Mio Arisaka - Brazenly Exposing an Unfaithful Wife

Published February 7, 2024

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Beautiful with an innocent visage yet kinky to points rarely seen best describes this Japanese housewife who take a naked car ride around town before raw sex.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

What a weird week at ZENRA! And by 'weird', I do mean in a good way. And yes, if you're only reading this review well after this movie was published, our apologies for being somewhat out of the loop. Allow me to explain: if there ever was a week of updates that truly ran the gamut across ages and body-types, this may be at the top. We began with an insanely voluptuous hotwife update leading into today's update, an especially lithe and very pretty unfaithful Japanese wife before we age ourselves down slightly for the first half of a massive amateur bukkake variety release via PETERS. Thus yes, be it hyper-reality (Monday), outdoor exposure (today), or amateur reality with a twist (Friday and by extension, Monday), the kitchen sink at ZENRA has been delivered.

MIO ARISAKA is one of those enigma JAV stars. The closest can be CHIHIRO HASEGAWA. Not only do they have similar looks in the face and body, but both debuted around the same time (with MIO hanging around some years longer) and in spite of their supernal looks opted mainly to appear in extremely hardcore titles. As crazy as it may sound, this sans mosaic via DREAMROOM featuring some good 'ol fashioned public nudity by means of riding around in a car through busy streets while wearing only a smile is one of her tamer releases. Sometimes the most innocent, beautiful Japanese women when appearing in JAV want to defy all norms about their looks and go all out. We for one can salute this choice, but for vanilla movies on a monthly schedule would be a disservice to MIO's looks and abilities.

BRAZENLY EXPOSING AN UNFAITHFUL WIFE is true to its title. This movie, in fact, is exactly about taking an unfaithful, outgoing wife and exposing her. While no bystanders were involved, this remains a great example of public nudity JAV going the limit. Each of the three scenes plays on this and unlike other slight misfires that may begin with public exposure but conclude in safe quarters, we get a movie that nails the outdoor/exposure vibe from start to finish. The director, sticking to smart choices, concludes the naked car ride scene by immediately transitioning to a high rise hotel room with a view complete with MIO entering the scene still in her birthday suit; given the theme of the movie, this among many other aspects was a nice touch and an excellent way to lead into the raw coitus (with real nakadashi!) that concludes the affair. Unless you absolutely need voluptuous performers in your JAV, this is one movie well worth your time.

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+Actress is a babe through and through.

+CHIHIRO HASEGAWA's doppelganger.

+Great outdoor exposure from start to finish.

+Real creampie finish.


-None unless you absolutely require bigger women.

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