The Beauty in Hot Pants Goes for a Walk

Published December 13, 2023

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Gorgeous beyond believe and taking a stroll throughout Tokyo wearing the most revealing pants on earth before retiring for real deal nakadashi.

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The Beauty in Hot Pants Goes for a Walk

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Just the other month, I noted how RANKO YOKOFUSA has for the longest time been my 'white whale' of JAV. Fortunately, in spite of only having a very short career by most any standard, we have the opportunity to show at least two of her 'underground' releases. Talk about having an extremely well put together face and a hair style that matches it so well I've very little doubt her stylist asked--begged, even!--to use her as a model in one of their catalogs. She just looks that good!

Like the previous update, today's also via DREAMROOM incorporates light elements of outdoor exposure. As the name implies, THE BEAUTY IN HOT PANTS GOES FOR A WALK involves...well, a beauty wearing very short and revealing hot pants going get it. Intuition says these two movies were shot back-to-back on the same day. Then we had the full sun blaring down for sweaty car sex. Now we've the twilight hours only enhancing RANKO's natural good looks before things get too dark (literally!) leading to her and her lucky partner retiring to an apartment somewhere for extra passionate and very real creampie sex.

RANKO remains on the quiet side. Her natural character? Or perhaps stage fright? After all, what we get here may be her first ever foray in JAV filming. No matter how wild one may be in private, with a camera recording near everything, clamming up is very believable. It also may be why those who think they have what it takes to be a JAV actor may fall flat when actually on set and are unable to stiffen up where it counts most!

THE BEAUTY IN HOT PANTS is in a way a mirror image of SWIMSUIT, her previous outing. The public portion this time is better; that swimsuit honestly did not really suit her whereas she has a body made for hot pants. It's also way more realistic to see an attractive woman in Tokyo wearing that. Conversely, the sex is better in SWIMSUIT. Car sex normally is tough to capture and harder to perform, but they did a great job (see why in the review for that update). Something about retiring to a relatively nondescript apartment after all that hot pants exposure felt like a cop-out. There had to have been a better way to finish off this release...maybe stairwell sex? Either way, RANKO is as easy on the eyes as an actress can get. Even a bad movie by her--which this one is not!--is a blessing.

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+Drop dead gorgeous actress from head to toe.

+Great outdoor exposure in a potential dying genre.

+Real creampie sex conclusion.


-Ranko remains almost too quiet.

-Apartment sex felt shoehorned.