Kotone Miyamae - Acrobatic Sex Recital at Home

Published December 28, 2022

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Thin, lithe, highly flexible, and eager to put herself in the most abnormal positions to make this JAV movie truly memorable.

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Kotone Miyamae - Acrobatic Sex Recital at Home
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Anytime we've the ability to show an uncensored JAV movie that does its thing outside the box, we jump.  Even knowing most of the time, we're going to get something with a lesser-known name (or in most situations, amateurs being paraded as big names) and a lower budget, but take these not as complaints, but praises.  Why?  Because it means the cards are stacked against them and with fans being pickier and pickier as we truly enter into a Golden Age of this type of content thanks to the rise of so many platforms, larger studios still need to ensure what they turn out remains at the top.

Compared to that insane CONTORTIONIST SEX RECITAL release  that went online almost exactly a year ago, what we get in ACROBATIC SEX RECITAL AT HOME starring KOTONE MIYAMAE, an unknown who did mostly uncensored releases plus one professional lesbian movie as well, is honestly not as good.  This isn't an epic event featuring SHIMIKEN and that other guy going at it with two really beautiful JAV stars (OK, looks-wise, KOTONE is definitely up there and I'll take that to my grave).  This is more of seeing that down-key guy who appeared in many MOBSTERS movies suddenly sauntering into a DREAMROOM release to go at it with an extra flexible actress.

The positions don't hold a candle to that update from last year which probably took what was in the Kamasutra and JAV-afied it, but they're still pretty novel.  Certainly far and away not the types of angles older couples would try and doing something like this on a first date would probably make it a last date unless your girlfriend was REALLY kinky (and if so, luck is smiling upon you!).  The biggest plus is of course the lack of a rubber and the real creampie finish.  We may get something more down to earth, but it's still thinking out of the box.  ACROBATIC SEX RECITAL AT HOME may not be a record-setting JAV movie, but it certainly is an enjoyable one.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 96

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Overall Satisfaction


+Actress is really cute and the possessor of a GREAT body (though she seems the type to deny it).
+Not your everyday sex positions.
+Real creampie finish.


-A very quiet movie all things considered.
-Not as good as the contortionist update from a year ago.

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