 'very hands on' and will require students to be in various states of nudity and sexual arousal at almost all times. As we can see, from the first lesson onward, things get raunchy in no time as the teacher has one of the male students strip nude and then calls on one of the female students to get on all fours in front of his hardening cock and begin pumping away as her friends look on in shock and then awe as she works her hand with gusto quickly causing her classmate to erupt jizz on her waiting face.

The opposite also happens as well with a female Japanese student 'volunteer' getting on all fours with her bare ass on display for her four class mates as each take turns inserting their fingers and various sex toys into and out of her wet vagina and asshole all for the sake of a good grade. The fun continues during the same lesson as the by-now incredibly horny classmate is tasked with removing the rest of her clothing leaving her bare-ass naked in front of everyone while one of the male classmates strips as well and begins some of the common combinations of male and female foreplay such as sixtynine'ing in front of horny student onlookers.

By the end of the term, everyone has had sex with everyone else in nearly every position possible and new friends and buddies with benefits from life are formed. Now with the immense positive word of mouth spreading, next term this class will surely draw a larger attendance of curious Japanese students.

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