Ninth Month Nakadashi Gyaru Edition

Published December 27, 2023

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Filmed literally days before her delivery date, Maria is by far the most pregnant performer ever to appear in JAV.

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Ninth Month Nakadashi Gyaru Edition

Timing and Translation by JM84

Good ideas often run in three's and NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI surely is no different. Technically four if we count the OG one by GUTS from back in the day, the three from DREAMROOM at least should be seen as their own unique outing. Going into this with cards out and open, the first had a cute actress but weird filming choices, the second had an insanely cute actress and pretty much was perfect, and the third from today? Surely the most unique performer.

NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI GYARU EDITION stars NACCHAN--OK, actually her name is billed as MARIA but gives off the Yankee vibe. Definitely looks the part of the in between marriages gyaru who drives an unnecessarily tricked out kei car and once or twice a week eats out with her ever increasing brood at the nearest Family Restaurant. If you ever lived in the Japanese suburbs, you know the type. Her current boyfriend probably is named Shizuo, Kenzo, or some random name with the 男 prefix as bozozoku are wont to do.

MARIA by far is the most pregnant of the three in this series. NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI may be the name we give these movies, but good golly, she looks days out from delivery. It goes almost without saying today's update is very niche though from what we have seen in the past, subscribers do indeed have a thing for pregnant Japanese women. Given their population issues, these should be seen as rarities. And given their rarity in JAV, each one who decides to perform is a blessing.

That she packs such a full belly almost makes it surprising how many positions Computer Sonoda was actually able to perform with her was. It may not have the type of wild coitus we have seen in more vanilla JAV outings, but it was still quite surprising. MARIA surely is not for everyone. One can almost consider the final form of gyaru. One can almost think she is more of a mix, but if you've lived in the lovely treeless Japanese suburbs of Tsuruhashi, she's a very common sight.

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+Rare pregnant JAV...or in this case super pregnant JAV.

+Real raw sex with creampie.


-Definitely the possessor of a non-standard look.

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