Together With My Friends First Half

Published May 8, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

A trio of eager friends gathers at a barebones lounge room at a ryokan to play a Japanese take on truth or dare leading to you-know-what.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

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It remains questionable how often those in real life in Japan end up playing wild bouts of King's Game that lead to everyone having sex together. On a whim, it's probably pretty rare and most likely happens more than JAV than anywhere else. This goes double if we've three cute and young friends with a pair of guys who seem to be at least two decades their seniors. Somehow though the dares do end in wild group sex and nobody brought rubbers.

TOGETHER WITH MY FRIENDS, not to be confused with TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND is for DREAMROOM at least, a very unique movie. Starring not one nor two, but three actresses, we get something that pushes into orgy territory (really, when can one safely use that word? Ten participants with at least four being women?). The three seemingly are on a hot springs trip but are otherwise sitting around a barebones table in a relatively empty room that looks closer to a stripped office for rent than the private lounge at any ryokan. But hey, JAV is JAV and budgets are a thing so one cannot complain much.

One actress we've seen before and most likely in traditional 'get the most out of a shoot fashion' was in more than one title shot at the same time (the same for her curvier and also her lithe friends who may appear again in future updates). TOGETHER WITH MY FRIENDS runs longer and was originally split into two parts hence our reason for breaking it up. It's still a pretty simple release that is short on initial buildup and heavy on dares that predictably all sexually-themed. It makes sense though because if you're playing King's Game with a cute girl, do you really want to dare her to write your name in beautiful calligraphy or spread her butt so you can count the wrinkles around her anus? One obviously has more long-term potential.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 560

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Can't go wrong with casting three women in one movie!

+Light game theme with a group sex finale but fun along the way.

+Real creampie finishes.


-Filming location feels more like an office than a ryokan.

-Lighting was harsh and did no one any favors.

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