Minori Fujishita - Fiery Cheating Wife Getting Off From Exposure

Published November 15, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

The return of an outgoing Japanese wife making the best of a surprisingly spacious hotel balcony before retiring indoors for soapland play.

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Minori Fujishita - Fiery Cheating Wife Getting Off From Exposure

Timing and Translation by JM84

We return again with the planned conclusion to the riveting MINORI FUJISHITA duology of updates. A fit body, a libido that even the most healthiest men would have issues keeping up with, and a love of doing it under blue skies. Yes, we're aware she may have had some pretty bad acne or chickenpox in the past, but nobody is perfect. What we get here is the second outing with a slightly older Japanese woman who loves sex as some love conveyor belt sushi:  plate upon plate, thrust upon thrust. Same thing, right?

Potentially filmed on the same day if not right around the same time as our previous release with her, this one, FIERY CHEATING WIFE GETTING OFF FROM EXPOSURE, is a bit more of a closed quarter affair. Previously, DREAMROOM dispatched that smooth-talking actor for a fling truly under a blue sky out in nature. This time we get a hotel, but one with a view! And one with an over-sized and well-utilized for this release at least balcony. We even get surprise soapland play done so well you'd think MINORI had prior experience working at one.

While this movie like most of its kind runs on the short side, it's a fantastic example of utilizing its time wisely. The editing and pacing leave nothing missing. If anything, it should serve as a great example that more mainstream JAV studios need not worry so much about the stress involved in pushing out 120+ minute beasts every-time. It may bore users if not done right (and shameless plug, all our longer updates are edited perfectly of course!). All in all between two updates we get around two hours of MINORI engaging in more sex than one thinks is possible for someone her age and she loves every minute of it.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 50

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent visuals both inside and out.
+Unexpected and very well-done soapland element.
+Real creampie finish.


-Yea, we know.

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