Chihiro Takes off Clothing and Makeup

Published September 13, 2023

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A rare example of being even cuter when makeup is off! Behold an all natural Japanese amateur who nails girl next door from head to toe (unshaved too!).

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Chihiro Takes off Clothing and Makeup

Timing and Translation by JM84

While most may associate "the final frontier" in JAV with anal sex or even double penetration, more commonly, it's something significantly easier to pull off: simply performing without any makeup on. OK, perhaps the "final" final frontier could be along the lines of DP with no makeup, but keeping one foot planted in reality, let's just focus on the no makeup plus sex aspect. DREAMROOM for awhile has pushed out many a title with this theme with today's being another entry though is it a worthy follow-up or does it fall flat?

It's complicated.

On one hand, CHIHIRO (no last name given) of CHIHIRO TAKES OFF CLOTHING AND MAKEUP is super, super cute. Really, she is totally my type and surely the same can be said for many of our fans. Tawny hair, girl next door visage with smooth skin, and totally unshaved where it counts most. On paper at least, she is a slam dunk. In fact, early on in this movie she's great. The dialog flows and we get to learn a little bit about her before sexy times begin. I'd of loved to see more and just ogle at her, but with 65 minutes of run-time, time is indeed of the essence.

Limited time and a lot to do. You've an interview followed by the title's namesake of washing off makeup. This is followed by showering including a quick blowjob and then the real play in bed. On paper, it sounds standard fare and I really wish it flowed like one. Sadly, the biggest flaw of today's update is in spite of it running as long as most any other movie in this series, even calling the sex shoehorned would be an insult to good sneakers and actual shoehorns anywhere because sex itself lasts for a grand total of five (5) minutes in two (2) positions with a quick facial conclusion. Facials I can't knock off points for because while creampies are the norm for this studio, it makes sense to finish higher up given this series' theme. Sadly, whether it's the actor's fault or the actress, we get something closer to a dead fish scenario in slow motion here. Talking is fun and fierce early on, but near mute after. An actor's duty is to liven up the scene and finish when it's time and perhaps he nailed the last part with gusto, but this was a very muted production that desperately needed a fun injection.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Super cute actress.  I wish I was her English teacher.
+Looks just as pretty with makeup off.  She has nothing to worry about!
+Natural between the legs.  No razors venture there.


-Pacing issues.  Big, big pacing issues.
-Extremely quiet after initial interview.
-Sex itself lasts five minutes.

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