My Gyaru Harem

Published October 12, 2022

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Multiple gyaru all sporting fake tans and some with natural hair suprisingly coat you up for an unforgettable real creampie soapland harem experience.

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My Gyaru Harem
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

A wise man once mused on what is the best way to make use of having too much darn money.  Invest in stocks?  Give to the needy?  Help the widow?  Feed the orphans?  Coin vault you can swim in?  Nah, what this man who may have had a handlebar mustache decided upon was not one, but two women at once.  Think about it:  two, the number two.  It's one, but doubled!  Imagine now taking two and adding...another two to it!  Because that is true happiness and in one of the amazing scenes that make up this rarity of an update, we do get four artificially tan Japanese gyaru wearing nothing but smiles and strategically placed jewelry doing everything new under the sun to make you feel like a king.

Filmed during the peak of big group JAVs and if my own goat entrails reading goat is correct, recent events shaking the domestic industry may lead to less pixelated orgies with uncensored JAV picking up the slack.  MY GYARU HAREM delivers and delivers again.  Four scenes building in number starring names and faces few here may know, but who cares!  They're gyaru true and true and that should satisfy the demands of most anyone.

From rimjobs to handjobs to sex to blowjobs and well, more blowjobs--because if there's one thing I can nitpick about it's that:  this movie pushing 90 minutes of harem-oriented play sure features a lot of oral sex in lieu of other activities.  While we do get a little bit of everything, they sure go to down on that one type of stimulation.  If this was a censored release, I could consider this more of an issue for obvious reasons, but perhaps the director took the lack of them into account and thus wanted to go all out with gyaru using their mouths for things other than talking.

A creampie conclusion fleshes out this movie and definitely stick around and watch the entire thing.  We really do get great variety here with DREAMROOM truly knocking one out of the park.  Do note, as near perfect as this movie is, it suffers from a strange audio issue that led to major syncing problems as it ran its course.  We apologize now for any subtitling issues that appear in the second part of this release.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 548

4 Files 3.05GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Gyaru, harem, no mosaic, real creampie, what more can one want?
+No rimjob, no life.


-Almost too much focus on giving blowjobs.
-Audio sync issues (see end of review for more info).

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