Mariko Oishi - We Transform Frumpy Wife into Voluptuous JAV Star

Published January 31, 2024

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We take a plain Japanese wife in every sense of the word and transform her into a glamorous (and busty!) JAV star eager to make her debut a breakthrough.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Points for sure in the court of DREAMROOM as they show once again you can film some novel scenarios even if going all out with a fat wallet is not feasible. Really, because if there's one theme that's both unique and hard to shoot as while it may surprise some, actresses who may be down for various extreme acts from facials to anal and even DP may scoff at a role that requires them to go...without makeup! The final frontier, a theme this underground studio has done several times in the past but today's update may be the first and possibly only time the process was done in reverse!

MARIKO OISHI, a rather unknown actress who filmed not too much (as once you cross 40, sadly, it becomes more and more difficult to find consistent work in JAV) agreed to play the role of a Plain Jane in WE TRANSFORM FRUMPY WIFE INTO VOLUPTUOUS JAV STAR. The title nails what happens here and for fans of "ugly ducklings" becoming beautiful swans, look no further. As hard it is to find actresses willing to go sans makeup, it probably is twice as hard to find any eager to play a role that for part of it has them both without makeup and purposely playing an average-looking woman. DREAMROOM did strike gold here and the movie delivers.

Running almost 90 minutes, an epic by their standards, we get a release that's slower but features great pacing including ample time to see MARIKO under go such a glorious transformation. The makeup artist was smart to initially only do one side of her face giving her and us the opportunity to see a living before and after. Your call whether you like the OG version or the dolled up version more. Admittedly, the makeup is a bit heavy and reminds me of that nice girl from Shaolin Soccer. Sure, she had bad acne, but she may have went a wee bit overboard with the foundation and shoulder pads.

I'm not sure why, but the director opted to hide the studio/bedroom with blue sheeting. This is on one hand an odd choice for a background, but it actually helped a lot with the lighting and gave the movie more of a variety feel. As we have seen in many a Magic Mirror update, there's just something about blue clouds background or innocent out of place wallpaper in a van that somehow makes the movies feel more authentic. It's hard to put one's finger on it, but it's there.

MARIKO OISHI may not be the best in bed--a weakness that becomes apparent as FRUMPY WIFE runs to the finish line--but any a breast man can nod in approval to what she brings. Pushing dead fish to the max, but with enough bouncing to ignore the lack of a vivacious spirit, we still get good romance to even out the movie. Perhaps it really has been years since she last engaged in the act with her husband and is still rusty behind that beautifully crafted visage.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique before/after theme I'd love to see more of.

+Actress feels extremely authentic.

+Yes, a real creampie finish!


-Definitely not the best sex performer.

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