Stark Naked Buddhist Monk Bootcamp

Published April 22, 2024

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One of the weirdest JAV movies of the modern era combining a love of Buddhism with a type of always naked perversion only ROCKET can muster.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

This surely isn't the first time we're kicking off a review for a ROCKET movie praising them for 'going back to their roots' and also surely won't be the last. Before diving into the absolute bonkers-tier production that is this update, allow us to note how once or twice a year, everyone's favorite weird yet still slightly mainstream JAV studio dedicates a month or two of releases for movies with ideas crafted by real fans. Yes, for those of you who have the 'coolest Japanese porn idea', ROCKET really does listen and if the ideas are feasible, somewhat thought out, and most important, will lead to people buying the movie aside from the user who sent it in, they may shoot them! Today's update was released during one of these unique 'fan request' months and good golly is it something special.

Japan, as some may know, has very dedicated otaku. No, not just anime, but 'extreme fans' of most anything. While originally penned by a rabbi, the quote can be paraphrased and also apply here: "the Japanese--and in this case, otaku--are like everyone else, but even more so." Even nowadays, periodic magazines on especially obscure passions are still a thing. Train fan? Easy. Camera? C'mon, probably three magazines alone at your nearest konbini. Telescopes? Yes! Tea ceremony? Surprisingly...yes! Buddhist appreciation? There's a JAV for that.

STARK NAKED BUDDHIST MONK BOOTCAMP is the dream of someone who loves Japanese Buddhism yet also has extremely peculiar sexual tastes. Possibly a real monk? It's hard to imagine a normie coming up with something as intricate as this and even for ROCKET, this one came as a surprise. It is not absolutely unique as fans of their older works may recall a decent amount of movies less about sex and more about JAV stars saying the most perverted things (for example, see our library and cafe updates by them). This concept was mixed with a wee amount of lesbianism, tons of nonstop nudity of a CFNF and briefly CMNF fashion, and a surprising amount of laugh out loud moments.

The theme is simple and is more than just weirdness: as a way to push equality to the forefront, Japanese women need to come out of their shells. Being coy, demure, and shy are no good in the modern era! A method has been created combining tenets of traditional religious ceremony and nonstop nudity. After all, as our teacher notes in so many words: "What's shameful about nudity? You were born that way after all!"

STARK NAKED BUDDHIST MONK BOOTCAMP features a trio of ZENRA newcomers who all nail their roles. Some may not be familiar with NATSUKI YOKOYAMA, SAE FUJIKI, and the younger KANAKO SONODA. While ROCKET sometimes gets well known names, their especially zanier titles even when not requiring explicit sex may be seen as an 'image down' for some performers. Even if the money was as good as it gets and she was freelance, it would be hard to imagine someone like SAIKA KAWAKITA appearing in a movie like this. Nevertheless, STARK NAKED BUDDHIST BOOTCAMP is a picture-perfect example about how weird JAV can get, not the names appearing in it. Beyond that, movies like this are ones that require full Japanese comprehension or proper subtitling to fully appreciate the insanity that occurs over it's 145 minute run-time. There's unique and then there's...

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1322

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+Most likely our most unusual update of the year.

+Nonstop nudity fans, this one's for you!

+Religion + adult video, never a good combo until now.

+Surprisingly funny. Dialog is on point!


-None of the three performers are well-known.

-Lesbian sex only happens in one scene.

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