Japanese Public Nudity

Published February 7, 2006

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

A visual smorgasbord of increasingly audacious Japanese public nudity pranks with full English subtitles.

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Outdoor Play DX ~ Roshutsu
with English Subtitles

The English way to say "roshutsu" is nude outdoors. This movie is a compilation of seven women who love to expose themselves in public: Sonan, Yui Kayama, Sayaka Hagiwara, Mai Tsukisaki, Sakura Nagai, Yuri Watanabe, and Kaori Minami. Watch as they walk through parks, visits areas off the worn trail at famous tourist locations, go to the beach, relax in the backs of cars, and much more.

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Downtown Chaku Ero
with English Subtitles

The up and coming adult video star Nana Misaki entertains us in this very erotic movie. The theme is public exhibition where Nana is set to do a variety of stunts pushing her limits of embarrassment. She's tested with how much she is willing to let the public see while innocent pedestrians pass by her. Liquid is inserted in to her via enema and then she is made to walk around on the streets and see how long she can last before she let's it all go. Nana also performs oral sex in a hidden corner of a street in Tokyo in broad day light. The craziest stunt by far is riding on a dildo-equipped wheelchair through the very crowded streets of Harajuku.

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