Minami Akikawa - Revealing No Makeup Face Gyaru

Published March 27, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Welcoming back an adorable Japanese gyaru with insane curves who somehow looks even cuter without any makeup on.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

Welcome back to third and hopefully not final movie starring MINAMI AKIKAWA, an adorable and unabashedly gyaru actress who had a short, but rapid fire career admittedly quite awhile ago. Fans with even dull eyes may be able to tell that she looks identical in her first update with us in 2016, the next in 2022, and today's two years later. Yes, yes, these were most likely filmed within weeks of each other if not sooner, but don't let that bring you down for this one has a very unique theme that we're huge fans of: no makeup face!

The final frontier for most performers is not anal, not lesbian (?), and not real creampies. Not even karaoke, but going sans makeup in front of the camera. It's hard to imagine but yes, while many even in no mosaic releases may be fine with showing their most private parts off to the world with a camera up close and personal, going without foundation may be a bridge too far. Previous updates in this series have all featured cute actresses though the biggest issue was the performances which seemed lacking at times. Here, not only is MINAMI a total babe with and without concealer (really, even without anything on, her natural face is adorable and one wonders why she even bothers wearing any makeup), but the performance is top-notch. Not self-shot and with a cameraman who knows what he's doing, we get all the angles we could ever want, no weird close-ups, and slick editing to boot which is surprising because at 68 minutes, for an amateur DREAMROOM movie, it still runs kind of long.

Although odd to write, the one time you'd think the trademark real creampie would be put aside for a facial, it would be in a movie about not wearing makeup, but as is tradition, the ending of this one is as real as it gets. We conclude with MINAMI AKIKAWA getting dressed, but just before leaving the hotel room, she shows that she has came prepared: big sunglasses and surely after stepping outside a medical mask to boot. Going outside without makeup requires extreme precaution when you're the hottest gyaru in town.

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+Actress with AND without makeup is super pretty.

+Actress also has a dynamite body.

+Rare no makeup production.

+Real creampie finish.


-None really. This one delivers.