The Beauty Out in Town Wearing Only a Swimsuit

Published September 6, 2023

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One of the most beautiful Japanese women with killer short hair goes all the way and then some after walking around town wearing almost nothing.

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The Beauty Out in Town Wearing Only a Swimsuit

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Kumi (no last name), has been my white whale for some years. After seeing her in that HOT ENTERTAINMENT release we showed back in 2018 (!), I had to see more...

...and I can't be alone! Both with this actress and 'white whales in JAV', adult video in general surely has countless numbers of fans who desperately are trying to find that one clip, that one picture, that one actress they stumbled upon years ago. Blessed I may be for finding mine though given this all happened in the modern era of the internet and reverse image searching, it makes the quest all the more easy.

A babe she is. Normally short hair doesn't do it, but KUMI alongside SORA SHIINA are two actresses that have faces made for it. With a short career, towards the end she did let her hair out a bit longer and it was darker to boot--both somewhat lessening her allure. The short, tawny look totally suits her. This is a lady who obviously loves the outdoors as a tan like that is not made in any salon and outside is what DREAMROOM provides her in THE BEAUTY OUT IN TOWN WEARING ONLY A SWIMSUIT. This is as close to bona fide public nudity you can get in this era and they still did a commendable job.

Sure, we don't get a totally naked stroll like that HIYORI NANAHOSHI update from the other month, but unlike there, this one was done in the middle of the city. No total nudity, but KUMI did wear a revealing school swimsuit for a bit. In a way, it felt more realistic even if less skin was on display. The sex itself looks great due in part to using an extra cameraman and being blessed with some great natural lighting in the back of their van. Car sex, usually a confined affair, found a way to break the norm and factoring in a flushed, sweaty beauty, heaven was found, my friends, in the backseat of that mid 2000's vehicle.

There is not much I can complain about. From start to finish, this is beauty--hence the title. A woman who has no bad angles though sadly did only a handful of JAV movies before retiring (don't worry, we've another on the way!). The director/actor and her did not seem to have the greatest chemistry. If a nitpick is needed, it's that. While the subtitled line count is not small by any means, the dialog had a very 'fill in the blanks in an attempt to liven the atmosphere' vibe. It isn't a deal breaker and may not be totally his fault. Sometimes you get actresses who are on the quiet side.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 412

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Good golly is she gorgeous!
+Rare outdoor play including well-done car sex.
+Real creampie finish.


-Somewhat quiet actress with dialog that felt awkward.

-Probably won't satisfy hardcore public nudity fans.

-Pacing is a bit slow.

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