Ninth Month Nakadashi with Perfect Pubic Hair Amateur

Published October 26, 2022

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

A full belly matched by enhanced curves and pubic hair that may have never been trimmed. Down for a real creampie before delivery day.

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Ninth Month Nakadashi with Perfect Pubic Hair Amateur
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

If our search is working correctly (and let's hope it is!), while we've had a few lactation movies in the past, we've only had one featuring an actual visibly pregnant actress.  Today that changes.  Now we have two!  And without lifting the curtain too much of our back-end licensing, it may be safe to say today's update will not be a one-off and while Mami-san (no last name given) may not be returning, we've other full-bellied amateurs like her willing to show that unusual body types can be even more popular than the norm.

A confession:  NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI WITH PERFECT PUBIC HAIR AMATEUR contains the slightest of lies.  The actress is actually only eight months pregnant and if we're doing Japanese counting where birth happens in month ten rather than nine as in the west, she's only "seven months pregnant".  Either way, she has the belly, she has the dark nipples, and good golly does she have the expansive pubic hair!  If my scientific research is right, shedding, not growing more hair is what sometimes happens when one is pregnant thus her glorious pubic thatch may be less due to hormones and the like and more of just finding it to cumbersome to landscape given the increased difficulties that come with bending down (or like some, she may just has never been into shaving).

Both today's update and that one from the other year are quite amateur in who they star and how they are filmed.  These are not glorious high-budget JAV productions making use of cutting-edge cameras, famous actors, grandiose sets, etc.  Rather, it's a love hotel, the budget model massager most anyone owns, and no condoms because testing is still done properly and the risk of pregnancy is an obvious non-issue.

A unique thing PERFECT PUBIC HAIR AMATEUR has going for it is early on we are told by the actor/director that MAMI is working a part-time job watching men masturbate and he is her first customer.  This is actually a real service in Japan, but here it's quickly pushed to the wayside for the type of somewhat vanilla happenings DREAMROOM is known for.  This is NOT them "firing on all cylinders", sadly.  I've never seen this director before and fortunately I don't think we have anything else by him as a bad physique mixed with some close-ups that overstay their welcome remove some of the excitement a rare pregnant woman JAV movie should offer.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 253

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Yes, MAMI is really pregnant and yes, her pubic hair is glorious.
+Real raw sex, real creampie.
+Somewhat of a unique theme early on at least (see last paragraph).


-Actor/director is far from ideal for many reasons.
-Even for a self-shot release, this one is a bit rough around the edges.
-Sometimes silence is better than repeating one-liners.

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