Minori Fujishita - End of Summer Audacious Outdoor Sex

Published August 29, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

What better way to see out another brutally hot Japanese summer than wild no rubber sex under a blue sky? And again in a van. And yet again in a hotel!

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Minori Fujishita - End of Summer Audacious Outdoor Sex

Timing and Translation by JM84

Before we dig into this pretty solid 'underground' update by DREAMROOM, we'll just get the obvious stuff out of the way first: yes, they are bolt-ons and personally, plastic surgery when not fixing a natural imbalance or injury probably is not needed. We can critique aftermarket enhancements like this because from the neck down, MINORI FUJISHTIA already looks good enough. But then, there is another issue: it's quite obvious sometime in the past, the star of END OF SUMMER AUDACIOUS OUTDOOR SEX had either incredibly bad chickenpox or severe acne. Not being a doctor or a medical professional of any kind, I can't make an educated guess, but it left looking a bit unfortunate in the face compared to conventional beauty trends. The thing is, does she hide from her flaws or go all out flaunting it all to the world? After all, you need incredibly thick skin to do JAV. Fans--especially Japanese ones who are known to say some cruel things if it can be done anonymously--can be brutal. Mega-stars like HITOMI aren't immune from base attacks thus MINORI FUJISHITA finds herself in good company.

Of course, today's update isn't about HITOMI, but about a wild afternoon where we see MINORI and that really nice smooth-talking actor have at least three (!) bouts of sex outdoors under a blue sky, in a van on the way to a hotel, and again at the hotel itself. It takes 'wild' and sends her right home because in this update, no rock is left unturned. Any issues one may have with MINORI's visage or floating devices should be thrown out the window when the action begins in END OF SUMMER because to celebrate the conclusion of Japan's hot and sticky never-ending humid wasteland, we go all out. This one is passion cranked to eleven with a Japanese woman who really, really loves sex and an easy on the eyes actor willing to go along for the ride. If the cover is any sign, we go from absolutely audacious facesitting in a field somewhere to almost nonstop sex concluding with a real creampie.

If you prefer your women innocent and low on experience, then yes, END OF SUMMER AUDACIOUS OUTDOOR SEX is probably not your cup of tea. MINORI FUJISHITA looks like a hostess who knows the ins and outs of a really good time, has a great story to tell, and most importantly for our focus, loves being in the buff with legs spread and given the ability to moan to her heart's delight. A unique update for a variety of reasons and one that has surprisingly good production values given its amateur focus.

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+Only around an hour, but fits in three full bouts of sex.
+Outdoor facesitting has never been this crazy.
+Raw sex, real creampie.


-See first paragraph, yes she has seen better days.

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