My Winter AV Star Resolution

Published December 13, 2017

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Yuu Shiraishi says she wants to be a JAV star and is more than happy to show off her commitment in this amateur uncensored release by DREAMROOM.

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My Winter AV Star Resolution
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“Fans of big breasts can rejoice!  Today we introduce Ruriko-chan (Yuu Shiraishi)!  Her measurements are 88-60-84 (cm) and she’s a certified E-Cup.  Her dream...if you can believe to become an AV star!  Shall we see if she’s up to the challenge?

I do have to admit she came dressed for the part with impressive cleavage on full display with equally revealing Hot Pants barely hiding any of her pantyhose-free legs.  She’s soft and flexible in the best of places and has bedroom passions akin to an active volcano.

We started off easy with her putting on a masturbation show, but my eyes remained glued to her very impressive breasts.  Either way, she kept at it and became soaked through and through wanting more...from me!

My fingers were given the invitation to explore between her legs and I tell you—it was like Ascending to Nirvana!  Totally worth it!  I was entranced!  Soon fingers were gleefully replaced with my mouth and I swear I saw deities smiling down upon me!

Ruriko-chan’s extremely sensitive and I’m all too happy to make her feel just right where it counts most.  Thankfully this encounter went both ways and she eagerly reciprocated with her mouth and more.  Soon enough we were both naked and she was performing sumata on me, but you know how ‘accidents’ happen with such a risky position!

Of course I’m referring to ‘accidents’ that oftentimes result in ‘oops’ insertions and pulling out when it’s way too late to make a difference!”

-Translated and touched up blurb from this update.

It's pretty obvious that YUU SHIRAISHI in MY WINTER AV STAR RESOLUTION is no amateur.  Even before working on this title--even before translating that blurb above!--I could tell she had 'experience'.  She just gives off the vibe, you know?  Perhaps the way she was smiling or maybe it was just how nonchalant she was about stripping, but if she didn't do JAV before this 'nanpa' release by DREAMROOM, she definitely has spent some time working in Japan's Water Trade.

This by itself is not a bad thing!  Of course if you really do prefer to see amateur Japanese women acting embarrassed, you may leave this update slightly crestfallen.  YUU SHIRAISHI--when she was active--certainly was not an A-rank actress, but she did star in a quite a few titles and today's was not her first.

MY WINTER AV STAR RESOLUTION reminds me a lot of another title from the same series we released some time ago.  Both take place entirely in love hotels and both feature Japanese women who really want to enter the 'entertainment' industry.  Heck, I think the same actor/director may have filmed both!

Production-wise, don't go in expecting absolute beauty.  The lighting was fine, but being one of 'those' uncensored releases, expect way too many close-ups of you-know-where.  Early on I counted a portion where the camera remained zoomed in for almost 3 straight this really necessary?!  Call me old-fashioned, but seeing the body of an erotically stimulated woman is considerably more arousing than zooming in so close to her ladybits that all you see is a see of frills and pink.  It almost reminded me of one of those documentaries that explore some of the stranger oddities of our coral reefs.

I will give the director credit for even finding someone as striking as YUU SHIRAISHI to take part.  She definitely is a woman with above-average looks and knows how to flaunt it.  Her mannerisms are great and she orgasmed so many times I honestly lost count.  Probably close to a dozen compared to the director's paltry one (though his ended with nakadashi!).

YUU expressed desire to do AV during this release and for a short while it was granted.  I'm going to err on the side of caution and assume her performance here did not help nor hurt her career, but rather was just one of the many titles she starred in before retiring for good a few years later.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 241

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