Magic Mirror Destitute Former Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends Back First Half

Published April 21, 2023

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While this probably will not work in real life, desperate boyfriends befriend JAV maker Sadistic Village for an ideal solution to their girlfriend woes.

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Magic Mirror Destitute Former Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends Back First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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If the last six months or so had a buzzword it would be "AI".  And yes, we're starting this review talking about technology not the movie itself, but trust me, it will all tie in.  For starters, everyone's favorite in vogue AI-assisted text creator has not been employed for this review or any.  When writing reviews for ZENRA, I prefer to be as old school as stylishly possible and use a wonderful bare-bones piece of software called Writemonkey.  No grammar checker, spell checker semi-functional at best, and visually simple.  Let nature take its course for a review that's either natural as a northern Maine town full of vampires or random bursts of thought that may coalesce into something partially readable.  It really is a crap-shoot.

What's picking up steam now on some forums at least is the possibility of combining various methods from AI chat bots to cloud-based software to craft total AI-generated subtitles for JAV.  As the operator of a site that is based around professional subtitlers, should I be worried?  Honestly, not really.  While some movies may seem like a shoe-in for auto-generated subtitles, a lot of what we show here including today's gargantuan update--and hence the reason why this review is beginning on such a tangent--would fail and fail hard without constant human intervention in the creation progress.  The how and why perhaps will be reserved for a considerably longer blog post and now onto the review!

Look, we've all been dumped.  It hurts and very often if we felt we were super lucky to begin with, it can REALLY hurt.  Women with good looks have in a way 'one less thing' to worry about since the approaching certainly will be done by those interested in them, not the other way around (and of course, that 'one less thing' is balanced by other issues that we as men should feel lucky we don't need to worry about!).  Still, some guys in these situations really want to find a way to get back together.  Just the thought of their former girlfriends holding hands, kissing, or happily sucking on the erection of a boyfriend or a pair of sex friends while joking about your lack of size is enough to drive one mad!  (not based on personal experience I promise!)

SADISTIC VILLAGE has taken this theme and somehow combined it with filming in the infamous MAGIC MIRROR studio.  Five unique scenarios are concocted in this massive almost, but not quite, four hour release.  Massive in plot, in scope, and as noted above, in captions.  A beast except in looks, but fun from start to finish.  While each scene thankfully does not rehash the same exact plot, they all remain pretty unbelievable, but that's JAV for you.

With the scenes both so similar and varied enough, it actually is truthful of me to note there is something for most everyone.  What's more, seeing AI MINANO in TWO Magic Mirror movies by the studio shot at the same time playing two different girlfriends was a bit odd.  It reminded me how NATSUKO MISHIMA has been cast as one too many MILFs to count in NON movies shot around the same time.  Nevertheless, her burikko is top-class and I think it was wise for SADISTIC VILLAGE to conclude with her scene.  It also was the most sentimental and I'm sure some of our subscribers will be stroking through tears of joy.  As for me, spending two solid weeks timing and translating is enough, but given the popularity of this series and our ability to easily license them, we should have another for your viewing benefit right around the corner.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2637

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique theme that surprisingly does not get old in spite of five big scenes.
+While all younger, casting is still pretty diverse.
+Big happy group title done right.


-Boyfriend 'reveal' almost too long in waiting for all scenes.

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