Rei Yuuki - Naked at the Front Door - Sexy Lingerie Edition

Published September 27, 2023

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Where we answer the age old question: can an older Japanese woman tempt a younger man with surprise nudity leading to impromptu audacious sex?

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Rei Yuuki - Naked at the Front Door - Sexy Lingerie Edition

Timing and Translation by JM84

Western adult video has the naked pizza prank where a woman answers the door naked when ordering a pie and seeing if that's what it takes to seduce the lucky high school senior. Japanese pranks...well, if you've seen a variety show or two can get a bit extreme. JAV, always one to play it safer, may still involve these risky activities, but focus more on the sex itself rather than elaborate setup doomed to failure and/or barrel laughs. Today, we return to one such scenario we last showed last year about an attractive older woman answering the door nearly naked for a stranger and seeing where things lead. Spoiler: sex.

REI YUUKI NAKED AT THE FRONT DOOR SEXY LINGERIE EDITION is an oxymoron in ways. No, she isn't stark naked at the door. The last time it was in a revealing leotard and this time sheer lingerie. In some ways, as much we love stark nudity being our site's namesake and all, having the slightest smidgen of plausible deniability makes the encounter all the more titillating. Lingerie over nudity, leotard up to the naval to temper curiosity. You get the idea.

The flow of this DREAMROOM quickie follows the previous and with honesty at the forefront, REI YUUKI isn't exactly my type of woman. Yours, perhaps? Beauty is in the eye the beholder, but one thing we can all agree upon is if the movie is sans mosaic using rubbers is a major minus. It becomes double-plus bad when a condom is used and not even addressed; one moment succulent foreplay, the next, "where'd that condom come from?!" and insertion begins! That this studio is known for raw romance and we're dealing with an actress who being over 40 probably does not have to worry about an accidental pregnancy makes seeing that ill-timed rubber somewhat of a buzzkill. The theme is still enjoyable and the sex pretty darn passionate, but a barrier between safety first and going all out may be a bit too thick for everyone's tastes.

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+Very nice mild prank theme JAV.
+For fans of slightly older, embarrassed women.


-Condom comes out of nowhere and is very out of place to boot.