Together With My Friend First Half

Published July 12, 2023

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The best way to debut in JAV is to do it alongside an experienced friend who will show you the ropes and also have sex with you.

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Together With My Friend First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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It should come as no surprise that as outgoing as one may be, appearing in one's first JAV movie can still be a trying experience.  Unlike going wild in 'camera-less' settings, this time whatever you do is captured and will most likely be shown far and wide.  Once upon a time, it was an if you would be caught by family and friends, but now in the age of the internet, if has become when.  Still, we are fortunate that so many women don't mind those risks and are all for appearing because the pay is (still) legendary and for some, it is an excellent way to express one's true self.  Of course, going back to jitters, if you have the option to debut alongside a friend with a little more experience, why not?

Debuts can be vanilla.  They can be dull.  Boring, dreary even.  Even the greatest JAV stars did not begin that way.  Imagine if they had an experienced friend to support them during that first shoot and imagine if that first shoot goes well beyond the norm.  That's what we get to some extent in TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND, a DREAMROOM movie that in its second half reminds me a lot of a MOBSTERS movie.  We've two Japanese women--one whom has had a pretty extensive career by the time this was shot and a friend who has had anything but (and surprisingly, this seems like the real deal because MISAKI MOMOTA has essentially done nothing else!).  Two friends, two eager real life friends.  And later:  two actors (the first half features one and an off-camera director).  The stakes are high.  The name of the game early on is a cute naked double blowjob though condoms and pulling out are quickly forgotten when both couples take us on a grand tour of a relatively small apartment possibly somewhere near the heart of Tokyo.

SHIORI MOMOTA--yes, the same last name and trust me, it's coincidental--may be the looker of the two, but if you love pubic hair that never ends, MISAKI is where it's at.  She may be the hairiest Japanese woman we've ever shown on this site.  TSUBAKI KATOU and REIKA HASHIMOTO both may be packing, but MISAKI has so much it may make her panties bulge as if she really was packing extra equipment down there!

TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND is simple and well-executed.  The pairing is great.  The situation is grounded in reality.  It's an inoffensive JAV movie that sets out and accomplishes its goal.  It's one I recommend for any fan of amateurs, extraordinarily hairy women, real friends, and authentic nakadashi.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 385

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic casting.  Could be the real deal!
+Excellent group sex from start to finish.
+Pubic hair fans take note!
+Real creampies.


-Shower portions a bit too dark.

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